Forex, Stocks, Cryptos… Markets Move in Patterns. Here’s How to “Unlock” Them.

Have you ever seen a stock do something crazy? Like, fall on strong earnings? Or rally on “bad news”?

Of course you have. As much as we’d like them to be, financial markets are not rational. In fact, they often seem downright unpredictable. Yet, they are.

In this video, you’ll unlock the complexities of the financial markets with Parallax Trading’s comprehensive walkthrough on market structure using technical analysis. This video is your gateway to understanding how prices move, why they follow certain patterns, and what this means for your trading strategy. Parallax founder Imre Gams explores the pivotal highs and lows, the significance of support and resistance levels, and how to interpret trend lines and price channels.

Whether you’re a budding trader or looking to refine your technical analysis skills, these insights will guide you through the art of reading market structure. Get ready to transform the way you view charts and make more informed trading decisions.

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