Foreign exchange is the world's biggest market, with daily trading volume of $5+ trillion -- about 10 times the total volume of the world's stock exchanges combined. High liquidity and 24-hour access are just two reasons why millions of traders focus on currencies exclusively.

Litecoin: A Twenty Percent Gain in One Day

On February 7th, our Cryptocurrency Pro Service issued a VERY bullish forecast. See for yourself what followed the very next day.

EURUSD Down But Germany Did NOT Cast the Bearish Shadow

After-the-fact news stories said bad economic news drove EURUSD lower. Now see the chart and forecast that called the move BEFORE it happened.

Big Gain in Cryptocurrency: Anticipating a 20 Percent Move

In this interview, Chief Currency Strategist Jim Martens shows the patterns and forecast that anticipated the major recent move in Litecoin. Jim also discusses the trend from here.

The Euro's 2018 Selloff: What Side Were YOU On When the Trend Turned?

For most of 2018, the Euro fell against the Dollar: But when the trend turned nearly a year ago, euro bullishness was everywhere. Now see the chart that shows true contrarian analysis.

A 3-Year Pattern Makes Its Move: Dollar-Yen

EWI's currency analyst Jim Martens shows how the Elliott Wave pattern helped him alert subscribers to the coming big move in the Dollar-Yen.

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Bitcoin: $3,000... $4,000... What's Next?

Today, after Bitcoin's 80% plunge in 2018, you'll find plenty of opinions on this pioneer cryptocurrency.

Is Bitcoin the largest financial bubble of our lifetimes

Elliott Prechter and Pete Kendall answer the "largest bubble?" question -- plus many others -- in this EVT video.

Litecoin: Knocked Out Cold -- or Just Dazed?

Between November and mid-December, Litecoin was pummeled to a 14-month low... before shakily getting back up on its feet. According to this indicator, the market's moves were right on schedule.

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Bitcoin: Unadulterated Bullishness

In January, EWFF alerted readers to the end of bitcoin's manic surge. In a Special Section that month, we forecasted that a break of the "upward curve that has supported [bitcoin's] exponential rise appears to lie directly ahead."


Bitcoin's November Crash: Bringing Clarity to the Crypto King

The next time you have a family gathering, if you want to bring a loud dinner table discussion to a screeching silence, ask if anyone can explain how cryptocurrencies work.

Riding the Waves Down: Bitcoin Loses Half Its Value

Since late July, Bitcoin has lost more than HALF its value. Question is, Who was the contrarian before the big move down began? See our answer in Chart of the Day.

What the Fork?! Why Bitcoin Really Plunged 15% on Nov. 14

Bitcoin plunged 15% on Nov. 14: news stories did a classic retrofit to "explain" the action. Yet, on Nov. 9, we anticipated Bitcoin's move before it happened. See the chart here.

Who Was NOT Surprised by the Dollar’s 2018 Comeback?

In early 2018, the U.S. Dollar had been falling for a more than a year. Conventional wisdom said it would keep falling. One classically contrarian forecast said otherwise: See the chart for yourself.

Calling the Low and High of a 6-Month Dollar Rally

The U.S. Dollar's 6-month rally ran from February thru August -- Dana Weeks asks EWI Currency Analyst Jim Martens if he had subscribers on the right side of the trend.

Italy's Budget Turmoil Did NOT Trigger the Euro's Fall

Look at this FX chart to see if it makes you think of … Italy's government? News reports thought that, AFTER the euro fell. So what saw the move beforehand?