Challenge the mainstream beliefs on investing. News doesn't cause the market to move. Let us show you how wave patterns on a simple price chart can tell you more about the trend than you'll ever hear on the six o'clock news.

Beware the Slippery Ways of Crude Oil

It's been costing more to fill up at the gas pump, and many oil market observers are calling for even higher prices. However, we've been here before. Get our analyst's insights as you take a look at these two crude oil charts...

Speculators’ Verdict on Stock Market's Future Volatility

Many Main Street investors are probably unaware that some of the highest-paid Wall Street professionals are consistently wrong at major market turns. With that in mind, learn about an extreme consensus these professionals have reached on this aspect of the stock market, so you can confidently prepare for what's next...

Your "Single Most Reliable Indicator" for Market Turns

This indicator helps to keep you ahead of turns in stocks, bonds, gold, oil and other financial markets. Learn about it, and see two bond charts which provide a historic example of how this "reliable" signal works...

Why This Forecasting Method Fits the Stock Market Like a Glove

Elliott wave analysis is well-suited for a trend that's going on in stock market investing today. Learn about that trend, and why the Elliott wave method is ideal for many investors.

A Question of Timing: Technical Vs. Fundamental Analysis

Technical analysis of the stock market is largely ignored by the financial press these days, despite evidence that this is a superior approach to fundamental analysis. See why that is, plus learn when you can expect technical analysis to make a return in popularity.

Why Many Investors Want the "Happy Hour" Stock Market Tip

The typical investor does not form market views based on research but instead seeks the opinion of other market participants. Elliott wave patterns reflect shifts in crowd psychology before the herd joins in, thus giving independent investors an edge.

What’s a "Closing Streak" – And Why You Should Watch for Them

The late legendary market analyst Paul Macrae Montgomery made a notable observation about stock market "closing streaks." Learn what they are, and why this observation is relevant now as you take a look at this chart...

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Gold Prices: What's next?

Central bankers are worse market timers than you might expect. See why in this free excerpt from our latest, March 2019 Financial Forecast.

Useful Stock Market Forecasts Must Address This Question

Anyone can make a market forecast, and pundits routinely do. But most of these forecasts fail to address this crucial question...

A Different Type of Stock Market "Panic" -- Again

A stock market "panic" is usually associated with investors rushing for the door all at once. But, here in early 2019, one financial strategist for a major firm is talking about a different kind of panic. It's a reminder of what was discussed in early 2018, just before the big jump in volatility.

Sentiment: Many Names, SAME Message

There are different ways to measure investor sentiment. One of those ways is to look at the cash allocation percentages in portfolios. But, here's a sentiment gauge that is not often discussed as such...

"Change the Way You Look at the Markets (and Life)”

In this short interview, Derek Bruce sits down with Steve Hochberg, co-editor of the Elliott Wave Financial Forecast and editor of the Short Term Update, to discuss his workshop at the Orlando MoneyShow, what drew him to the Wave Principle and sage advice for beginners.

Financial History Shows How Sentiment Extremes Repeat

A renowned economist uttered a highly optimistic stock market forecast just three days before the 1929 crash. Will this "echo" some 90 years later serve as another warning?

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The Last Time This Indicator Did THIS, the Market Gave Investors a MAJOR Opportunity

Watch this video from the just-published February 2018 issue of Elliott Wave Financial Forecast and see a jaw-dropping extreme on one sentiment indicator. If history is any indicator, it screams opportunity for some investors and danger for others.

Why You Should Be Wary of the "January Indicator"

Some observers are saying that January's stock market rally means the rest of 2019 should be positive. But, let's take a closer look at the "January Indicator"...