Challenge the mainstream beliefs on investing. News doesn't cause the market to move. Let us show you how wave patterns on a simple price chart can tell you more about the trend than you'll ever hear on the six o'clock news.


The "Little Guy" Is Fully Committed to This Rally

Investor sentiment is one of the bedrocks of market trends. A sub-trend of the broad sentiment is that of "the little guy," the small traders. Watch our Global Market Strategist explain what the current "little guy" sentiment tells you about the market's next move.

Why Bear Market Rallies Are So Tricky

Many professional financial observers have opined that the stock market bottom is in. Yes, stocks have rallied since March 23, however, the return of this sentiment should give investors pause.

Anyone Can Learn Elliott: Watch a Child, College Student and Expert Count Elliott Waves.

Learning the Elliott Wave Principle might seem daunting. But in this video, you'll discover that just about anyone can count waves--even a third grader. If you're new to the Wave Principle or just want to brush up on the basics, you'll find yourself spotting patterns within minutes as you learn the building blocks of Elliott with a child, a college student and an expert.

Here’s a Key Stock-Market Indicator to Focus on Now

A time-tested stock-market indicator proved highly useful less than two weeks before the historic 2007 top. Learn about this indicator and why it’s especially relevant now. Here’s a chart for your review.

Gold and Silver: Pay Attention to This Noteworthy Record High

A significant development has been unfolding in the precious metals market. An important ratio has jumped to a record high and this could serve as a major warning. See the chart for yourself.

Why This Wave is Usually a Market Downturn's Most Wicked

Each Elliott wave sports its own characteristics. Learn about the wave that usually generates “the greatest volume and price movement.” This chart shows that wave in action.


Is "Printing Money" the Only Way Out of This Crisis? No.

Today, a huge government and central bank fiscal stimulus is what almost everyone sees as the way out. But watch our Head of Global Research show an example from the Great Depression era that tells a different story.

How to Spot Future Stock Market Leaders

Stocks that lead higher off a bear-market low often continue to outperform their peers going forward. Watch our monthly Global Market Perspective contributor show you examples using TEAM, BABA and more.

"The Next Event Is Deflation."

On February 2, before the pandemic crashed ashore in Europe and the US, EWI’s Steven Hochberg and Peter Kendall chatted with David Keller of It was a lively, friendly, prescient interview.

What Do Breadth Indicators Show Next for Asia?

Right now, it's easy to get caught up in the daily market turmoil. But what does the big picture show? One way to find out is to look at a 200-day moving average. Watch our Asian-Pacific market analyst explain using India's Nifty and Korea's KOSPI charts.

View the Global Economy from 30,000 Feet

If you zoomed out and took a snapshot of the markets and global economy, you'd see a pandemic, tumultuous equities, a rout in oil, record-busting bailouts, buybacks under fire, and the Fed flexing its muscles as the specter of deflation looms. But what does it all mean, and why is it happening now? Listen as EWI's Head of Global Research, Murray Gunn, breaks it all down in this conversation on the Classic Business podcast.


This Indicator Flashed "Danger" for Chinese Stocks Well BEFORE Pandemic

While the news is mulling over "what the Chinese knew and when they knew it," from a technical analysis perspective it's mostly irrelevant for market timing. Watch our Asian-Pacific Short Term Update editor show you one indicator that flashed red well in advance.

Gold Bulls Charge Full Steam Ahead -- Over a ... Cliff?

In April, ETF holdings of gold soared to new records, as bulls pinned their hope on a Fed-led gold run. We remember the last time this kind of logic had gold investors looking UP. The year was 2012. Here’s what happened then.


To Navigate Markets in 2020, You Need Different Tools

For investors, the "paradigm shift" has arrived. Watch our Global Markets Strategist explain why Elliott waves are uniquely suited to help you navigate this challenging environment. (Focus: the "obscure" CoCo bonds.)

Be Aware of This Extreme Development in Gold

Financial history shows time and again that the investing crowd is generally on the wrong side at major turns. Precious metals serve as cases in point. Take a look at these two charts.