Foreign exchange is the world's biggest market, with daily trading volume of $5+ trillion -- about 10 times the total volume of the world's stock exchanges combined. High liquidity and 24-hour access are just two reasons why millions of traders focus on currencies exclusively.


Dash: How to Anticipate a Turn

Cryptocurrency Dash rallied 261% over the past couple of months. Watch our Crypto Opportunity Month guide show you how to use the Wave Principle to anticipate a change or pause in the trend. You'll also see what's likely next for Dash.

How Ethereum Got its Groove Back: Elliott Wave Style

On the day of the low in Ethereum, our December 18 Currency Pro Service chart included a big "up" arrow, showing subscribers the bullish turn: Now see the forecast and major rally that followed.


GBPUSD: See What's Next for Cable

Now that Britain has officially left the European Union, what's next for the U.S. dollar vs. British pound? This forecast may surprise sterling skeptics -- watch our Currency Pro Service co-editor explain more. (You'll also get a forecast for Invesco CurrencyShares ETF, FXB.)

Cardano: After Five Up and Three Down, the Explosive Rally Followed

The altcoin Cardano showed a clear Elliott Wave pattern across 2019: 5 Up, 3 Down. This textbook move led our cryptocurrency analyst to feature Cardano in the December issue of Global Market Perspective. See what has followed so far in 2020.

The Pattern in Bitcoin That Anticipated a Six Week, 40-PLUS Percent Gain

Since mid-December, Bitcoin has seen a major rally. But now see for yourself how this recent rally is connected to the even larger move that unfolded in the first half of 2019.


Bitcoin: How to Catch a Rally (Step 1: Skip the News)

On January 24, with Bitcoin trading at $8426, our Crypto Pro Service issued a bullish forecast. By January 29, Bitcoin was trading 12% higher. Watch the forecast that caught the rally -- and get a good idea of what's next for Bitcoin.


Bitcoin Dives 3.5%. Here’s How to Know What’s Next.

You'll find many after-the-fact "reasons" as to why Bitcoin suddenly sold off on January 23. But see how our Crypto Pro Service helped subscribers anticipate this big -- and quick -- sell-off. Plus, get a glimpse at what's next for BTC.

Yen Tumbles to an 8-Month Low: Knowing Why is Half the Battle

Politics do a lousy job as financial market predictors. Case in point, "U.S.-Iran Hostilities" and the movement of the Dollar vs. the Yen. See the facts for yourself about what doesn't work -- and what DOES -- via this Chart of the Day.


Bitcoin: Up 22%. Here's How It Got Here. (Don't Say "Iran.")

This month's strong rally in Bitcoin was attributed to the familiar (by now) "cause": The U.S. attack against an Iranian target. Here's what's wrong with this explanation -- see our Cryptocurrency Pro Service explain in this video.

The Euro Rally and a Key Fibonacci Ratio

The Golden Ratio is highly useful in forecasting financial markets. For example, our U.S. Short Term Update editor let subscribers know what he expected for the euro in just a week's time -- based on a .618 retracement level. Here's what happened.

British Pound Gets Pounded: Will the Real Reason for the Fall Please Stand Up

On Dec. 16, the British pound suffered its biggest one-day drop in a year. Mainstream sources say the currency was burned by Boris Johnson's "reckless" Brexit revision -- also announced that day. By all Elliott wave accounts, the pound's intraday "cliff edge" was set up much earlier -- on Dec. 13!


Ripple (XRP): Using Elliott Waves to Forecast a 13% Drop

Our Crypto Pro Service alerted subscribers ahead of Tuesday's (Dec. 17) 13% decline in Ripple. See the chart for yourself and find out what's next for XRP -- along with key levels.


Sterling: What's Next for It, vs. USD and JPY?

Right now, many analysts are focused on what's next for the British pound, and most discussions you hear revolve around Brexit and British politics. For a different perspective, watch our Currency Pro Service co-editor show you the Elliott wave picture for GBP/USD and GBP/JPY.

This Is a Pivotal Point for Bitcoin and U.S. Dollar -- Here's Why

If you want to see the big picture, you have to "zoom out." Watch as our Cryptocurrency Pro Service editor walks you through the daily USD and Bitcoin charts to explain why both are likely at "pivotal junctures." (Get more analysis, free, on Nov. 13-20 during our Forex FreeWeek.)


How to Use ETFs to Trade Currencies (Forex)

EURUSD is the world's most-traded FX pair, and it deserves your attention right now. Free, watch our Currency Pro Service guide show you why and explain how the Elliott wave pattern in an exchange-traded fund FXE mimics the budding opportunity in its "mother" market.