Foreign exchange is the world's biggest market, with daily trading volume of $5+ trillion -- about 10 times the total volume of the world's stock exchanges combined. High liquidity and 24-hour access are just two reasons why millions of traders focus on currencies exclusively.


Bitcoin: Don’t Argue with a 3rd Wave

Elliott wave traders know that 3rd waves within the basic 12345 wave pattern are fast, strong -- and, like the Energizer Bunny, they "just keep going." Watch our Crypto Pro Service analyst walk you through several charts of Bitcoin to illustrate how 3rd waves, if you identify them correctly, can truly become "your best friend."

How the “Crypto-Craze” is Getting Even Crazier

Elliott Wave International called attention to Bitcoin back in September 2010, when the digital currency was trading for just pennies. The world of "cryptos" has evolved dramatically since then. Learn about one of the most recent crypto developments.

Will the U.S. Dollar Continue to Defy the Naysayers?

Back in January, U.S. dollar sentiment was highly negative. Big Wall Street players upped their bets against the greenback. Yet, the dollar just made a new 3-1/2-month high. Learn how EWI helped subscribers by "bucking" the negative dollar sentiment.

This Cryptocurrency Soared 1800% in Five Months! "Proud Mary" Keep on Burning?

Some indicators do help gauge near-term trend. Yet in this chart, see how small price moves have a broader context -- one that was long-term bullish for Cardano -- before the huge, nearly year-long rally.


USD/JPY: See How Elliott Wave Perspective Quickly Shows What's Next

Dollar-yen is a key forex market. To know which way the pair is going, you could study and compare dozens of "fundamentals" in the U.S. and Japan... or you could simply take a look at an Elliott wave chart. Watch our Currency Pro Service editor do just that.

Bitcoin: Let’s Put 2 Heart-Pounding Price Drops into Perspective

Bitcoin's price fell hard on Feb. 22 and many observers are wondering if this is the start of a crash. Well, the word "crashed" was also used back in January, when the cryptocurrency fell from $42,000 to below $30,000, however, prices bounced back. Elliott wave analysis puts both price drops into perspective.


AUD/JPY: Trend-Trading with Elliott and Supporting Technicals

Aussie-Yen is not a forex pair you hear about often. Well, all the more reason to see if we can apply Elliott wave analysis and other technical tools to gauge its trend. Watch our Currency Pro Service analyst look at the AUD/JPY trend since last March -- and see what's likely next.

Ethereum Sets New All-Time High: See Why "GameStop" is NOT the Name of the Game

Ethereum's rally launched in November -- our Crypto Pro Service alerted subscribers to the coming trend. GameStop came later, despite the media stories that "explain" the rally. See when the move began and the forecast that saw it beforehand.

A "Game Changing Move" in Bitcoin... But NOT at the Hands of Tesla?

Bitcoin’s big move began on February 8th: media reports were unanimous - the "driver" was Tesla's billion-dollar bet on the crypto. Now see the when the move really began, and the forecast that saw it beforehand.

Ethereum Surges to Record Highs: As for Fundamental Causes... it's "Game" Over

On February 3, Ethereum soared above $1,500 for the first time ever. The search for what caused the crypto's surge stopped at the foot of the gone viral GameStop fiasco. Why not? Well, because the GameStop "price war" began in mid-January. Ethereum's rally was sooner!

Will “King Dollar” Reign Supreme – Or, “Abdicate” the Throne?

U.S. dollar sentiment is so pessimistic that some observers are asking if the greenback will "collapse." Deep-pocketed trend-followers are placing big bets against the buck. However, investors may want to declare their independence from the "dump the dollar" crowd. Here's why.

U.S. Dollar Index: "Keep it Simple"

In this clip from an interview (recorded Jan. 22) with the Chief Editor of FX Explained, Steve Miley, EWI's Senior Currency Strategist Jim Martens walks viewers through his big-picture Elliott wave outlook U.S. Dollar Index. You'll see its "mirrored" relationship with EURUSD and the key price levels Jim is watching to confirm or deny his forecast.

New Zealand Dollar Rallies to 2-and-a-half Year High DESPITE a Dovish RBA: How Bout Them Kiwis?

By mainstream logic, dovish comments by Australia's central back should have crushed New Zealand’s Dollar. But the Kiwi began a powerful rally. Now see the forecast that got it right.


Here’s Why Bitcoin “Targeted” the $42,000 Mark

On January 8 -- before Bitcoins $10,000 mini-crash three days later -- our Crypto Pro Service told subscribers to watch the $42,000 price level because it could produce a bearish "reaction." Why? Watch our Crypto Pro Service editor explain. (Hint: Think "Fibonacci.")

Bitcoin's 24-Hour Crash: FCA Warning Was a Slap in the Face. But It Wasn't the Cause.

Dang that was fast! Bitcoin prices have plummeted 26% for their worst two-day plunge since March 2020. Mainstream experts cite London's Financial Conduct Authority warning on the risk of cryptos as a possible "crashalyst." But the FCA warning came after prices already turned.