Buy Low, Sell High – How It’s Done in a Flash

Every day, our 3 Flash services scan dozens of stocks, ETFs, futures and cash indexes.

When a solid market setup occurs, subscribers get a Flash alert: a simple “buy/sell” recommendation supported by an Elliott wave-labeled chart.

You also get follow-up “adjust stop” Flash alerts as we monitor the move.

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Every day, EWI’s Flash team uses EWAVES to scan thousands of individual stocks, ETFs, futures contracts, and cash indexes. When a solid market set-up occurs, subscribers get a Flash email alert: a simple “Buy” or “Sell” notification with the corresponding, Elliott wave-labeled chart.

You get follow-up adjustments to stops and liquidation notifications as we monitor the move through completion.

Find the Flash Service that’s right for you

Stocks Flash

Alerts you to opportunities from 700+ active, liquid, individual stocks.

Popular stocks from the last year of Flash recommendations include: ADSK, COST, AA, LLY, PFE, NFLX, AAPL, BIIB, GOOGL, FDX and EBAY

ETF Flash

Alerts you to opportunities in major ETFs.

Popular ETFs from the last year of Flash recommendations include: UUP, GLD, BITO, TLT, ARKK, QQQ, IYT, IWM, XLO, XOP, XLE, XLF, GBTC and USO

Futures Flash

Alerts you to opportunities in major futures markets.

Popular future contracts from the last year of Flash recommendations include: E-mini Russell 2000, Gold, KCBT, Wheat, Cocoa, OJ, E-mini Nasdaq, E-mini S&P, Copper, Corn, Crude, Oil

Supported by EWAVES

A First-of-its-Kind Software

EWAVES (Elliott Wave Analysis and Validation Expert System) is a key component of our Flash services. It is a software program that interprets markets under the Elliott wave model. EWAVES identifies Elliott wave patterns from the price action alone — no oscillators, no sentiment, no news, no filters, no biases. As a result, EWAVES provides the world’s first truly qualitative, not quantitative, analytical approach, which makes it free of data-fitting and other serious problems associated with other software approaches.

Flash subscribers now receive an elliotticity score along with the Elliott wave chart on each recommendation. Elliotticity is a rating expressing the degree to which a market adheres to the Elliott wave model. We aim for the best possible results by incorporating elliotticity into each Flash recommendation.

Today, we invite you to experience the power of Flash first-hand.

How does Flash identify opportunities?

First and foremost, Flash looks for markets with a clear Elliott wave count at an inflection point. When Flash identifies a high-probability setup, we issue a Flash recommendation to subscribers, complete with entry information, stop criteria and a multi-timeframe, EWAVES-generated wave count. We watch the recommendation each day, issuing stop adjustment notifications as necessary. Flash concludes the recommendation with either a stop-met or exit notification. Flash gives the best of both worlds since it (1) provides black-box style, complete support for the subscriber while also (2) delivering glass-box style transparency and customization by providing chart analysis with each recommendation.

How often do you issue a Flash Opportunity Alert?

Stocks, ETFs and Futures Flash services average 2-3 recommendations a month. Markets are fluid and wave counts evolve, so recommendations can stay active anywhere from several hours to several months. The median active recommendation time period is several days to several weeks. Please note that averages include periods of inactivity as well as periods of greater activity.

Does Flash include chart analysis?

Yes. The Flash Services website provides detailed Elliott wave charts to subscribers along with each active Flash recommendation. These charts are entirely machine generated by EWAVES.

What is “Elliotticity”?

Elliotticity is the degree to which a data series exhibits Elliott waves. EWAVES assesses each data series’ elliotticity using artificial intelligence. It reports elliotticity as a percentage. Elliotticity can be measured by timeframe. Total elliotticity is an amalgamation of all timeframes, while short-term elliotticity focuses on recent activity, etc. The elliotticity metric that is important to you depends on the timeframe that you care about.

Futures Flash

Markets: E-mini S&P, E-mini Nasdaq, E-mini Russell, Crude Oil, Gold, Silver, Wheat, Soybean Oil, Sugar, Bonds, Euro


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ETF Flash



Your 2nd Month is Free

Stocks Flash

Markets: Apple, Verizon, Wal-Mart, Cisco, Boeing, IBM, Goldman Sachs, Disney, Netflix, ARKK, and more…


Your 2nd Month is Free

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