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A Look at the Perilous Psychology of Financial Bubbles

Investors justify financial bubbles all the way to the top. This perilous psychology led to massive losses after the market peaks of 2000 and 2007. Now, in 2020, the same warning is showing up in the financial news.

Off with His Head: Kingdoms Fall When Social Mood Shifts to Negative

Big negative social mood trends drive big market declines. These trends ALSO drive social conflict, even revolution. So in periods of big bear market declines, we see that monarchs also fall. Watch for yourself just how true this is.

2020: "May You Live in Interesting Times"

Lots has been said about how unprecedented 2020 has been. From the financial markets' perspective, the fast bear market in February-March -- followed by a fast recovery -- certainly fit the bill. Watch our Financial Forecast co-editor touch on a few more points.


The Fed's Problem? It Forgets This Old Adage

"You can bring the horse to water, but you can't make him drink." The Federal Reserve says that it will "allow" some inflation, but the fact is, the Fed doesn't control inflation. Watch our Global Markets Strategist explain why using several eye-opening charts.

The Connection Between Stocks and the Economy is Not What Most Investors Think

Would you like to know what the health of the economy will be like months ahead of time? This rarely discussed "economic indicator" has a history of serving as a useful guide. See for yourself.

EURGBP: Did the "Brexit Row" Really Push the Pound to a 6-Month Low? (Fat Chance …)

The correction in the pound began on September 1, before "No-Deal Brexit." See how forex traders could indeed have anticipated the pound's rout vs. the euro before it began.

Look at This Big Reminder of “ Mania”

EWI’s analysts regularly review more than 100 stock market indicators. Right now, one of those indicators is historically “hot” and investors should prepare for a flameout. This chart is telling.


Gold: "A STUNNING example of herding behavior"

Lots of websites will tell you what's next for gold -- but in our experience, the best market guide is investor psychology. Watch our Head of Global Research explain what today's projections for "gold $20,000" have in common with historical projections for the DJIA.


Ethereum: "Then, an interesting thing happened."

ETH is second only to Bitcoin for market capitalization -- and it's been outperforming Bitcoin this year. Ethereum's August push higher fit a specific Elliott wave pattern -- and "then, an interesting thing happened." Watch our Crypto Pro Service editor explain.

Hershey Co. Sweetens to Six-Month Highs

After an April decline, Hershey was stuck in a sideways trend thru mid-July. But on July 14th, Trader's Classroom showed subscribers that the stock should break out higher. See the pattern for yourself.


Sensex, TSLA, Commodities: Spot Near-Term Price Pattern, See Long-Term Trend

Tesla, commodities, Indian stocks… what do they have in common? They all display hidden, useful "maps" -- because Elliott waves repeat on all degrees of trend. Watch our monthly Global Market Perspective contributor explain.

See How the 2020 Stock Market Shows “1929-Type Action”

Every stock market top is different. However, one can learn lessons from studying stock market history. Consider the year 1929. Our new Elliott Wave Theorist explains.

How to Trade Options in Volatile Conditions

In this live webinar recording (September 9, 2020), our friends at Dynamic Trend give you actionable tips on how to trade options during volatile market conditions.

See the "Ending Diagonal" That Anticipated a 17% Crude Oil Decline

In July & August crude prices were flat to slightly higher. Yet EWI Energy analyst Steve Craig saw a pattern that anticipated a big move down. See the chart for yourself.

U.S. Stocks: “Big Guys” Follow “Little Guys”

Lots has been said about the rally since March. But here are some stats you probably won’t see any place else. Our U.S. Short Term Update explains today’s “amazing market dynamics.”


Crude Oil: See What Predicted the September Sell-Off

On Sept. 8, crude fell to $36 a barrel for the first time in months. Watch this clip from our Sept. 2 Energy Pro Service video forecast explaining why oil was destined to fall -- before the sell-off began. You'll also get a hint of what's next for oil prices.

AUDJPY: Aussie Dollar Reverses from 11-Year Low to 15-Month High: Didn't See THAT Coming... or Did You?

Back on March 20, Currency Pro Service said the Aussie Dollar-Japanese yen cross-rate had hit a low, and forecast a move up: Now see what happened in the months that followed. When “Bullish Fundamentals” Mean Exactly Squat

After trading sideways in July, JD stock broke out the upside in August, soaring 23% to record highs. According to the mainstream experts, the spark that lit the stock's rally occurred on August 13 and 17, with a barrage of bullish data. We dare to offer a second opinion.