Challenge the mainstream beliefs on investing. News doesn't cause the market to move. Let us show you how wave patterns on a simple price chart can tell you more about the trend than you'll ever hear on the six o'clock news.

A Glaring Display of the Financial Crowd's "Madness"

History provides glaring examples of financial "madness" among investors, including the South Sea Bubble of 1720. What does this have to do with 2019? These two charts help explain …

Silver: This Indicator Reaches "Record Extreme"

The price of silver has been surging, and many investors are jumping on board, including Wall Street professionals. Should you follow? Take a look at this indicator...

30-Year Treasuries: "3rd of a 3rd" Vs. Now

The price action of the 30-year U.S. Treasury bonds had been on a tear in mid-summer -- rising nearly every day. Now, a shift has taken place. Get our insights as you take a look at this chart...

Gold Fever: Just How Hot?

"Gold fever" was running high prior to the yellow metal's all-time high in September 2011. Now, gold fever is back. Learn how today's sentiment toward gold compares with 2011 -- and, what it may mean...

A Revealing Insight into the "Personality" of the Stock Market's Unfolding Elliott Wave

Every Elliott wave has a "personality," or specific characteristics. Get important insights into the current wave so you can prepare for what our analysts anticipate next in the stock market.


A Simple Indicator to Combine with Your Elliott Waves

Every Elliott wave analysis, trader or investor has his or her own favorite supporting technical indicator. You probably do, too. Want to learn another one?

S&P 500 Index: Clear Signs of an "Ebbing Ebullience"

Investor psychology drives stock market prices. So, it pays to study sentiment measures. This chart shows two sentiment measures that warned of the current stock market sell-off in early July.

What Investor Risk Tolerance Today Suggests for Stocks Tomorrow

When investors go from "full steam ahead" to shunning risk, watch out! This change in investor psychology can show up as rapid price moves in the stock market. With that in mind, consider these two ways to gauge investors' risk tolerance...

What Baseball's "Bonkers" Homeruns Tell You About the Stock Market

As stocks are flashing red on Wall Street, what indicators can you turn to in order to figure out the stock market's next move? Watch as the co-editor of our monthly Financial Forecast shares with you an indicator you won't see anywhere else.

Look Who's Plowing $1,000,000,000,000 into Stocks

Some of the biggest players on Wall Street include institutional investors like pension funds and mutual funds. There's another group of "big players" that is taking its stock market investments into the stratosphere. This ties in with what the July Elliott Wave Theorist has to say...

One Big Reason to Beware Mainstream Market Forecasts

Market opinions are a dime a dozen. Investors would do well to ignore most of them. Here's why...

A Big Sign of an Epic Financial Complacency

Why engage in the effort of stock market research when you can just buy an index fund? That seems to be the attitude of an explosive number of investors. One CEO of a capital firm describes the passive investing trend as "herding behavior." Indeed, the July Elliott Wave Theorist predicts where this herding behavior will take stock market prices into the year 2021...

Chinese Stocks: "Simple Contrarian Observation"

So-called "bad news" is not always bad for stocks. When U.S. tariffs were imposed on Chinese imports, many investors held an unfavorable outlook for the Shanghai Composite. However, one of EWI's global analysts took a different stance. Take a look at these two charts

A Big Bank with Big Troubles: Financial Crisis 2.0?

Many big financial institutions faced bankruptcy during the 2007-2009 crisis, and now -- a reminder of that turbulent time. A major global bank has been facing serious financial challenges -- and developments are only getting worse. Take a look at this chart and commentary from EWI's Global Market Perspective...

How Investors Get Fooled by Financial Headline “Flip-Flops”

On June 7, the Dow Industrials climbed 263 points even as the latest U.S. jobs numbers disappointed. See how financial journalists scrambled to make the big news of the day fit the stock market's price action -- and learn how to forecasts stocks without relying on the news.