Foreign exchange is the world's biggest market, with daily trading volume of $5+ trillion -- about 10 times the total volume of the world's stock exchanges combined. High liquidity and 24-hour access are just two reasons why millions of traders focus on currencies exclusively.

Bitcoin’s November Pain. The FTX-Binance Drama isn’t To Blame

Yes, cryptocurrencies are volatile. Yet any investor can look at a price chart to see the Binance/FTX “bombshell” exploded after Bitcoin began to fall. Now see our forecast beforehand.

U.S. Dollar: Has the Mainstream Been Way Too Confident?

Bullish sentiment toward the U.S. Dollar index has recently been quite pronounced. Yet, knowledge of the Elliott wave model -- such as this common relationship between these two Elliott waves -- provided a strong clue that the bullish sentiment may have been off track.


Chiliz: Here's How Alternate Wave Counts Help You Stay Ahead

Markets are constantly evolving, and your Elliott wave count must evolve with them -- to keep up, and to keep you ahead. Watch our Crypto Pro Service editor Jason Soni explain the importance of alternate wave counts using Chiliz, a cryptocurrency, as example (CHZ/USD).

Flash Service: Our Fearless Bitcoin Forecast, June-October

This year has been a volatile financial environment, with cryptocurrencies the most volatile of all. Now see our EWAVES forecast for Bitcoin helped subscribers make volatility work for them.


Bitcoin vs. Ethereum: The Tale of Two Cryptos

Most cryptos are highly correlated to Bitcoin: They fall and rise together with the King. But lately, the correlation between BTC and ETH has been less than perfect. What does this mean? Watch our Crypto Pro Service editor, Tony Carrion, give you his thoughts on what's going on.

What Is Bitcoin’s Low Volatility Telling You?

Bitcoin has a highly volatile price history, yet the cryptocurrency has been in a relatively tight trading range in recent months. Here's an example of why you may want to consult the Elliott wave model to ascertain what could be next.

The Yen's Oct. 21 Surge: "Intervention" or Investor Psychology?

On October 20 Dollar fall/Yen rate spiked above 150, which sent the yen to its weakest level in decades. Yet October 21 saw a 3.6% reversal, its largest single-day move since March 2020. See what we said to subscribers beforehand.


Bitcoin: "Clear as Mud"? Here's Your Fix

One way to describe Bitcoin's price action since the July low is "messy." But in Elliott wave analysis, even "messy" has its place. Watch our Currency Pro Service analyst Jason Soni help you make sense of Bitcoin's ups and downs over the past three months.

Have We Seen the End of Crypto Recovery?

Along with stocks -- and in-line with our Elliott wave forecast -- cryptocurrencies saw a strong rebound in July. But unlike stocks, the index of 25 top cryptos did not fall to a new 2022 low in October. Watch our Crypto Pro Service editor walk you through the index of top 25 crypto markets to answer the question in the headline.


EURUSD: Add THIS Tip to Your Trading Plan

There are rules that an Elliott wave pattern must adhere to, but there are also some guidelines that can help you enhance your trading. See one such Elliott wave guideline explained in EURUSD by our Currency Pro Service analyst.

See the Chart for Yourself: The "Quick Shift" to "Cash is King"

In October 2021 we knew inflation was unfolding & that interest rates were rising. And, our long-term stock market forecast said a major peak was at hand. That's why the October 2021 Elliott Wave Financial Forecast called for a "quick shift" to "cash is king." What followed that forecast speaks for itself.

One Man's Trash is Another Man's Treasure

To most pundits, cash has been a four-letter word for many years. Anyone even hinting at the idea of holding cash was berated and ridiculed. But, like many closely held investor conventions today, the tide seems to be turning and cash is becoming cool again.


MSCI Taiwan, KOSPI: Looking at U.S. Dollar to Understand Stock Trends

The Asian-Pacific stock markets have been showing a clear correlation with the trend in the U.S. dollar. Watch our Asian-Pacific Short Term Update editor Chris Carolan explain why right now, it's a "very dangerous" moment for the regional stocks.

Highlights: Our New European Financial Forecast

Investors are coming back to the beaten-down sectors that they think are hitting a bottom. Watch our monthly European Financial Forecast editor Brian Whitmer touch on these and several other highlights from the new, October issue.

Ethereum's 13% 2-Day Drop: Catch It If You Can

November 15-16 saw an across-the-board collapse in cryptos, led by a 13% plunge in the #2 digital currency Ethereum. Traders are now watching to see if prices reverse back up after the drop. But was it possible to see the reversal coming in advance? You bet!