Foreign exchange is the world's biggest market, with daily trading volume of $5+ trillion -- about 10 times the total volume of the world's stock exchanges combined. High liquidity and 24-hour access are just two reasons why millions of traders focus on currencies exclusively.

Bitcoin at $20,000: We Really Were Expecting You

Here's what Trader's Classroom told subscribers about Bitcoin on Oct. 27, 2021: "We're ready for a $50,000 a dollar drop all the way back to $20,000 a coin." See the full forecast right now.

The Yen’s Kiss With 20-Year Lows: What We Knew Before the “Kuroda Curse”

Look at our Dollar/Yen chart: You'll see how the yen's huge decline began before the Bank of Japan's President "word bombs" went public, and, that we saw the turn coming.

USD/MXN, NZD/USD: How to Accurately Count a 5-Wave Pattern

Wave analysis works by helping you see a pattern where others only see squiggles on a chart. But to accurately count Elliott waves, you must follow Elliott wave rules. Watch our Currency and Crypto Pro Service contributor Jason Soni walk you through charts of the Mexican Peso and New Zealand dollar to show how he does it.


FX Traders: How to Take “Uncertainty” Out of Your Wave Analysis

Forex traders who are new to Elliott wave analysis sometimes say that it's "subjective." Watch our Currency Pro Service editor walk you through triangle wave patterns in USDCAD, GBPUSD and 3 more FX pairs -- and show you how to handle these high-confidence scenarios.


Bitcoin: Down (a Fibonacci) 62% off Record High

The massive declines in cryptocurrencies may seem disorderly, but there is order in the chaos -- Elliott wave order. Watch our Crypto Pro Service walk your through wave patterns in Bitcoin, Litecoin and Solana to show you if a bottom may be near.

What Did Our Subscribers Know About Crypto and When Did They Know It?

This Chart of the Day answers the question in the headline, and shows the truly extreme bullish psychology driving crypto investing even after the decline was underway.

Cryptocurrency Investors: The Cost of “Fundamental” Analysis May Be Higher Than You Think

Last November, as Bitcoin was orbiting record highs, a major Bitcoin miner Riot Blockchain was widely expected to ride its crypto breadwinner to the moon. Instead, RIOT turned down in a 80% sell-off to 2-year lows. You might want to cancel your fundamental membership after reading this one.

Terra "Stablecoin": The Plunge That Matters

Lots of markets have fallen lately, but none as far as LUNAt/USD, Terra vs. the U.S. dollar, which is down 99.99% off the recent high. This plunge means a lot, says our Financial Forecast co-editor while giving you a sneak peek into the new, June issue.


Bitcoin: "A bottom is not an event. It's a process."

Market top or market bottom, most traders don't recognize it until after the fact. But watch one of our Crypto Trader's Classroom instructors show you how to use Elliott wave analysis and Fibonacci ratios to anticipate the likely bottom in Bitcoin (and other cryptocurrencies).

Who (or What) Is Really in Charge of Bitcoin's Price Swings?

Last November, Bitcoin rocketed to record highs amidst a slew of positive news boosts. And then, the crypto king took a flying leap... DOWN in a 50%-plus crash. How did the "fundamentals" lose control over BTC's trend? Answer: They didn't. They never had it to begin with...

Can You Navigate the Altcoin Universe of "Cons and fraudsters and scams"? Yes!

Our analysis of the altcoin Polkadot shows that you can avoid click-bait driven commentary on cryptos, and instead focus on the Elliott wave patterns that unfold on market price charts.


Bitten by FANG? Clocked by Cryptos? -- 'Air Pockets' Everywhere

Down more than 25%, the NASDAQ is "officially" in bear-market territory. "Big whoop" as they used to say -- some of the hi-tech darlings have already been cut in half and then some. Bet the folks down 50% or more in their so-called investments are glad to hear they're "official." And now Bitcoin, the King of Cryptos, has hit an "air pocket" of its own and fallen below $30,000. Wonder if that's officially a bear market, too? This excerpt from our new, May Financial Forecast explains how it all fits together.


Bitcoin: How to Spot Signs of Fast Reversals

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are no strangers to volatile, sharp reversals. If you get caught up in one unprepared, it's not a good feeling. But watch our Crypto Trader's Classroom instructor show you how Elliott waves can help take the "surprise" out of crypto "surprises."


EUR/USD: How to 'Trade with the Trend'

The euro vs. U.S. dollar is most-traded forex pair -- and lately, the euro has been losing, pushing EUR/USD lower and lower. At moments like that, many FX traders will try to catch the bottom. Watch our Currency Pro Service editor show you what Elliott wave evidence you need to do that with less risk.


Bitcoin: Finally, a “Bullish Capitulation”?

Something happened in Bitcoin's technical backdrop a few days ago that deserves your attention if cryptos are your forte. Watch our Crypto Pro Service editor walk you through a key chart and explain what it suggests next.