Foreign exchange is the world's biggest market, with daily trading volume of $5+ trillion -- about 10 times the total volume of the world's stock exchanges combined. High liquidity and 24-hour access are just two reasons why millions of traders focus on currencies exclusively.


Bitcoin: Look What Sentiment Suggests for the Next Move

Market, or investor, sentiment and Elliott waves go hand-in-hand. Watch our Crypto Pro Service editor walk you through Bitcoin's historic sentiment highs and lows to see how they lined up with the crypto's big rallies and sell-offs -- and what the current position of the Daily Sentiment Index suggests next.

Crypto's Jan. 5 Crash: "Sudden Freefall" OR Something Foreseeable?

Bitcoin and Ethereum fell hard on Jan. 5, and kept falling for days. Did "the Fed" drive the decline, or, was the turn foreseeable days earlier?

A Bitcoin Chart You Have to See to Believe

This EPIC chart captures Bitcoin's historic volatility in 2021. You'll also see the amazing run of forecasts from our Crypto Pro Service that guided subscribers along the way.

Japanese Yen Just Saw its Biggest Annual Drop Since 2014: So, What Now?

Between March and September 2021, USDJPY was stuck in a sideways trend going nowhere. And then, the yen broke out to the downside, plunging to 5-year lows... here's why.


U.S. Dollar vs. Mexican Peso: “Yes, even in ‘exotic’ markets”

We often get asked if Elliott waves work in markets other than the U.S. stock indexes and other major markets. Watch our Currency Pro Service contributor definitively answer this question by walking you through an 'exotic' forex market like USD/MXN.

Cryptocurrencies Are Impossible to Predict & Other Popular Lies

Between April 2020 to May 2021, a little-known altcoin named Monero rocketed 2000%-plus to outperform the entire cryptosphere. Then, it cooled to multi-month lows. What if you could have foreseen one of these moves? Turns out, you could've anticipated both!

EUR/USD: "At an exciting juncture"

The exchange rate between the U.S. dollar and the euro has been falling since May -- meaning, the buck has been getting stronger. Watch our Currency Pro Service editor show you how to properly label the decline in EUR/USD using simple Elliott wave analysis -- and why the result suggests an "exciting juncture" for this key forex pair.

Bitcoin: “It fell yesterday, so it’ll fall tomorrow” Is NOT Forecasting

Many investors tend to linearly extrapolate today's financial trends into the future. This practice is fraught with peril and evident in the price predictions for Bitcoin. By contrast, the Elliott wave model anticipates high-confidence trend-turn junctures. Here are some 2021 highlights.

What the "Crypto Kiss of Death" May Look Like

"Naming Rights" deals for hundreds of millions. Jocks who "know their stocks." Markets gone vertical. Are we talking today ... or two decades ago? See our analysis in Chart of the Day.


Bitcoin and Cryptos vs. Stocks: How Real Is the “Correlation”?

The news and the public often say that where stocks go -- like the S&P 500 or NASDAQ -- cryptocurrencies follow. The reality is that historically, the two markets are only about 20% correlated. So why then do big moves in both asset groups often coincide? Watch our Crypto Pro Service editor explain.

Euro: Look at This Head & Shoulders Chart Formation

The classic "head and shoulders" chart formation can help investors anticipate big price moves in financial markets. Here's the "head and shoulders" measuring formula and a 2021 example of how it was applied.


How to Build a Forex Strategy with Elliott Waves

All trading is really a battle with your own emotions, but having a reliable forecasting method helps. Watch our Currency Pro Service editor show you how to build a trading strategy at multiple degrees of trend using simple Elliott wave analysis. (USD/JPY in focus.)

Bitcoin's "Flash Crash" -- A Flash in the Pan?

A close look at Bitcoin clearly shows that December 3 "flash crash" was not isolated, but part of a larger downtrend underway since its November 10 high. Now see what our forecast said on the day of that high.

Has Crypto-Mania Finally Run Its Course?

Companies which buy naming rights to a professional sports stadium appear to be at the "top of their game." Ironically, history suggests that this is not always the case. Learn what this may mean for "crypto-mania."

Is Shiba Inu the New Dogecoin? Elliott Wave Analysis Offers Answers

Once you've created a meme-based digital currency, it seems easy to give it a "look alike" meme logo. Case-in-point, the logos of Shiba Inu and Dogecoin. Of course, creating a logos is easy... yet there's no "creating" a price trend. See what our Elliott Wave analysis has to say about what's next for Shiba Inu.