Foreign exchange is the world's biggest market, with daily trading volume of $5+ trillion -- about 10 times the total volume of the world's stock exchanges combined. High liquidity and 24-hour access are just two reasons why millions of traders focus on currencies exclusively.

Myth: “Higher Inflation = Lower Bitcoin Price”

An interesting idea has been getting traction lately -- namely, that inflation is "bad" for Bitcoin. The arguments for this correlation may sound reasonable -- until you plot both inflation and Bitcoin's price on a chart. Watch as our Crypto Pro Service editor Tony Carrion does just that in this myth-busting video.

Why Bitcoin Rallied Amid Crypto-Related Bank Failures

Many investors are probably wondering why Bitcoin rallied around the time that two crypto-related banks went down for the count. Here are some insights that you'll find useful now -- and in the future.


"Why the Triangle is my favorite Elliott wave pattern"

USD/CAD, USD/JPY in focus: See how a single high-confidence Elliott wave price pattern helps you define both risk and reward in this new video by our Currency Pro Service editor, Michael Madden.

Flash Service: Our Bitcoin Rally Forecast, January-February

The extreme Bitcoin declines in 2022 seemed like the dominant story for this crypto as 2023 began. Yet we looked for the potential end of the decline: Now see what we saw.

Bitcoin’s Elliott Wave Pattern: Believe What You SEE, Not Hear

Bitcoin has taken investors on an extraordinarily wild ride over the past few years. Elliott wave analysis has been there to catch many of the turns. Yet, "fundamental" analysis seems to have fallen short at key junctures. Here's an example or two.


U.S. Dollar Index: From 2008 to 2023

One of the benefits of using Elliott wave analysis is that is allows you to see your market at multiple degrees of trend. Watch our Currency Pro Service editor Michael Madden show you the waves in U.S. Dollar Index dating back to the 2008 financial crisis -- and zoom in on today's price pattern to show you where the buck is likely headed next.

A Broad Selloff in Cryptos: Don't Blame the Kraken

On February 9, the wide swath of cryptos from Bitcoin to Litecoin hit the skids. The Feb. 9 SEC charges against crypto exchange Kraken seemed to be the catalyst for the selloff. But under the Elliott wave lens, cryptos were slated to fall long before the SEC released the Kraken.

When to Say Yes to a Cryptocurrency Trade? Hint: Emotions Should Run… Mild

On December 30, our Crypto Trader's Classroom confirmed that the conditions for high-confidence setups were in place for Litecoin and Ethereum. Today, both cryptos stand at multi-month highs. Here’s what those conditions were and how you can identify them moving forward.

Trends, Turns and Dollar Index Opportunities Since 2021

Sentiment indicators can help you anticipate huge turns in financial market trends. See exactly what Short Term Update subscribers saw at the start and the end of a two-year move in the Dollar Index.

Bitcoin: Anticipating the Next Big Move

There's been a lot of negative news in the world of crypto during the past several months. Yet, the price of Bitcoin has recently advanced -- which Elliott waves anticipated. Here's the evidence.


How to Fine-Tune Your Elliott Wave Forecast

When you combine Elliott waves with other technical analysis indicators, often it helps you clarify your forecast. Watch our Currency Pro Service editor, Michael Madden, combine the waves with classic technical tools like Head & Shoulders and RSI to forecast the next move in USD/CAD.

Cryptocurrencies Start 2023 With a Bang!

Several cryptocurrencies have seen serious rallies in January. Now see how Elliott wave analysis anticipated opportunities in four crypto markets.


Bitcoin vs. COIN vs. GLXY: See How One Leads the Other

One way that helps in trading stocks, explains our Crypto Pro Service analyst, Jason Soni, in this new video, is to look at Elliott wave patterns in a related market. Watch Jason show you charts of Bitcoin, COIN, GLXY and HUT and show how he puts it all together.

Chinese Govt. Bonds: What to Expect Over Next Few Months

The Chinese yuan has been getting stronger, while the U.S. dollar and China's government bond prices have been falling. If you plot the yuan and bonds on a chart, an interesting relationship emerges. Watch as our Asian-Pacific Short Term Update editor, Chris Carolan, explain more in his new video.

Euro/Dollar Fluctuations AND … the Elliott Wave Factor

What drives FX trends? Wall Street has lists of answers, from interest rates to inflation to the Fed. Now see a forecast based only on a price chart -- and the big moves that followed.