Challenge the mainstream beliefs on investing. News doesn't cause the market to move. Let us show you how wave patterns on a simple price chart can tell you more about the trend than you'll ever hear on the six o'clock news.

Market Trek: Nope, Fed's "Pivot" Won't Spark a Stock Rally

You hear a lot of talk these days that as soon as the Fed stops raising interest rates, the bull market will return. As it's often the case, one look at a simple chart dispels this myth. Watch our Market Trek host Brian Whitmer do just that in his new video report. (Brian's global destination today is Bangkok, Thailand.)

Gold vs. Australia’s Gold Miners: Following a Pattern

Gold mining stocks rose strongly off their 2015 lows, in-line with the Elliott wave view. Now that gold prices have risen, how might that impact gold miners? Watch as our Asian-Pacific analyst Mark Galasiewski walks you through a chart of the S&P ASX All Ordinaries Gold Index.

Why You Should Keep an Eye on Gold

In recent weeks, the mainstream media has suggested that gold's price action -- both up and down -- has been due to the Fed. Yet, in Elliott Wave International's view, it's best to watch the yellow metal's Elliott wave pattern for clues about the next significant price move. Look at this chart.

“Banks are becoming more cautious about lending”

Banks are tightening credit standards. This is par for the course when social mood is trending negatively. Take a look at this chart.

Charter Inc. Stock (CHTR) Falls to 3-1/2-year Lows: Opportunity Came to Those Who Waited

Between April and early August, Charter Inc. stock was about as exciting as Napflix! But then, in mid-August, CHTR turned down in a sharp, 26% sell-off to 3-and-a-half year lows. For Elliott wavers, the stock's reversal was a prime example of an Elliott contracting triangle in action. You're gonna want to watch this from the beginning.

Oh, How Quickly Financial Values Can Go “Poof!”

In financial markets, financial values can disappear in the blink of an eye. Yet, "one true winner" stands out during bear markets. Look at these two charts.

One Chart, High-Confidence Message: "Lower"

Sometimes, you glance at a market chart and your heart skips a bit -- because the message is SO clear. Watch our Global Market Perspective contributor Murray Gunn highlight a chart from the new, November issue.

4 Highlights from Our New European Financial Forecast

Watch our monthly European Financial Forecast editor Brian Whitmer gives you 4 highlights from the new, November issue in this video.

China's IT Sector: "The most important story"

While the eyes of the world are fixed on Chinese politics, Elliotticians are watching the Chinese markets' wave patterns. Watch our Asian-Pacific Financial Forecast editor Mark Galasiewski comment on a chart of China's CSI 300 Information Technology Index. this video.

Crude Oil: 23 Years of Spot-on Forecasts You Can Fact-Check

The price of crude oil is well off it's high from earlier this year, yet now, one major Wall Street firm says to expect much higher prices down the road based on tightening supply. But does "supply and demand" really regulate the price trend of oil? Here are some insights.

A Helpful Suggestion from EWI's Chief Market Analyst

This investor tip is important in any environment... but is essential to investors navigating today's markets

Why Investors in U.S. Treasuries Face Major Risk

Trouble appears to be brewing for the biggest bond market in the world -- U.S. Treasuries. Learn how Elliott Wave International anticipated the upward trend in yields.


Hong Kong Hang Seng: "Downside leader for some time"

Did you know that the U.S. stock market crashes of 1929, 1987 and the Hang Seng crash of 1997 all occurred during the moments of "autumn panic"? There is one other commonality between the three crashes, points out our Asian-Pacific Short Term Update editor Chris Carolan in his new video update.

Commercial Real Estate: Here’s What Elliott Waves Signal

Commercial real estate developers and investors had become accustomed to rising values over the past decade or so, especially considering the swift post-pandemic recovery. Yet, the Elliott wave model is sending an important message. Look at this chart.

Hong Kong Hang Seng: Falling Like a Knife

On Monday, the Hang Seng fell to new 13-year low. News reports blamed it on the shake-up at the Communist Party of China's 20th National Congress. But the Congress ended this past weekend -- does that mean that stocks are done falling, too? Hear the answer our Asian-Pacific analyst Mark Galasiewski offers in this new video.