Jobless Rate Will Likely Skyrocket in UK – Here’s Why

See a chart of the FTSE All-Share Index relative to unemployment

Elliott Wave International just released the “UK Investor Report” with a focus on the UK’s biggest financial markets.

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But first, here’s a chart and quote from the report that’s worth your attention:

The chart shows the relationship between the FTSE 100 and the UK Vacancy Survey, which tracks the number of unemployed workers per job vacancy. The ratio barely budged until the global financial crisis erupted in 2008. After [an Elliott wave low] in March 2009, the ratio soared above six (i.e., six unemployed workers for each available job), and then trailed back off [during an Elliott wave advance.] The survey spiked above 4 after Covid-19 broke out, but last October, it dropped to an all-time record low of 0.90 (meaning that more than one job was available for every unemployed person looking for work). The survey has since turned back up, and we think that it represents another economic metric that will explode higher on the heels of a declining market.

The “UK Investor Report” provides a forecast for the FTSE and gives you insights into other key UK financial markets like bonds and currencies.

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Urgent Message to UK Investors: Prepare Now!

Swift financial and economic changes are likely ahead in the UK — according to Elliott Wave International’s latest analysis.

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