The Anatomy of a Contrarian Forecast

We’re headed into the year’s most volatile period

Early fall is when the stock market often hits a wall. What’s more, every market follows its own Elliott wave path, so you really need to track each one independently to stay on top.

We can help. For a comprehensive view of the region, our Asian-Pacific Financial Forecast is the ticket.

Need a global view? Then let our Global Market Perspective update you on the world’s 50+ biggest markets (including Asia-Pacific).

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Financial Forecast


At the beginning of each month, you get a 30-60 day look ahead at the markets. With insightful charts and text, this publication lays out expected trends and turns in this region.

Coverage includes the Nikkei 225, ASX200, Hang Seng, Shanghai Composite, S&P Nifty, SENSEX, Strait Times Index, MSCI Singapore, MSCI Taiwan, TAIEX, KOSPI and more

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Global Market Perspective


Gives you clear and actionable analysis and forecasts for the world’s major financial markets.

Get insights for the U.S., European and Asian-Pacific main stock indexes, precious metals, forex pairs, cryptos (including Bitcoin), global interest rates, energy markets, cultural trends and more.

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