How to Define Your Trading Plan (Parallax Trading Founder Pipes In)

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It’s virtually guaranteed that you will lose money trading.

Not always. At times.

In the trading world, obsessed with making profits, it’s an important reminder.

We have an upcoming Elliott wave instructional webinar that teaches traders how to minimize those losing moments. We’re planning to rebroadcast the webinar – recorded in October 2023 – very soon. You can find details on how to claim your (free) seat below ($80 value).

In a way, says Imre Gams, an Elliottician and the founder of Parallax Trading, the fact that losing money trading is so easy is a good thing. His attitude is that if trading were easy, then everybody would do it, and then there would be no opportunity.

Of course, while some losses are inevitable, there’s also the potential for significant rewards – significant enough to make up for all those losses and more. Or else, why trade?

So, what kind of “rewards” should a trader aim for?

That depends upon your trading personality or style. Simply put, some traders prefer to “swing for the fences” and go for “homeruns,” while others are content with a series of “singles,” to stick with the baseball analogy.

In this webinar, which is titled “You Have a Wave Count … Now What?” – Gams discusses this topic.

Also in the webinar, Gams gets into the nitty gritty of using the Wave Principle as the foundation for developing your trading plan. Specifically, he discusses the rules and guidelines of wave formation and how they relate to your trading – and mentions other technical indicators which students may elect to use.

To watch the 50-minute webinar “You Have a Wave Count … Now What?” — just follow the link below to get started.

“You Have a Wave Count … Now What?”

That’s the title of an instructional webinar for traders with Imre Gams, the founder of Parallax Trading who is an Elliottician and an experienced trader.

In the webinar, Gams discusses how knowledge of the Wave Principle’s rules and guidelines can be useful as you create an all-important trading plan.

Originally broadcast in October 2023, “You Have a Wave Count … Now What?” will be re-broadcast on Wednesday, Feb. 21.

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