Socionomics and Social Mood

Changes in social mood precede changes in the markets, the economy, politics and more. Understanding this insight equips you to anticipate major shifts in trends and capitalize on lucrative opportunities before most people see them coming. Content provided by EWI's affiliated research organization, the Socionomics Institute.

China During Chairman Mao: Negative Mood Catastrophe

The scale of destruction under Mao Zedong boggles the mind: Even so, you may find that this conversation offers unique insights into the "why" that propelled a uniquely awful period in post-WWII China.


International Politics: What Stocks' Trend Tells You About Next Steps

If the phrase "global effective minimum corporate tax rate" gives you a toothache, you're not alone. But as unexciting as that may sound, there is a lesson to be learned here -- a lesson in how social mood, as reflected by the stock market's trend, influences big politics. Our Head of Global Research explains. (ETF VT in focus.)

PTPC: "McCarthyism" - You May Know the Who, But Do You Know the When and the Why?

Matt Lampert and Robert Folsom discuss exactly what McCarthyism was and where it came from. The parallel to politics in our time is unsettling indeed.

Stocks vs. U.S. Births: Is There Really a Connection?

In a word, yes. A couple of decades ago, Robert Prechter plotted the number of annual births on a stock market chart and noticed a remarkable correlation. Except, it's not for the reasons you may think... Watch the Socionomics Institute's Director Matt Lampert and EWI's Robert Folsom dive into details.

'Cancel Culture': Where Did It Come From, Where Will It Go From Here?

Cancel culture: Is it the latest "fashion statement" in political anger, or does it have a history? Matt Lampert & Robert Folsom answer that question in this episode of Pop Trends, Price Culture, and discuss where the trend may go next.


They think it’s all over…it is now!

Football (a.k.a. soccer) is the biggest sport on the planet. What's more, its popularity has risen alongside the bull market in global stock stocks. Coincidence? Hardly. It's also not a coincidence that the recent proposal for elite European football clubs to start their own "super league" has failed. See how it all fits into the market's Elliott wave structure in the new essay by Murray Gunn, our Head of Global Research.


Europe’s STOXX 600: “At a Pivotal Point”

The only question is, which way is it likely to pivot -- up or down? On that, our European Short Term Update editor Murray Gunn has a clear answer. Watch.

Stock Giveaway: Party Like It’s … 2021

Evidence abounds that U.S. culture has become thoroughly "equitized." A well-known singer plans to give away a million bucks worth of stock. Other celebrities are participating in "blank check" initial public offerings. See how the number of special purpose acquisition companies have skyrocketed.

Cryptos, GameStop, David vs. Goliath: What’s the Next Big Mood Clash?

Big turns in the social mood trend usually create social friction. Witness the recent David-and-Goliath battle between Redditors and Wall Street, or the challenge that cryptocurrencies pose to the international monetary system. Watch as Matt Lampert and Robert Folsom discuss these developments and anticipate who the "Goliaths" and who the "Davids" may soon be, when the next big turn arrives.

"The Only Year America Got (Literally) Smaller"

We invite you to watch our video about the epic events of 1918, and along the way listen to Matt Lampert and Robert Folsom "pause" to discuss the profound socionomic issues the video includes, and how those issues are more relevant than ever today.

Did the Stock Market Presage Trump’s Acquittal?

Check your politics at the door and dive into a fascinating story about how stock prices have foretold the outcomes of presidential impeachment trials for more than 150 years.

Europe: Take a Look at Emerging Trends

As we wrap up "one of the strangest months in market history," says our Global Market Strategist in this new video, it's time to look ahead. Watch Brian Whitmer show you several highlights from his latest research report.

Deflation in Bank Lending

Our Head of Global Research, Murray Gunn highlights an interesting development in the banking sector that might mean the Fed doesn't get what it wants.

Anyone Can Learn Socionomics

Want to predict the next big thing in fashion, film or pop music? What about developments in the economy, politics and societal health? Whether you’re new to socionomics or just want to brush up on the basics, you’ll be understanding and anticipating social trends in no time as you watch a child, young adult and expert apply socionomic theory in this engaging video.


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