Challenge the mainstream beliefs on investing. News doesn't cause the market to move. Let us show you how wave patterns on a simple price chart can tell you more about the trend than you'll ever hear on the six o'clock news.

Here’s a Major Sign of Major Stock Market Risk

Elliott Wave International has just released a timely report which elaborates on 5 big warning signs for the U.S. stock market. This article focuses on one of those major signs. Learn how you can get the entire report for free.

Investing: What You Can Learn from Mom and Pop

Sentiment indicators provide valuable information, yet they are best used in conjunction with Elliott wave analysis. Here's one time-tested indicator that has recently displayed a "big surge."


Indian Stocks: Will Sensex Crack 100,000?

Indian stocks have done better than many other global markets lately. That fits our Elliott wave forecast first made back in 2008. But does the Sensex have what it takes to overpower global turmoil and keep rising? Watch our Global Market Perspective contributor Mark Galasiewski touch on that as he walks you through a long-term Sensex chart.


With the yields on the 3-month U.S. T-bill at their highest in 22 years, "IT'S GO TIME," says our new, September Financial Forecast. Watch FF co-editor Peter Kendall walk you through an eye-opener of a chart stretching back to the 1990s to explain what "go" means.

Insights into the Implosion of ESG Debt

Investors in ESG bonds are smarting -- big time. The collapse in these bonds has been steep. Learn why you need to be wary of ratings agency decisions.


August "Funk" Got Bitcoin, Too, But for How Long?

The liquidity in the Bitcoin market has been drying up. Trading volume has been flat. Bitcoin traders are feeling... meh; not too hot, not too cold. But, as our monthly Global Market Perspective cryptocurrency contributor Tony Carrion explains, soon "something's gotta give." Watch as he explains more.


Interest Rates Around 5% - Get Your Eyes on the Prize!

If you began investing after the 2008 financial crisis, you probably never considered keeping money in a bank savings account. Until today. Might the rates climb even higher? Let's first look at how we got here.

Volatility Is at 3-Year Lows. Is That a Bullish Sign?

Watch as our monthly European Financial Forecast editor Brian Whitmer gives you a peek inside the new, September issue -- and mentions one market that "impacts every other market on the planet."

U.S. Corporations: All Gain, No Pain?

Although bond yields and interest rates have spiked, corporate borrowers have yet to feel the pain. Why? Our monthly Global Market Perspective contributor, Murray Gunn, explains.

China: “Most Important Story”

As the world worries about China's economy, banking and real estate, our monthly Global Market Perspective contributor Mark Galasiewski points out that the worries are taking place against a noteworthy backdrop in China's stocks -- watch.

“Bear Market Leader”? Here’s a Prime Candidate

Bear markets are inevitable -- as are bull markets. Both stock market phases usually have "leaders." Here are some insights into which sectors may lead during the next serious leg down.


How to Spot an Exhausted Market Trend

In this video, European Short Term Update editor, Murray Gunn, shows you how a straightforward bar-chart technique combined with Elliott wave analysis helps you spot trend reversals in any market. Murray's focus: the pan-European stock index EuroSTOXX 50.

Stock Market’s Character Has Changed – Here’s How

This comprehensive model of investor sentiment toward the stock market hit a 3½-year bullish extreme on July 25. Now, the market's internal dynamics are sending a warning. Here are the important details.


2023 vs. 1999: Here’s Why We’re Having Flashbacks

We've been observing and forecasting market behavior for over 40 years. As EWI founder Robert Prechter puts it, "Being around for a while can be useful." Now watch our Financial Forecast co-editor, Peter Kendall, put that deep market experience to use as he looks at the NASDAQ vs. DJIA going back to the bust era and beyond.

Stocks: Keep This in Mind About Seasonal Tendencies

Be aware of seasonal tendencies in the stock market. They offer no guarantees, however, when those historic tendencies align with Elliott wave analysis, you may want to pay close attention. Here's a case in point.