Foreign exchange is the world's biggest market, with daily trading volume of $5+ trillion -- about 10 times the total volume of the world's stock exchanges combined. High liquidity and 24-hour access are just two reasons why millions of traders focus on currencies exclusively.

Bitcoin's Rally to 1-Year Highs: Break the Chain of Fundamental Analysis to Succeed

After the big March low, what drove Bitcoin's recovery? NOT the fundamentals cited by the mainstream. The answer is all about pattern recognition - which anticipated the big rally.

Five Dollar Pairs, Five Opportunities Unfolded as Forecast

This story includes more than one chart: the triangle pattern unfolded in five U.S. Dollar currency pairs, all in the month of August. See it for yourself, in Chart of the Day.

“Panic about U.S. Dollar”: Echoes of 2008

Everyone shunned the U.S. dollar shortly before it bottomed in March 2008. Yet the greenback soon rallied and proved the dollar skeptics wrong. Look at a chart that recalls the extremely negative sentiment of 2008 -- and see how that relates to the attitudes towards the dollar here in 2020.

EURJPY: The Yen's Recovery vs. the Euro "Should Have Continued" … Instead, This Happened

On May 18, when our Currency Pro Service said an "ending diagonal" was over in the EURJPY cross-rate and that "aggressive price action" was next. Now see the huge rally that followed.

EURZAR: The Rand Sinks Like a Stone BUT Not for the Reasons You May Think

From January-April 2020, the EURZAR cross rate exploded in a thrust higher. Now see the forecast that put subscribers on the right side of this huge move before it unfolded.

See Why U.S. Dollar Is Probably Near a Bottom

Sometimes a simple Elliott wave chart shows you at a glance why a market is near a major reversal. Such is the case right now with the U.S. dollar. Watch our Currency Pro Service editor explain -- and discover what you get during our Forex and Metals FreeWeek (August 12-19).

Aussie Dollar Soars to Multi-Month High: You Can't Have Your Fed Stimulus Boost AND Eat It Too

In mid-April, Currency Pro Service told subscribers to expect a rising trend in the Aussie/US dollar. We called for a powerful Elliott Wave pattern known as "a third-of-a-third wave" higher. Now see for yourself what followed.


Stellar, Cardano: 296% and 1400% Rallies Leave Bitcoin in the Dust

With 1500+ cryptocurrencies out there, which ones are good bets? Watch our Crypto Pro Service editor show you how Elliott waves helped us catch the recent rallies in Stellar and Cardano. (Also, a look at Dogecoin, Elon Musk's "favorite cryptocurrency.")

EURUSD: The EU Recovery Plan Did NOT Spark the Euro's Near-term Recovery. See What DID

The Euro's rally to multi-year highs was unfolding before EU member states reached their July 21 agreement. Now see the "what and when" of the forecast we delivered to subscribers.


Monero, "Drug Dealers' Crypto of Choice"

Some cryptocurrencies (like Bitcoin) are becoming a "store of value," yet others still have a strong reputation as "privacy coins." Monero (XMR) is one such virtual coin. Watch as our Crypto Pro Service editor takes a look at Monero's 169% rally since March.

Europe: Forget Brexit -- Meet "Quitaly"

Britain's exit from the European Union was bad enough -- but at least the UK wasn't part of the eurozone. Italy is. What if Italy quits the euro? It's not as far-fetched as it seems. Watch our Head of Global Research explain.

The Dollar Index: The Opportunity Before the "Still-Unfolding Pattern"

After its March peak, the Dollar Index went mostly sideways. Yet the Elliott Wave pattern in late April pointed to an opportunity ahead in May and June. See for yourself what followed.

U.S. Dollar: When Almost Everyone Is Bearish ...

Nothing beats the Elliott wave model for anticipating what's next for a widely traded financial market. At the same time, sentiment indicators can also be highly useful to market participants. With that in mind, let's examine the U.S. Dollar Index.

The Aussie Dollar's "Bizarre" Rally to New 2020 Highs … Makes Sense

On April 3, GMP showed the pattern in AUSUSD -- as prices had unfolded in 5 waves down from 2011. This meant a long-term low was at hand: Now see the chart for what happened next.


U.S. Dollar vs. Asian-Pacific Stocks

If you live or invest in Asia, keeping an eye the U.S. dollar can help you make better timing decisions. Except, some markets are an exception to this rule. Watch our Asian-Pacific Short Term Update editor explain. (India, Korea, Taiwan, Singapore in focus.)