Challenge the mainstream beliefs on investing. News doesn't cause the market to move. Let us show you how wave patterns on a simple price chart can tell you more about the trend than you'll ever hear on the six o'clock news.


Trend vs. Trend Correction: How to Spot the Difference

"The trend is your friend," they say, but how many times have you jumped into a move thinking it WAS the trend -- only to see the market turn around and retrace the entire move? Watch our Interest Rates Pro Service editor explain how he deals with this problem.


"Why the Triangle is my favorite Elliott wave pattern"

USD/CAD, USD/JPY in focus: See how a single high-confidence Elliott wave price pattern helps you define both risk and reward in this new video by our Currency Pro Service editor, Michael Madden.


U.S. “Debt Bomb” Has Gone Off

Adjusted for inflation, consumer debt in the U.S. has been contracting for two years. That may sound like a good thing... but first, take a look at this chart in the new video by our Financial Forecast co-editor, Peter Kendall.


When Everyone Is Bullish… Who’s Left to Be Bullish?

In the show "Billions," a large hedge fund has a staff psychologist. Why would they need one? Because market success starts with understanding yourself -- and other market participants. With that in mind, look at this SentimenTrader Risk Appetite Index chart we show subscribers in our new, March Financial Forecast.


Yes, This Chart IS Real!

The included chart shows just how incredible recent events in financial markets have been. See the chart and learn what it entails for you!

Insights into This “Old Faithful” Indicator of Financial Peaks

Some stock market indicators have proven themselves market cycle after market cycle. Here's one that raised a big red flag at the 2000, 2007 and 2022 tops. This indicator has now reached a new extreme.

How Trend Channels Can Help You Navigate Financial Markets

Drawing a trend channel on a price chart can help you establish price targets and determine a likely trend. In this instance, prices peaked on the very day that the price hit the top line of this commodity's trend channel.

U.S. Stocks: Why Acting Independently Has Never Been More Important

Undeterred by losses in 2022, retail investors have been pouring money into stocks at a record pace. Some observers may say that this signals the start of a new bull market. On the other hand...

Crude Oil Couldn’t Care Less About “Fundamentals”

Observers of the crude oil market regularly cite "fundamentals" as the reasons for anticipating a rise or fall in prices. Yet, history shows that the oil market consensus is often wrong at major turning points. On the other hand, the Elliott wave method has a strong track record with these same oil market junctures. Look at this example.

Bitcoin’s Elliott Wave Pattern: Believe What You SEE, Not Hear

Bitcoin has taken investors on an extraordinarily wild ride over the past few years. Elliott wave analysis has been there to catch many of the turns. Yet, "fundamental" analysis seems to have fallen short at key junctures. Here's an example or two.


European Stocks: This 120-Year-Old Market Idea Is Highly Relevant Today

One of the six tenets of the Dow Theory -- and R.N. Elliott was a fan -- says that the stock market "averages must confirm each other." In other words, if the DAX rises but the FTSE falls, or vice versa, it's a red flag. Here's why this insight is relevant today, explains European Short Term Update editor Murray Gunn in his new video.

Adani Enterprises Chart: Redo of the South Sea Company Bust

A bear market goes beyond just falling asset prices. A financial downtrend -- especially a severe one -- usually also means a humbling of former bull market heroes. This individual -- along with his company's share price -- have certainly seen better days.


Tesla (TSLA): 3 Waves Down Are Complete

Our January Global Market Perspective told subscribers that a correction in TSLA was likely finished. The next trading day, TSLA gapped higher and hasn't looked back. Watch our monthly GMP contributor, Mark Galasiewski, explain the Elliott wave setup.

Market Trek: Should You Pay Attention to a "Golden Cross"?

The DJIA in December. The Russell 2000 in January. Now, the S&P 500 flashed a "golden cross" chart formation. When the 50-day Moving Average crosses the 200-day MA, ears perk up. Watch our Market Trek host Brian Whitmer show you half-a-dozen examples when this "can't-fail" indicator did just that -- fail.

Gold: What "Colossal" Central Bank Buying May Mean

Central banks are optimistic about the prospects of a continued rise in the price of gold. Should this be a signal for Main Street investors to get on board the bullish bandwagon? You may want to review these insights first.