Help! “Did my trading method stop working?”

Turn Your Elliott Wave Counts Into Real Trading Strategies

Need a trading coach? Discover how Imre and the Parallax team can help you develop a trading plan to fit your style so you can monetize Elliott waves.

In Imre’s words:

“I’ve seen a lot of traders struggle. As a guy who’s 100% dedicated to Elliott waves, the #1 problem I’ve seen again and again with wave traders is that they don’t know how to turn even a perfect Elliott wave count into a smart trading plan covering where to enter and exit, how to assess risk vs reward, and how to manage risk along the way, using Elliott-derived price levels.

“My team and I have helped over 3,000 traders do just that. So, that’s the solution my Parallax Trading Masterclass brings: We teach you what I think are the best ways to monetize your wave count — in any asset class, and with any type of trading vehicle — forex, cryptos, stocks, futures, or options.”

Summer coaching registration closes July 28.