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How to Determine Stop Placements

How to Determine Stop Placements

Watch Trader’s Classroom’s Robert Kelley tackle a popular question, "How can Elliott Waves help me manage risk?" In this excerpt, Robert demonstrates two ways for calculating Elliott Wave stop levels.

Here’s What Happened Last Time Investment Managers Were This Bullish

Watch out when nearly every money manager positions themselves on the same side of a market trend – and does so with leverage. Here are insights into what many active investment managers have been doing with their portfolios – and why every investor should be interested.

TSLA, Elon Musk – and the “Magazine Indicator”

Think back to three years ago, November 2021. Electric vehicle fever is everywhere. RIVN just went public. TSLA soared to all-time highs – in fact, the EV giant’s ascent as “unstoppable,” said Wall Street. But on Dec. 15, 2021, a famous magazine cover indicator put the “cherry on top” of TSLA’s rally. This call couldn’t have been better “TIMED.”

Market Trek: “$1,000,000,000,000 Every 100 Days”

A U.S. senator once quipped, “A billion here, a billion there, and pretty soon you’re talking real money.” Well, it’s not “billion” anymore. One trillion dollars every one hundred days – that’s the pace of the growth in the U.S. national debt. There are a few other debt figures you should know about… Watch our Market Trek host Brian Whitmer explain more. (Brian’s global destination today is Niseko, Japan.)

This “Bullish Buzz” Reaches Highest Level in 53 Years

The word to describe today’s bullish market sentiment is “relentless.” Indeed, this sentiment measure recently reached its highest level in more than a half-century! Here are the details.

Caterpillar (CAT) Soars to a 95-Year High! Great – But Here’s How You Could’ve Caught This Bull Run Last November.

On April 5, Big Board veteran Caterpillar Inc. soared to its highest level since starting to trade in the year 1929. For Elliott wavers, though, the time to take a bullish leap on CAT was back in November. Today’s story reveals exactly meow – err, how — they landed on their feet.

St. Louis Fed Financial Stress Index: “Don’t Worry, Be Happy”?

St. Louis Fed Financial Stress Index: “Don’t Worry, Be Happy”?

In 2010, the Fed established the Financial Stress Index — a measure of how "normal" the financial conditions are. The index goes back to 1993, and right now, it stands at -0.937, or "low stress." But a very interesting picture emerges when you line up its highs and lows with the S&P 500. This chart from our April Elliott Wave Financial Forecast explains the setup — see it now.

3 Signs of Developing U.S. Economic Slowdown

The U.S. economy grew 3.4% in Q1, yet there are at least 3 signs that trouble is brewing. Indeed, the number of delinquencies are higher now in this sector than they were in the wake of the Great Recession.

It’s True: Central Bankers Fight a Trend Until It Ends — And THEN Join It

Does heavy buying or selling of an investment item by central banks make the price of that asset rise or fall? You might be surprised. This chart and commentary from the Socionomic Theory of Finance are eye-opening.

EU Stocks:

EU Stocks: “Cheaper” Doesn’t Mean “Cheap” — Plus, a Look at Coming Volatility Storm

When we hear mainstream arguments like "It’s different this time!" — we take them with a grain of salt. Sure, things always change, but some things just don’t. Here’s our monthly Global Market Perspective contributor, Brian Whitmer, walking you through an eye-opener of a chart of European stock market volatility that leads into a discussion of whether the EU stocks are about to outperform their U.S. counterparts.

From 1-Year Low to 11-Month High, VanEck Gold Miners ETF (GDX) Dresses to Impress

Just mere weeks ago in late February, the future of the world’s largest gold miners exchange-traded fund (VanEck) looked bleak. “Market fundamentals” pointed the stock down. But the Elliott wave picture urged: dig deeper. Read what we uncovered then, and where we see the stock going now – today.

Mood & Markets: China vs. Taiwan — A Deep, Chart-Filled Dive into a Social Mood-Driven History of Conflicts

Geopolitics is one of those subjects that can be both fun and serious at the same time. Right now many political analysts are scratching their heads about China’s intentions regarding Taiwan. Watch our Mood & Markets videocast hosts give you a fresh and different perspective on the situation.

Gold: Setting Near-Term Price Targets

Earlier this year, a headline said gold suffered a decline due to rising bond yields. Yet, on April 1, gold hit a record high – even though bond yields climbed higher. Instead of looking at so-called fundamentals, investors may want to take this approach to forecasting financial markets.

Learn About the “New Era” in Interest Rates

Many people are hoping for a return to historically low interest rates. Yet, a “new era” of higher rates may have only just started. These two charts help to provide insight.

COINBASE Bounces to 3-Year High. The Future of the Stock is Now

On March 25, crypto stock jock Coinbase Global Inc. (COIN) tapped its highest level since December 2021. Pundits are puntificating on the stock’s future, sourcing the usual “fundamental” clues. But the key to unlocking where COIN will be tomorrow is in its Elliott wave pattern – today.

Europe: “Concentrated markets are dangerous markets”

Rumors are swirling that European stocks are about to start outperforming their U.S. counterparts. You may not realize this, but that’s been the story for many years — and it is yet to come true. Watch our European market guru Brian Whitmer answer a few key questions about Elliott wave and sentiment picture in European vs. U.S. markets.

AMZN: The “Sleeping Giant” Has Come Awake… But For How Long?

On March 28, Motley Fool noted Amazon’s stock surging to “all-time highs” and urged: “Buy [the Star] Now or Regret It Later.” But for investors on the Elliott wavelength, the time to buy into AMZN’s bull run was back in October. See what they saw, today.

Mood Riffs: Superhero Fans, This One’s for You

Love superheroes? Who doesn’t! There’s a reason why Hollywood keeps making movies with characters who shoot lasers out of their eyes. But have you noticed how one year, these superheroes are everywhere – and the next, they recede into the background? Their popularity waxes and wanes – and it does so in a pattern. Watch as Mood Riffs host Greg Eident explains more going back to the origins of Superman.

Is Warren Buffett’s Biggest Buying Spree Still Ahead?

An Elliott wave pattern has developed in Berkshire Hathaway’s cash and cash equivalents which should be of interest to stock market investors. Here’s what that pattern suggests may be next.

Gold: “…prices will rally to new all-time highs”

Gold: “…prices will rally to new all-time highs”

Last November, readers of our monthly Elliott Wave Financial Forecast got a clear, bullish alert about gold: Expect new all-time highs. What made us so bullish at the time when the mainstream was still watching the Fed’s interest rate policy for clues on gold prices? Financial Forecast co-editor, Peter Kendall, explains the setup.

Finally, the Bank of Japan Follows the Market

Finally, the Bank of Japan Follows the Market

Every time a central bank like the U.S. Federal Reserve announces its latest decision on interest rates, it looks like central bankers lead the way on rates. They are in charge! The truth is, they don’t and they aren’t. Read this excerpt from our Global Rates & Money Flows. You’ll never look at a central bank interest rate move the same way again.

AI Revolution and NVDA: Why Tough Going May Be Ahead

The financial trends of even new and exciting technologies can sometimes go into prolonged reversals. Yes, even going back to when the steam engine and railroads were new. Today, the new technology is Artificial Intelligence. Here’s our take from a financial point of view.

Vodafone (VOD): Skip the News, Watch the Pattern

When you watch Elliott wave develop on price charts, keep an eye of the guideline of wave equality. Watch Global Market Perspective contributor Murray Gunn explain how that simple analysis helped us spot a bearish reversal in the stock. It’s a lesson you can apply again and again.

Stocks: What to Make of All This Insider Selling

Corporate insiders may sell their shares for different reasons, but one of them is not because they think the price is going up. Insiders know the value of their firms and it’s worth paying attention when there’s big-time selling. Here’s what’s going on presently.

Why You Should Watch This Hot Latin American Stock

The aftermath of a brutal bear market can yield financial opportunity – if you know where to look. Indeed, this nation’s stock market has been through the wringer, yet it appears this stock is rising from the ashes.

Gold Isn’t a Headscratcher for Elliott Wavers

Gold’s rally towards $2200 baffled many mainstream analysts, by their own admission. That’s because the rally defied the so-called market fundamentals. Here’s our take on it, courtesy of Global Rates & Money Flows editor Murray Gunn and segment host, Greg Eident.

Investors Love Costco Stock Today. But this Love Affair Began Much Earlier — for Us

On March 7, the NASDAQ retail giant Costco (COST) hit record highs and investors are “in love.” But their love today comes at a “cost” – the stock’s ballistic rally took off back in November! That’s when the stock first stole our hearts, thanks to a “very bullish” Elliott wave set-up.

Gold Sets New Record! What Happened to the 2022 “Fed Effect”?

In late 2022, gold prices had plunged 20%-plus into bear market territory. Mainstream experts cited one cause for the falling metal: the “Fed Effect” of raising rates. Elliott wave analysis, however, foresaw a bullish sea change in gold’s future, with or without the Fed. And that’s exactly what happened.

Gold: After Record Highs, What's Next?

Gold: After Record Highs, What’s Next?

After briefly poking above $2200, gold prices have turned lower. Now that investors’ attention has shifted to the record rally in stocks and Bitcoin, will gold keep shining? Read this free excerpt from our March Financial Forecast.

Electric Vehicles and the Slow-Motion Crash

When a financial mania is in full force, very few anticipate its end. Consider the frenzy surrounding the electric vehicle market three years ago. Here’s a review of what’s happened since.