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Mood Riffs: New “Investment Models” – What to Make of Them in 2024

Remember the GameStop mania? There’s a new movie about it, Dumb Money. It captures well the public’s growing optimism about being able to… well, get rich quick; there’s no better way of saying it. But as students of the stock market history, we know that similar bursts of interest towards investing in anything, no matter how “fractional” or exotic (e.g., a real-life, human football player) comes in waves. Watch as Mood Riffs host Greg Eident gives you a play-by-play.

Arithmetic or Log?

Arithmetic or Log?

"Should I use arithmetic or log charts for Fibonacci calculations?" Nvidia (NVDA) provides a great, current example!

Diamond’s 80/20 Method: Here’s Why It Works

Watch as “Trade Small, Win Often” Course Host Vadim Pokhlebkin shares an indicator template, covers FAQs and takes questions.

Zig Zag Mastery in Oil Trading

Here’s a quick lesson on the Elliott wave Zig Zag pattern from Parallax Trading’s Imre Gams – crude oil in focus.

Dick Diamond Video Testimonials

Check out this collection of testimonials from Dick Diamond and Trade Small, Win Often students.

Does Quantitative Easing (QE) Make Financial Prices Rise?

Many investors believe that central banks hold great sway over financial markets. However, evidence for this is lacking. Consider the Fed’s quantitative easing (QE) and what happened with stocks and commodities.

This Measure of Stock Market Interest Far Surpasses 1987 & 1929

More than half of U.S. households have been in the stock market for a generation. Let’s put today’s market participation into historical context – plus, find out how you can prepare for a likely shift ahead.

How Elliott Waves Caught the 50% Drop in Nat Gas

Natural gas prices saw an incredible 50% drop from January 2023 through February 12, 2024. Even more incredible than the steep decline? Elliott waves saw it coming! See the pattern that helped us keep subscribers on the right side on nat gas throughout 2023.

Mondi PLC: 5 Waves Up, 3 Down… What’s Next?

This stock, listed on the London Stock Exchange, recently gave us a beautiful example of Elliott waves in action. If you’ve ever wonder whether or not you could apply Elliott waves to individual stocks, here’s European Short Term Update editor Murray Gunn with a definitive answer.

How to Define Your Trading Plan (Parallax Trading Founder Pipes In)

Imre Gams, the founder of Parallax Trading, is the first to say that trading is not easy. So, why has he devoted so much time to it? You can find out by watching the webinar “You Have a Wave Count … Now What?”

GameStop (GME): 88% Shellacking Yet No Lesson Learned

Wall Street fads usually end badly for participants. Yet, persistent financial optimism can keep traders coming back for more. Let’s focus on a stock which jumped to the fore during the meme stock craze.

See an Elliott Wave Setup in Crude Oil

Watch how one Elliottician uses EWAVES to supplement his wave count. Enjoy!

Market Trek: “Magnificent 7” vs. “Magnificent 2”: Looking at You, ASML and LVMH

Would you believe that over the past 15 years only two stocks in Europe’s blue-chip Stoxx50 index have driven 27% of the gains? The luxury giant Moet Hennesy Louis Vuitton (LVMH) and tech heavyweight ASML Holding NV (ASML) have dominated the European stock market. But how much longer? Watch Market Trek host Brian Whitmer as he gives you some Elliott wave-based answers.

You Have a Wave Count...Now What?

You Have a Wave Count…Now What?

Watch as EWI’s own Vadim Pokhlebkin and Parallax founder Imre Gams examine a TSLA chart to demonstrate the Parallax Trading method in action.

Forex, Stocks, Cryptos… Markets Move in Patterns. Here’s How to “Unlock” Them.

In this video, you’ll unlock the complexities of the financial markets with Parallax Trading’s comprehensive walkthrough on market structure using technical analysis. This video is your gateway to understanding how prices move, why they follow certain patterns, and what this means for your trading strategy. Parallax founder Imre Gams explores the pivotal highs and lows, the significance of support and resistance levels, and how to interpret trend lines and price channels.

Diamond’s 80/20 Trading Method: Another Student Speaks

Rick Doehring took Dick Diamond’s trading course from the man himself back in 2012. Here in 2024, here are his thoughts about the 80/20 method, how long it took him to get comfortable using it, and some of the biggest lessons learned.

Reviewing Two Trading Opportunities in AI Cryptos

Reviewing Two Trading Opportunities in AI Cryptos

Are AI cryptos here to stay? Crypto Pro Service editor Tony Carrion walks you through the wave count and potential setup in two AI related cryptos that are on his "watch list.’

Bitcoin: Bullish in Face of Bearish Sentiment

Extremes in sentiment often signal that a financial market is ripe for a trend turn. Even so, it’s best to use sentiment measures in conjunction with the Elliott wave model, like we did with bitcoin back in late 2022. Now, here’s an update.

Forget Earnings — Look at This Indicator Instead (NYCB in Focus.)

One way to see what the market thinks of a company’s stock price prospects is to look at its relative strength. For example, when you compare the stock of New York Community Bancorp Inc. (NYCB) to a broader banking ETF… well, watch our monthly Global Market Perspective contributor, Murray Gunn, explain how this works.

RIVN, TSLA Et Al: “Range Anxiety” Isn’t Everything

The electric car maker Rivian just topped the “Most and Least Loved Car Brands” list by Consumer Reports — under the “Most Loved” category. Yet, Rivian shares (RIVN) are trading well below their 2021 IPO levels. TSLA is well off the highs too, and the electric vehicle market in general is…well, “soft.” While many are blaming the slump on “range anxiety” and other factors, watch Mood Riffs host Greg Eident give a very different explanation.

Stocks: It All Boils Down to This

Sometimes it appears that news and events are driving financial markets and at other times it seems markets are disconnected from the day’s big headlines. Why the inconsistency? The fact is: News does not drive the trend of financial markets, like stocks. Here’s what does.

Where the Heck Did the Red-Hot Seller’s Market Go & Is it Ever Coming Back?

The U.S. housing market just can’t catch a break. On January 19, NAR revealed that existing home sales in 2023 suffered their biggest drop in 30 years. While the reversal in real estate’s fortunes may seem shocking, it’s exactly the outcome we anticipated – here’s why

Is the Sugar Rollercoaster Making You Sick? We Can Help

In case traders needed a reminder of the extreme volatility in commodity markets, sugar prices have volunteered for the job recently. From a 12-year high to 9-month low to multi-month high, prices have been unruly. But, thanks to Elliott wave analysis, they haven’t been unpredictable.

Mood & Markets: Does Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Have a Chance? Social Mood Perspective on 3rd Party Candidates

Third-party candidates have made a sizeable difference in many U.S. presidential elections. But when is a third-party candidate most likely to succeed? Take a deep dive into history and social mood perspectives with Mood & Markets hosts Matt Lampert and Robert Folsom for some surprising answers.

Can Authorities Bolster Stocks (and Fend Off Recessions)?

Let’s address the widely held belief that financial authorities possess the wherewithal to boost the stock market – and even ward off recessions. This is a fallacy. This brief review of the 2007-2009 financial crisis is a case in point.

What “Fear Index” VIX May Be Signaling

Elliott Wave International uses dozens of market indicators to help subscribers stay ahead of the crowd. Some of these indicators provide the first hints of what may be just around the corner. Here’s a case in point.

ADM Dives 24%: Why “Bad News” Was NOT the Culprit

Archer-Daniels-Midland Company is a commodity giant. When its share price took a 24% tumble in a single day recently, the world noticed – and blamed it on some negative news about ADM. But watch our Global Market Perspective contributor Murray Gunn show you how ADM’s Elliott wave pattern called the dramatic drop well before the news.

Insights into Jobs Reports and the Trend of the Stock Market

Many investors have been conditioned by the media to connect the day’s stock market action with news or events. It’s well past time to get “unconditioned.” Let’s start by busting a market myth which has been around for quite a while.

Traders Can Unlock Precious Metal Price Moves. They Just Need the Right Key.

In early March 2022, palladium traders were handed a silver “fundamental” BULLet – Russia, a major palladium producer, just declared war in Ukraine. And yet, palladium prices have plummeted 60% to 5-1/2-year lows since. Any questions? Well, we have all the answers.

Make Bitcoin’s Volatility Work for You

Emotional swings in financial markets – like bitcoin – usually trace out clear Elliott waves. Learn how we pinpointed a possible price low more than a year ago. This chart is revealing.