Mood & Markets: Barbie vs. Oppenheimer – The Social Mood Perspective

Capitalize on cultural trends

The Mood & Markets videocast is a production of the Socionomics Premier Membership. The membership is your key to unlocking the predictive power of the stock market to anticipate trends in society and culture. From politics to the economy, from business to popular culture, your membership will give you tools to help you get ahead of game-changing social trends and better understand your world.

How It Works

Socionomics starts with a simple observation: How people FEEL influences how they will BEHAVE.

At the Socionomics Institute, we look at how society is feeling today – so you can anticipate how society will behave tomorrow. We track social mood in real time across the globe. You’ll see how changes in social mood shift everything from the songs people want to hear to the leaders they elect; from people’s desire for peace to their hunger for scandals.

This is a rare, awe-inspiring insight. It’s what enables the Institute to help our members stay ahead of new trends that surprise almost everyone else.

Your Socionomics Premier Membership gives you this unrivaled perspective and puts you miles ahead of the herd.

Your Path to Unleashing Socionomics in Your Life

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