Foreign exchange is the world's biggest market, with daily trading volume of $5+ trillion -- about 10 times the total volume of the world's stock exchanges combined. High liquidity and 24-hour access are just two reasons why millions of traders focus on currencies exclusively.


Forex: How to Know If Support or Resistance Will Hold

Every forex trader knows to watch closely when a currency pair slows down and starts to go sideways: Chances are, it hit a support or resistance price level. But how do you know if it’s likely to hold or not? Watch our Currency Pro Service editor apply simple Elliott wave analysis to AUDUSD in order to get the answer.

Bitcoin: How Sentiment Suggested a Change of Trend

About two months ago, our U.S. Short Term Update told subscribers to expect lower prices for bitcoin. Prices began a sharp slide shortly thereafter. See what could be next for the cryptocurrency.

Bitcoin: Here’s the “$64,000 Question”

Bitcoin investors are asking the "$64,000 question": Will the cryptocurrency ever trade at its all-time again? The Elliott wave model has a track record of providing valuable insights into the cryptocurrency. Take a look at this bitcoin chart.

Bitcoin: More Volatility Directly Ahead?

More than a year ago -- much like today -- financial journalists were discussing a "crash" in bitcoin. Many investors feared prices were headed even lower. Elliott wave analysis suggested otherwise. Indeed, prices climbed -- yet that climb has been accompanied by plenty of volatility. Is an even higher degree of volatility just ahead?


The Siren Song of Crypto

Remember what happened to the price of bitcoin after the Chicago Mercantile Exchange launched bitcoin futures trading back in 2017? Most people don't. If you're among them, all the more reason to see the eye-opening bitcoin chart our Head of Global Research, Murray Gunn, shows in this April 20 essay -- a month before the crypto crash.

Forget About Elon Musk -- See the "Parabolic Rise" for This Overlooked Crypto

On April 23, our Crypto Pro Service showed subscribers an EOS chart and said prices were likely in the "early stages" of a new uptrend. See for yourself what happened next.

Ethereum: What Are YOU Reading?

Since the first of the year, the price of Bitcoin's closest competitor, Ethereum, is up more than 450%. Was there a way to foresee the move? Yes -- see this incredible chart for yourself.


Dogecoin: Seems Chaotic, But There's a Rhythm

Dogecoin's value took a dive over the weekend, but that didn't deter its fans. Those among them who apply Elliott waves to Dogecoin's price understand that the crypto is following a pattern -- a rhythm of sorts. See it now as our Crypto Pro Service editor walks you through Dogecoin's wave pattern.

Bitcoin Cash 🔥🔥🔥 This Blaze Has Been Burning for Some Time

On May 5, Bitcoin Cash soared 50% to land at its highest level in three years. News of the move blew up the Twittersphere, but the BCH blaze isn't new. It started burning in December 2020. We know because we saw it coming then.

Forex Traders: Which Story Begets the Success Story?

Back in January, some observers said the Japanese Yen was "too strong" for its own good vs. the U.S. Dollar. We saw a very different path ahead -- see the chart and forecast for yourself.

Ripple Crashes 40%: Wash Your "Washout" With Soap!

One look at Ripple's chart and you'll see why recent news stories about the crypto are full of drama. Yet don't miss the chart we showed subscribers before the big move happened.


Ethereum North of $2700: Who Could’ve Known? Watch…

Bitcoin isn't the only cryptocurrency that's been orbiting the moon lately. Since March, the price of bitcoin's second-closest competitor Ethereum, has doubled. Was there a way to foresee the rally? Yes -- watch our Crypto Pro Service forecast from March 1 explaining the bullish setup.


'My favorite Elliott wave pattern? Ending Diagonal'

Ending diagonals deliver "astonishing" risk-reward ratios, couple with the speed at which they can do it. Watch our Currency Pro Service editor Michael Madden give you a fresh example from a forex market, a cross rate euro/sterling, or EUR/GBP.

When Cab Drivers Start Asking About Bitcoin...

A person who shined shoes for a living offered a stock market tip to a well-known market speculator shortly before the 1929 top. The speculator viewed that as a sign to sell. A similar psychology is at play today with bitcoin. Get the details.


Dogecoin: Up 9250% YTD… See What Elliott Waves Show Next

What started as a joke is a joke no more: Cryptocurrency investors and traders are pouring cash into Dogecoin. You may have it on your radar, too -- but first, see what our Crypto Pro Service editor thinks Elliott waves suggest for the crypto next.