Foreign exchange is the world's biggest market, with daily trading volume of $5+ trillion -- about 10 times the total volume of the world's stock exchanges combined. High liquidity and 24-hour access are just two reasons why millions of traders focus on currencies exclusively.

A "Novel" Shift Caused the Euro's Near-term Rally -- But Not the One You May Think

On September 3, the Euro/US Dollar pair rallied to a one-month high. Mainstream experts cited one reason for the surge: Hawkish comments from the ECB. Yet -- our Elliott wave analysis forecast the rally a week earlier... when it actually began.


Japanese Yen: What’s Next for “Safe Haven” Currency?

When volatility hits and money runs scared, one place it goes into are assets denominated in the Japanese yen. So, what do Elliott waves suggest for the yen next -- and by extension, what does it suggest for the market environment? Our cross-currency FX analyst explains.


Cardano: A Realistic Way to Handle Competing Elliott Wave Counts

There are no guarantees in financial markets, and Elliott wave analysis likewise deals only in probabilities, not certainties. Sometimes, two opposing wave counts on a price chart appear equally likely. Watch our Crypto Pro Service guide walk you through Cardano's recent wave juncture to offer a practical way to pick the right count.

So... This Happened! One Crypto Goes From “Little-Known” -to- “Top 10” in 4 Weeks

On August 20, one cryptocurrency name rose to the top of the news feed to become the new "sheriff" in town. Nope, it wasn't Bitcoin. It was... Solana? Never heard of it? Well, after rallying 4x in one month, this altcoin is now hard to forget. Check out this Elliott wave setup.


How Fear Highlighted Bitcoin's BUYING Opportunity

Back in June, several measures showed strong fear among Bitcoin traders. As we've shown before, extreme fear or greed often send the opposite signal. See how Bitcoin's "terrifying moment" two months ago was really a bullish alert in disguise -- and watch our Crypto Pro Service editor explain the message of today's sentiment.

OMG XRP Soars to Multi-Month Highs! Did You See This Bullish Scenario Coming?

Less than a month ago, widespread reports said the future looked grim for the Ripple cryptocurrency. Yet our Crypto Pro Service told subscribers about the rally potential ...

Bitcoin: How the Elliott Wave Model Anticipated the Rebound

In late June, a survey showed that most investors expected bitcoin to end the year below $30,000. Since then, however, the price of the digital currency has risen significantly. Learn how the Elliott wave model anticipated bitcoin's rebound.


Bitcoin Analysis: Why You WANT to Know "When You're Wrong"

Traders and investors are well aware that no forecasting method is perfect. Yet, as EWI Senior FX Analyst Michael Madden explains, you don't have to sit in the dark -- you can "turn the lights on" by using Elliott Wave analysis.

See how Michael did so, via his Bitcoin example.

USDJPY: Two Charts, Same Wave Pattern – and Same Forecast

You may have heard us say Elliott wave chart patterns are fractal -- meaning, smaller patterns make up larger ones. To understand how powerful this can be in forecasting, watch our Currency Pro Service editor walk you through the 2-week and daily charts of the Japanese yen, a big forex market.


Elon Musk vs. Dogecoin: Who Leads, Who Follows?

For months leading up to its May peak at 73 cents, Elon Musk's tweets about Dogecoin were said to drive its price higher. Since the peak, Dogecoin has fallen 78% -- yet, Elon Musk's tweets haven't stopped! So, was it really one person's tweets that were driving this market higher? Our Crypto Pro Service editor explains -- and gives you a hint as to what's next for the "joke crypto."

Bitcoin's July 15 Faceplant: It was an Inside Job Alright ... Just Not the Kind You Think

Bitcoin's fall began last week: media reports blamed a certain Twitter post that went up after price had turned. See it for yourself -- and our forecast beforehand -- in Chart of the Day.


How RSI Helps You Nail the End of 5th Waves

When the 5th wave of a basic 5-wave Elliott wave pattern ends, the trend reverses. That's important information for any trader or investor – but how do you know just when that 5th wave may be over? Watch our Currency Pro Service analyst show you how to use RSI and cross-market analysis to help with the task. (Forex market NZD/USD in focus.)


Forex Traders, Honor Thy Stops

If the 3 rules of real estate are "location, location, location," then you could say that the 3 rules of trading should be "risk management, risk management, risk management." Watch our Currency Pro Service editor show you how to use Elliott wave analysis to place your stops. (EURUSD in focus.)

Why Bitcoin’s “Wild Swings” May Soon Resume

Bitcoin's trading range has narrowed considerably in the past several weeks. In addition, trading volume has fallen. Learn why it's time to get insights from bitcoin's Elliott wave pattern.

The Big Warning Sign Before the "Flash Crash" In Cryptos

Two recent "regulatory crackdowns" supposedly led to the July 7-8 "flash crash" in cryptos, especially in Ethereum. Now see why neither event anticipated Ethereum's 14% plunge.