Insulet Corp. (PODD): How to Spot a 40% Rally

See what our subscribers saw before the 40% rally in PODD.

Here’s the share price of the medical device company Insulet (or PODD) from early September through Friday, December 8. You can see how price has rallied strongly since early November.

Yet, the key to anticipating that move came a few weeks earlier, with this low on October 12, which marked the end of a 60% plunge from its high back in May of this year. In fact, October was Insulet’s lowest low in 3+ years.

So headlines at the time, like this one, only reinforced the notion that Insulet was a stock to stay away from. Yet, our Elliott wave analysis had a very different perspective about that low.

We saw it as the end of a Wave C down, which itself had unfolded in five waves. The end of a Wave C down is important. So let’s zoom back for a closer look at where price stood at the October low.

Here’s the Wave C low on the 12, and here is the action that followed through November 2. Insulet bounced only to pull back.

It would have been easy to assume that the trend was still down, yet the pullback stayed above the October low, and by November 2, Insulet had started to rally again.

That was enough for us to show subscribers that October 12 had been a major reversal. Waves 1 and 2 of the new trend were in place and Wave 3 of a rally was next.

So, with Insulet near 140 on November 2 at 11:02 a.m. Eastern, we sent subscribers an alert. The protective stop was 125.82. A 40% rally followed through December 7.

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