Foreign exchange is the world's biggest market, with daily trading volume of $5+ trillion -- about 10 times the total volume of the world's stock exchanges combined. High liquidity and 24-hour access are just two reasons why millions of traders focus on currencies exclusively.


August "Funk" Got Bitcoin, Too, But for How Long?

The liquidity in the Bitcoin market has been drying up. Trading volume has been flat. Bitcoin traders are feeling... meh; not too hot, not too cold. But, as our monthly Global Market Perspective cryptocurrency contributor Tony Carrion explains, soon "something's gotta give." Watch as he explains more.


Verasity, RocketX: How to Handle Corrections in Cryptos

Market corrections are messy affairs. Prices zig and zag, rally and crash, confuse and frustrate. Yet, even corrections have structure -- Elliott wave structure. In this new video lesson, our Crypto Trader's Classroom instructor Jason Soni shows you how to tell an Elliott wave zigzag from a flat, a key piece of information when trying to trade a "messy" pattern. In focus: Verasity and RocketX.


Ethereum: Riding the "Ending Diagonal" Elliott Wave Pattern

When you look back at a chart, it's easy to separate price patterns into neat piles: "Here's an Elliott wave triangle, and here's a wave 3." In real time, however, your job as an Elliott wave trader is to rank probabilities. Here's our Crypto Trader's Classroom editor Michael Madden explaining how to handle the diagonal pattern in real time by looking at one in Ethereum.

Two Personality Traits Essential to (Forex) Traders

"Patience and confidence," says our Currency Pro Service editor, Michael Madden, are the two "best traits" a trader could have. Watch him demonstrate how Elliott waves help FX traders develop these traits using USD/JPY as his example.

This Crypto Soared 445% YTD, But a Change in Name Didn’t Change the Trend

What do Barbie and bitcoin mining company RIOT Platform Inc. (RIOT) have in common? 2023 is their year of "awakening!" For RIOT, that comprised a price rally to 16-month highs on July 13. Here's how they crypto's rally began and where it's likely headed, according to Elliott waves.

Coinbase and Binance vs. SEC: “Perfect” Timing

On June 6, the SEC said it was going after two big cryptocurrency exchanges. That sounded bad -- but before you join the bearish crowd, watch this new video by our Crypto Pro Service editor Tony Carrion where he explains the frequent timing of government interventions and also shows you the Elliott wave pattern in Coinbase Global, Inc.


Chainlink, ARB, Altura + 4 More Cryptos: How to Spot New Opportunities

"Should I buy or should I sell now?" is the one question, to paraphrase a famous song by The Clash, every cryptocurrency trader is constantly asking. Our Crypto Trader's Classroom is full of Elliott wave lessons on how to spot new setups. Watch our crypto expert Jason Soni walk you through charts of Chainlink, ARB, Nakamoto.Games, Altura, KASPA, Verasity and Akash Network to show how he does it.


XRP: What now, after the win against SEC?

Our Crypto Pro Service spotted THIS Elliott wave pattern in XRP ahead of the big move -- watch our Crypto Pro Service editor explain.

How We Forecast the July Dollar Index Collapse … Back in April

The mid-July plunge in the U.S. Dollar is still making headlines. Now see the price pattern we showed in April, that clearly anticipated the Dollar’s big move.

How Come Bitcoin is Up Despite the SEC Crackdowns?

The logic of "market fundamentals" suggests that when the government cracks down on a company or sector, the prices should fall. Well, tell that to Bitcoin, which is hovering above $30,000 despite being firmly on the radar of the U.S. regulatory bodies. Watch Global Market Perspective contributor Mark Galasiewski explain.

Spotlight on Litecoin: Why it’s Been Moving UP and Where It’s Going Next

After soaring 94% in the last year, Litecoin has stolen the spotlight, rising to the top 10 cryptocurrency ledger. Its rally has been anything but linear. But it has been right in line with its Elliott wave "body language."


Asia-Pacific: Lots of Dramatic Moves, One Standout

Japan's NIKKEI just hit its highest point since 1990. In Australia, consumer confidence just fell to its lowest level since 1990. Indian stocks are at record highs. All of these offer long-term opportunities, but there is one standout: the Chinese Yuan. Watch Asian-Pacific Financial Forecast editor Mark Galasiewski explain more.

“One of my favorite Elliott wave patterns”

How many euros does one Swedish krona buy? That's not your everyday question -- unless you're a forex trader. Watch European Short Term Update Editor Murray Gunn walk you through a EUR/SEK chart for some useful insights.

EUR/USD: From 2-Year Highs to 2-Month Lows. Press “Pause” on the “Fed Pause.”

On May 3, the world's most heavily traded currency pair, the euro/U.S. dollar soared to its highest level in 2 years. Mainstream experts focused on the Fed. Expectations of a "pause" in rate hikes would keep the wind at the euro's back. But that's not what happened. And here's why.


This Elliott Wave Pattern Said "Currency Opportunity," and Then Delivered

The "ending diagonal" is a simple, powerful pattern -- in early May it showed the British Pound/US Dollar rate about to end a weeks-long rally. Now see the forecast Currency Pro Service subscribers saw, and the big move that followed.