Challenge the mainstream beliefs on investing. News doesn't cause the market to move. Let us show you how wave patterns on a simple price chart can tell you more about the trend than you'll ever hear on the six o'clock news.


EuroSTOXX 50: One Way to Label This Chart You May Not Have Considered

An Elliott wave contracting triangle is a price pattern that often forms in a corrective wave 4 position -- meaning, a big move in wave 5 comes next. However, a variation of the triangle called a "running triangle" offers additional possibilities. Watch our European Short Term Update editor walk you through a chart of the pan-European index of 50 stocks and explain the implications.


DAX: From Extreme Complacency to Extreme Fear… and Back to Complacency

You see a curious pattern when you plot investor and consumer sentiment on a stock market chart. Watch our Global Market Strategist walk you through several current sentiment readings as they relate to Europe's flagship stock index, the German FAX.

Myth: News and Events Drive Financial Markets

Financial commentators regularly try to connect the day's news with the stock market's action. It seems such a logical thing to do. But here's why investors who buy or sell based on the news might want to re-consider this approach.

Is There Something to the “January Indicator” – Or Not?

Should investors put a lot of stock in the "January Indicator" and the "Super Bowl Indicator"? Here are some insights -- also, see how another indicator signaled a top in a major sector.

Stocks: What You Should Know About the Behavior of Retail Investors

Is there enough "firepower" to keep the stock market climbing in 2022? Let's review what was happening in 2007 -- just weeks before the top -- and compare that to more recent investor behavior.

MSCI Singapore: What to Make of the “Sharpest Decline in the Region”?

It's important to keep an eye on the market outliers -- markets that go up or down more than related ones. Why? Watch our Asian-Pacific editor explain by looking at the declines in Singaporean stocks since November.

This Stock Market Ratio Goes “Crazy” at 62X (Another is Even “Crazier”)

This measure of stock market sentiment has reached a level that "dwarfs anything in the past." Get the specifics as you review this revealing chart.

Bitcoin: “It fell yesterday, so it’ll fall tomorrow” Is NOT Forecasting

Many investors tend to linearly extrapolate today's financial trends into the future. This practice is fraught with peril and evident in the price predictions for Bitcoin. By contrast, the Elliott wave model anticipates high-confidence trend-turn junctures. Here are some 2021 highlights.

Look Who’s Piling into U.S. Equities at a Record Pace (Big Warning Sign?)

There are scores of stock market indicators and here's one that should grab your full attention. An all-time record has just been set and financial history suggests that a big change is just ahead. Take a look at these two charts.


Germany’s DAX vs. Consumer Confidence: We’ve Seen This Before

Usually, consumer confidence follows the stock market. But sometimes, it leads -- like it did back at the historic 2007 stock market peak. Watch our monthly Global Market Perspective contributor show you what today's picture in German consumer sentiment suggests for the DAX and beyond.

Euro: Look at This Head & Shoulders Chart Formation

The classic "head and shoulders" chart formation can help investors anticipate big price moves in financial markets. Here's the "head and shoulders" measuring formula and a 2021 example of how it was applied.


2026: Why It Might Be an Important Year

Our Head of Global Research explains what the position of an economic gauge called the Chicago Fed's National Financial Conditions Index implies for the next few years.

Copper and DB Base Metals Fund (DBB): “Bull market is already underway”

Classic Elliott wave chart formations become "classic" for a reason: They work! Learn how the contracting triangle pattern helped Elliott Wave International subscribers to anticipate a significant price move in this base metals fund.

Has Crypto-Mania Finally Run Its Course?

Companies which buy naming rights to a professional sports stadium appear to be at the "top of their game." Ironically, history suggests that this is not always the case. Learn what this may mean for "crypto-mania."


Stock Market Cliffhanger: 5 Historic Measures Point to One Direction

Options trading is huge, so what can we learn about investor psychology from things like total volume of equity puts and calls, or call buying vs. put buying? This excerpt from our monthly Financial Forecast gives you answers.