Are Cognitive Biases Hijacking Your Grip on Reality?

Stay ahead of trends, capitalize on opportunities and dodge risks 

Most people don’t see big changes coming until it’s too late. As a result, investors buy high and sell low. Businesses commit to their biggest expansions just before recessions strike. Countries are bloated and girded for war at the onset of peaceful times, and they are dilapidated and unprepared when wars break out. Even top strategists and futurists get blindsided by changing trends. Socionomics Premier Members are among the few who truly understand why social trends unfold. Members are equipped to calmly anticipate change and pounce on opportunities that most people don’t even see coming. You can join them when you start your Socionomics Premier Membership today. 

How It Works

Socionomics starts with a simple observation: How people FEEL influences how they will BEHAVE.

At the Socionomics Institute, we look at how society is feeling today – so you can anticipate how society will behave tomorrow. We track social mood in real time across the globe. You’ll see how changes in social mood shift everything from the songs people want to hear to the leaders they elect; from people’s desire for peace to their hunger for scandals.

This is a rare, awe-inspiring insight. It’s what enables the Institute to help our members stay ahead of new trends that surprise almost everyone else. Your Socionomics Premier Membership gives you this unrivaled perspective and puts you miles ahead of the herd.

Your Path to Unleashing Socionomics in Your Life

Your Resources Fall Into Three Categories:

The Socionomist Magazine + Archive

12 issues/year, plus 150+ issue archive ($1200 total value)

The Socionomist is dedicated to helping readers capitalize on social mood. Each month, our analysts show you how social mood is shaping trends around the world. They identify upcoming turns and forecast bold new changes that no one else sees coming. Politics, popular culture, disease, family, religion, industry – they are all powered by social mood; The Socionomist shows you how so you can prepare for what’s ahead, take advantage of opportunities and dodge risks.

The Socionomics Books Collection

5 Online Books ($227 total value)

With hundreds of charts and illustrations, this series introduces socionomics and demonstrates how social mood motivates social events, not the other way around:

  • The Wave Principle of Human Social Behavior (1999)
  • Pioneering Studies in Socionomics (2003)
  • The Socionomic Theory of Finance (2016)
  • Socionomic Studies of Society and Culture (2017)
  • Socionomic Causality in Politics (2017)

The Kitchen

($299+ annual value)

You get a well-organized, full library of exclusive content. Plus, you get every new piece of content we release while you’re a member, including any book and DVD in digital format, as soon as it’s released; a virtual seat at any online event we host; a copy of any academic paper we release; every episode of our Pop Trends Price Culture videocast; and access to any available recording of speeches we make.

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