Challenge the mainstream beliefs on investing. News doesn't cause the market to move. Let us show you how wave patterns on a simple price chart can tell you more about the trend than you'll ever hear on the six o'clock news.


2021: “A Changing World Order, Part 2”

In a recent video, our Head of Global Research showed you the precarious position the United States finds itself in today. Murray Gunn made this comment: "When empires fall, it is usually accompanied with a debauched currency." Now Murray is back with a Part 2 of the video, where he tells you which country might stand to benefit.

2021: “Is Currency Debasement Finally Having Consequences?”

"When empires fall, it is usually accompanied with a debauched currency," says our Head of Global Research Murray Gunn in this sobering overview as to why 2021 may usher in "a changing world order."

Here’s Why Blind Contrarianism Failed in 2020

Does Elliott wave analysis and "contrarian" investing make good bedfellows? Sometimes. Indeed, quite often. Yet, not always. Get the insights you need to know.

SPAC: How Long Will This “Money for Nothing” Trend Last?

"A 25-year-old became the youngest self-made billionaire" via this investment vehicle. What is it? A SPAC. Learn about this "hottest trend in Wall Street" and what it signifies.

Deflation in Bank Lending

Our Head of Global Research, Murray Gunn highlights an interesting development in the banking sector that might mean the Fed doesn't get what it wants.

Cheers for the 2021 Stock Market and These “Great Expectations”

Many investors are positioning their portfolios for a continuation of rising stock prices. You might say professionals and novices alike hold "great expectations" for the market. Here's a glimpse of speculation on steroids.


Winter Solstice and Stock Market: Is There a Connection?

The global stock market sell-off on December 21 was widely blamed on the new COVID-19 strain. But, did you realize that it was also the Winter Solstice? Before you brush it off, watch our Head of Global Research show you what stocks have done around this time of year during the 4 of the past 5 years.

Alert: Here’s What a Key “Risk Gauge” Reveals

Most investors are "throwing caution to the wind" when it comes to risk-assets. Yet, one group of investors is going against the tide. Discover their identity and learn exactly what they're doing now.


Was March 2020 Low the Start of a Long-Term BULL Market?

Authentic bull markets have one thing in common: They arise in the environment of deep pessimism. (Yes, pessimism.) Are we in that in that environment now? Hardly. In fact, if you look at some key charts we're about to show you, you'll see that the opposite is true. Watch our Global Market Strategist explain more.


STOXX Europe 600 Index: Let’s Play a Simple Math Game…

Take a number; any number. Now take another one. Add them up. Next… well, we’ll let our Head of Global Research give you the rest of this fun little math game. Suffice it to say that at the end, you end up with a precise Fibonacci ratio, which has lots of relevance to the next move in EU stocks. Watch.

Why Most Investors Miss Major Stock Market Turns

Is Dow 100,000 just down the road? One financial commentator makes the case. At the same time, realize that extraordinarily bold forecasts usually occur at a particular juncture during a market's trend. Get the insights that you need to know.

A Fresh Perspective on Why Stock Market Continues to Defy News

Financial commentators regularly try to connect the day's news with the stock market's action. It seems such a logical thing to do. But here's why investors who buy or sell based on the news might want to re-consider this approach.


Taiwan and South Korea: Important Update

Five weeks ago, our analysis indicated that the two recent Asian-Pacific market leaders -- Taiwan and South Korea -- were due to rally in a specific part of their Elliott wave pattern. They did. Now, watch our Asian-Pacific Short Term Update editor give you an important update -- one with global stock market implications.

Yes, “Active Investment Managers” DO Behave Like the “Crowd”

Independent behavior in the investment world is rare -- even among professionals. See how money managers participate in "crowd behavior" like most everyone else. Take a look at these two informative charts.

Bulls vs. Bears: This Sentiment Survey Provides Important Insights

Could the Dow Industrials hit 40,000 in 2021? At least one analyst says "yes." Bullish sentiment "remains as strong as ever." Let's delve into the details as you take look at this chart.