Challenge the mainstream beliefs on investing. News doesn't cause the market to move. Let us show you how wave patterns on a simple price chart can tell you more about the trend than you'll ever hear on the six o'clock news.

Technical Analysis: Why You Should Expect a Popularity Surge

"Fundamental" analysis, which is based on factors external to the market such as earnings, the Fed, politics and even war has been popular for years. Learn why technical analysis will likely return to favor.

Market Trek: Are Investors Running Scared? Not Really -- Here's What That Means

"Investors are worried." That's the word on the street. But it's one thing what investors are saying and quite another what they're doing. Watch a new video by your Market Trek host Brian Whitmer where he walks you through the 20-year chart of stock allocation minus cash allocation to explain why this bear market has only just begun. (Brian's global destination today is Cali, Colombia.)

10-Year U.S. Treasury Yield: Anticipating the Rising Trend

Bonds have been no "safe haven" for those who fear the stock market. The 10-year U.S. Treasury yield just hit its highest level in more than 11 years. Now is the time to turn to the Wave Principle for insights into what to anticipate next.

Tech Stocks and the Dot-com "Echo"

History may not repeat but it often rhymes. Learn how this applies to the stock market's technology sector. Here are "four early casualties of the tech reckoning."

In Real Time: See Why & How Elliott Trend Channels Work

Economist and EWI analysis Murray Gunn shows the Elliott Wave channeling technique that anticipated the end of a decade-plus uptrend in Ashtead Group -- see it for yourself.

The Dow Industrials’ Big 8-Wave Cycle is Incomplete

One complete stock market cycle consists of eight waves, whether that cycle takes weeks, months, years, decades or even centuries to complete. Now is the time to prepare for the completion of a cycle that began before George Washington was born.

Global Stocks, Bonds and Bitcoin: See What the Waves Show

Today, after 30 years in print, we still think our Global Market Perspective is the most important publication a globally concerned investor (and human) can read every month. Read these 5 short excerpts from the new, June issue --  and decide for yourself.

Food and Gas Prices: Is the Rising Trend (Finally) Ending?

When will the prices of food and fuel finally stop rising? That's the question that's being asked around the globe. Keep an eye on the Elliott wave structure of this key commodity exchange-traded fund for insights.

What to Make of the Stock Market’s Bounce

Countertrend price moves in financial markets often fool investors. Lessons can be learned from reviewing history. Take a look at these three side-by-side charts.

Terra "Stablecoin": The Plunge That Matters

Lots of markets have fallen lately, but none as far as LUNAt/USD, Terra vs. the U.S. dollar, which is down 99.99% off the recent high. This plunge means a lot, says our Financial Forecast co-editor while giving you a sneak peek into the new, June issue.

European Central Bank: A Leader or a Follower?

Now that the U.S. Federal Reserve Bank has raised interest rates, next the ECB is expected to do the same. But it turns out that the ECB doesn't follow the Fed -- it follows a different "leader" entirely. Watch our Head of Global Research walk you through the chart of Germany Schatz bond yields to explain more.

Asian-Pacific Stocks: Just How Much More of This “Struggle”?

While some individual AP markets have done extremely well over the past couple of decades, when you look across the whole region through the MSCI Index lens, it's clear that overall, the region has struggled. Watch our Asian-Pacific Financial Forecast editor show you two key charts as he gives you a preview of the new, June issue.

Global Markets: “Flash Crashes” and “Air Pockets” Everywhere

A curious picture emerges when you plot European stocks, bonds, EUR/USD and cryptos on the same chart. Watch our Global Market Strategist show you the side-by-side comparison and explain the implications.


Chinese Stocks: What Will the Summer Bring?

The Shanghai Composite fell sharply this year. What's next? Skip the "fundamentals" talk -- watch our Asian-Pacific Short Term Update editor give you a confident answer using Elliott waves and a couple of simple other technical indicators.

Stocks: Is the Really Scary Part Just Ahead?

Many investors remain unshaken even after big daily market selloffs. They are still looking for bargains. This is the likely juncture at which real panic will set in. Prepare now.