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Natural Gas Sizzles to 5-Month Highs AND the Experts Have Hot Flashes

When natural gas prices boiled to their highest level in 5 months on June 11, mainstream market “experts” cited one reason: A recent “heat dome” of extreme temperatures. But Elliott wave analysis foresaw the energy’s surge long before the egg-frying forecasts.

Biden vs. Trump: Social Mood is Evident in the Polls

When you look at Joe Biden’s approval numbers and compare it to the Russell 2000, an interesting picture emerges. It’s all revealed in this excerpt from the June 2024 issue of The Socionomist.

June 10-14: Musk’s Big Pay Day, Home Hunting Woes, No Surprise with the FED

Elon Musk is set to receive a big payday. | Looking to purchase a home? The 5% downpayment has nearly doubled going from 7,000 to 13,000 since 2013. | The Fed kept its key interest rate unchanged and announced that only one cut is expected by the end of the year.

Sensex and Nifty 50: Don’t Get Too “Disappointed” (Video)

Mainstream analysts are blaming the recent selloffs in Indian stocks on the surprising result of India’s recent election. While many Indian investors feel disappointed, watch as our Global Market Perspective contributor Mark Galasiewski explain how this was a classic example of “buy the rumor, sell the news.”

Stocks vs. Commodities and “Hard Assets”: What 124 Years of History Show You (Video)

There are financial assets (think stocks) and there are “hard assets” like commodities. Their prices spiked post-pandemic, then came back down to earth – but recently, commodities like gold, copper and coffee all hit record highs. Watch Market Trek host Brian Whitmer give you an Elliott wave look at hard assets going back to 1900 as he dissects long-term trends.

While Everyone Is Watching the Fed, We're Watching This

While Everyone Is Watching the Fed, We’re Watching This

Another "Fed week" is upon us, with the latest decision on interest rates due soon. But there are less obvious – and more important, in our experience – economic indicators to look at than the Fed’s maneuvering. Here’s one…

Why You Should Monitor Equity Mutual Fund Cash Levels (Video)

The last bear market which shaved more than 50% from the S&P 500 index occurred between 2007 and 2009. In the months prior to the start of that downturn, this sentiment measure was flashing a warning. Learn how that’s relevant to the current stock market.

Buy Low, Sell High – How It’s Done in a Flash

Don't Get Lost in COSTco

Costco Wholesale (COST): Too Hot to Handle? Not if You’re Wearing Elliott Wave Gloves

On June 10, Costco stock skyrocketed to its highest level ever. Mainstream experts are divided on the retail giant’s future: “No limit to the upside” vs. “Upside is limited.” Through the lens of Elliott wave analysis, a clear picture emerges.

DJIA at 40,000:

DJIA at 40,000: “Every wave has its place”

The stock market, like any complex system, has periods of growth and non-growth, or even decline. When you look at it from this perspective, Elliott wave price patterns are a natural path of the stock market’s progression. Watch our monthly Elliott Wave Financial Forecast co-editor, Peter Kendall, walk you through the DJIA’s latest price pattern and explain why, as R.N. Elliott would put it, "Every wave has its place."

Wanna “Survive ‘Till ‘25”? Don’t Rely on the Fed (Video)

Worried about interest rates, credit card debt, inflation and housing? Putting your faith in the Federal Reserve Board? You SHOULD have been listening to market veteran Murray Gunn instead. And now you can! In the new episode of Wave Length, Murray explains why those following the Fed and hoping to “Survive ‘til ‘25” are looking for trouble.

Crude Oil Prices Falling. Suspect OPEC? Think Again

On June 4, crude oil tapped its lowest level in four months. Mainstream “fundamental” arrows point to OPEC’s “surprise” choice on June 1 to “leave room” for unwinding supply cuts. But from an Elliott wave perspective, oil’s selloff isn’t surprising… it’s right on schedule.

This Stock Market Indicator Exceeds Level of Meme Stocks Frenzy (Video)

The gambling spirit among retail investors is back in a big way – even exceeding the meme stock craze of 2021. Animal spirits are also directed toward the blue chips with one headline mentioning “Dow 2.8 million.” Yet, investors should keep in mind this key insight regarding the crowd.

Three Market Insights You’ll Only Find in the Just-Published Global Market Perspective

Every issue of Global Market Perspective is packed with forecasts and analysis that you won’t find elsewhere. Here are three compelling insights from the new, June 2024 issue.

OJ Makes it Rain in May. But is the Bull Run Out of Juice?

Recently, orange juice futures gave commodity investors an overdose of Vitamin C, as in CLIMB. On May 28, OJ tapped its highest level ever, prompting The Guardian news to say OJ prices have “gone bananas.” But from an Elliott wave perspective, this fruit was meant to fly in May.

The Fed Leads and the Market Follows? It’s a Big Fat MYTH

EWI Head of Global Research Murray Gunn challenges the conventional belief that the Fed leads the market. He shows you the hard evidence so you can make up your own mind. You’ll walk away with a new understanding of what the Fed can — and cannot — do.

Oops, Crude Did It Again

On June 2, OPEC reached a decision to extend oil production cuts into the next year. The mainstream logic that follows is this: Oil supply down; oil prices up. Yet hours after the announcement, crude prices tanked. See the real reason behind crude’s drop.

U.S. Dollar: The “Quiet Period” Is Ending

U.S. Dollar: The “Quiet Period” Is Ending

Shortly after the pandemic hit, the greenback strengthened dramatically. Then it came back down to earth and for about two years now, the U.S. Dollar Index has moved mostly sideways. But that lull is likely ending. Here’s Global Market Perspective contributor Murray Gunn explaining why Elliott wave patterns are suggesting “dramatic movement over the next year.”

How to Tell if Your Bank Will Be the Next to Fail (Video)

Another bank has failed – the first of 2024. Here’s how the handwriting was on the wall before the collapse. Apply this insight to assess your own bank.

Investing with Leverage: Faster Gains or Faster Losses? (Video)

One sign of investor optimism on overdrive is investors’ interest in leveraged ETFs. Is the super bullishness warranted? Well, the oldest market indicator in the Dow averages’ history offers food for thought.

Market Trek: Excited About Gold – But Just Not Sure Where It’s Headed? (Video)

Did you know that Costco sells gold bars? It’s true: cute little 1-ounce bars. Of course, at today’s prices, that “cuteness” will set you back about $2,300. But what if gold prices climb even higher? Watch Market Trek host Brian Whitmer show you one indicator (which the mainstream often overlooks) that does indeed suggest that gold has more to go.

Bitcoin and Ethereum: Looking Beyond

Bitcoin and Ethereum: Looking Beyond “Market Fundamentals”

May was a good month for Bitcoin and Ethereum. But what about June, July and beyond? Watch as our Crypto Junctures editor Tony Carrion takes 15 minutes to walk you through Elliott wave patterns in both cryptocurrencies – and explain the implications for the trend from here.

Real Estate: Yes, Prices Follow Sales (Video)

The U.S. housing market shows major signs of weakness. Learn about similarities to the big housing bust which started more than 15 years ago. This chart shows a decline which is already the largest since at least the 1960s.

Teach Yourself How to Spot REAL Market Reversals in 17 Minutes

Teach Yourself How to Spot REAL Market Reversals in 17 Minutes

You’ve seen it 1000 times. The market’s rising, then it hits a wall, then prices reverse… Now what? How do you know if it’s a true trend change or just a quick correction? How do you know to lighten up your long position — or reverse it to a short altogether? These are vital questions for every trader. Watch this 17-minute clip from a video our Commodity Junctures instructor Jim Martens recorded for subscribers. (In focus: Corn, but you can use this lesson with any liquid market.)

What New York City’s Art Auctions Tell You About the Stock Market – and Social Mood

The fall and spring auctions in New York City are the art market’s bellwether sales events. And according to The New York Times, the results from the City’s spring art auction season “tell a story of a masterpiece market come down to earth.” The article notes that the spring sales at Christie’s, Sotheby’s and Phillips delivered $1.4 billion — a 22 percent decrease from total earnings of $1.8 billion in 2023.

Are Silver’s Days as “No. 1” Metal Numbered? Elliott Wave Signs Say — Get Ready to Gasp!

Between April 2023 and March 2024, silver was about as exciting as a tree sloth slogging sideways to lower. But then, in March, the white metal came alive and tore to 11-year highs in May. Everyone loves the metal now, but learn why it stole our hearts months ago.

Silver Is White Hot! (Video)

Three months ago, silver bulls were few and far between. Naysayers cited “Inflation fears,” “dovish fed” and “macroeconomic headwinds in China.” At the same time, Short Term Update editor Steven Hochberg spotted a completed Elliott wave pattern and posted this update and chart for subscribers…

CORN: From 3-Year Low to Annual High to…? Elliott Waves Help Fill in the Blanks

In late February, corn prices were in the grips of the steepest decline in a decade. And, according to the mainstream experts, every “fundamental” fork in the road was “bearish.” The Elliott wave spoon, however, served up a different picture: a bullish rally. Spoiler alert: the spoon was right!

“A sign of investor nervousness”

Our newest service, Global Rates & Money Flows, is aimed at big-picture thinkers. Besides a comprehensive monthly letter, editor Murray Gunn also posts a "Daily Interest" update. The one for May 15 directs your attention to a noteworthy divergence between CCC-rated bonds and those rated one notch higher. Both are junk bonds — and "junk: is telling a story.

Gold: How to Gauge Investors’ Level of Interest (Video)

Investors the world over are wondering if gold’s rally has any more steam. Let’s examine recent Gold Open Interest and how that compares with prior price advances.