Socionomics and Social Mood

Changes in social mood precede changes in the markets, the economy, politics and more. Understanding this insight equips you to anticipate major shifts in trends and capitalize on lucrative opportunities before most people see them coming. Content provided by EWI's affiliated research organization, the Socionomics Institute.

5 Trends We're Watching Beyond the Markets in 2022

Get ready for some rapid-fire trendspotting. Robert Folsom and Matt Lampert take you through five trends to watch in the new year during this whirlwind two-minute clip from the December episode of Pop Trends Price Culture. Don't blink or you'll miss one!

The Myth of Shocks

Read Chapter 1 of Prechter's Socionomic Theory of Finance.


Investment Roadmap for 2022

Cryptos competing with USD and EUR. NFTs competing with Rembrandt and Da Vinci. Electric car makers with $0 revenue and market cap bigger than GM or Ford. How do you make sense of today’s financial trends? Answer: Use Elliott waves. Our Head of Global Research explains.


PTPC: Have Yourself a Merry Little Holiday Episode

We're in festive spirits this holiday season, so join us as we reflect on lofty projections for Americans' shopping blitz, a reputational reassessment for an iconic Christmas curmudgeon, the socionomic story of a classic carol, and trends we're planning to watch in the new year.

Avoid the ONE mistake that plagues forecasters

When it comes to understanding cause and effect in the economy, business and broader society, just about all forecasters make a fatal error: they put the cart before the horse. Listen as the Socionomics Institute's Matt Lampert shows you how to put the cart after the horse -- and see big changes coming before just about anyone else.

Socionomics FreeWeek Is Underway

Join in FREE to this week-long event and get 7 resources over 7 days that show you how to use trends in stock prices to predict trends in culture, business, politics and more. You could even put some of the insights to use right away! Get a preview for what awaits you in this introductory video.

Emerging Markets vs. Commodities: Moving Together, Again

Commodities and emerging markets usually move together... except of most of 2021. Now, they are moving together again: down. Watch our monthly Asian-Pacific Financial Forecast editor explain the significance -- and give you a hint at what's next.

New, December European Financial Forecast: Sneak Preview

Normally, stocks peak first, and consumer sentiment follows -- but in Germany, the two have reversed -- why? Also, what does the anxiety in the forex market say about the wave structure of the broader market? Watch our European Financial Forecast editor Brian Whitmer touch on all of that in this short video.


Luxury vs. Economy: Airline Seats as a Stock Market Indicator?

Airlines go from launching new luxury seats to expand economy class. What could we learn about the stock market's trend by looking at airlines' timing? Our European Financial Forecast editor explains.

Our European Financial Forecast: In the New Issue

What happens if you quote British stocks in producer prices and gold? Why have UK stocks been underperforming on the global scale? Why are some 40% of European IPOs underwater? Watch our Global Market Perspective contributor Brian Whitmer touch on all of that in this short video.


PTPC: The Great Resignation, Bare Shelves & Rising Prices – What the Heck is Going on with the Economy?

If you've wondered what's behind the recent bout of supply chain snafus, job resignations and surging prices then this episode of Pop Trends Price Culture is for you. Matt Lampert and Robert Folsom show you the "why" behind these big economic trends as only socionomists can.

A Halloween Trick AND Treat That Still Resonate Today

This Halloween, we take you back more than 80 years to a pair of iconic events in radio history that came within days of the October 31 holiday. One terrified its listeners, while the other left its audience delighted. Yet each reflected the mood behind a crucial juncture in the stock market, a juncture that has much to teach us about the mood and markets of today. Hear the story for yourself in this episode of Pop Trends Price Culture.

How a Passion for History Turned into a Passion for Helping People Conquer Social Trends

You may have wondered how someone becomes a professional socionomist. Socionomics Institute Director Matt Lampert shares his unique story and introduces you to the key socionomic insight that has helped thousands of people to overcome and capitalize on sweeping changes in society.

Anticipate & Capitalize on Social Trends: An Introduction to Socionomics

Learn how shifts in social mood shape trends in social behavior in this presentation designed for those new to the socionomic perspective.

China, India: Richer or Poorer?

Watch our Asian-Pacific Financial Forecast editor, Mark Galasiewski, explain whether China and India are headed for "wealth creation" or "wealth destruction" in the years ahead.