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Emerging Markets vs. Commodities: Moving Together, Again

Commodities and emerging markets usually move together... except of most of 2021. Now, they are moving together again: down. Watch our monthly Asian-Pacific Financial Forecast editor explain the significance -- and give you a hint at what's next.

New, December European Financial Forecast: Sneak Preview

Normally, stocks peak first, and consumer sentiment follows -- but in Germany, the two have reversed -- why? Also, what does the anxiety in the forex market say about the wave structure of the broader market? Watch our European Financial Forecast editor Brian Whitmer touch on all of that in this short video.

Here’s a Warning Sign for the Non-Fungible Token Marketplace

The November Elliott Wave Theorist mentions key financial markets and says "it is a unique era." One aspect of this "unique era" is the monetization of digital content. Here are some timely insights.

Lumber Boom & Bust & Boom Again? Wood If You Could Have Known!

Lumber prices soared 600% in 2020-21 to record highs this May. Mainstream experts said the lumber boom was here to stay. YET -- prices plummeted 74%. At the August low, experts said lumber had gone bust. Did they get it right this time? See for yourself.

First Few Days of the Month Are Critical for Trend: See Why

It's one thing to know how to spot a high-confidence trades setup on a chart, but it's another thing to know when to look for it. Watch our Trader's Classroom editor, Jeffrey Kennedy, walk you through a chart of Apple, Inc. (AAPL) to show you how he does it.

The Dow Tanks the Day After Thanksgiving: Now What?

So, where's the "correlation" between Covid variants and market declines? What caused the stock market's Black Friday Freefall? Those are excellent questions: Chart of the Day has answers.

How the Thanksgiving Week Sell-Off Was Predicted

Stock market trading during the holiday season tends to be relatively subdued. However, as the dramatic price action on Nov. 26 showed, investors cannot count on "seasonal tendencies." Learn how Elliott Wave International's subscribers were prepared for the market's big downside move.


Trading "success is not made by picking tops and bottoms"

Every trader wants to buy low and sell high -- or, sell high and buy low. It's a seductive idea, and also one that has ruined more than one trading account. Watch our Intraday Commodity Service editor show you how to use Elliott wave for a different, and far more sustainable, trading approach. (Focus: wheat futures.)

Silver Plunges Nearly 7% in Two Sessions: Powell Reappointment or Elliott Wave Pattern?

Jerome Powell's November 22 re-appointment as Fed Chairman "explains" silver's recent downtrend?? Get a better perspective from the chart we posted before silver's decline unfolded.

Is Shiba Inu the New Dogecoin? Elliott Wave Analysis Offers Answers

Once you've created a meme-based digital currency, it seems easy to give it a "look alike" meme logo. Case-in-point, the logos of Shiba Inu and Dogecoin. Of course, creating a logos is easy... yet there's no "creating" a price trend. See what our Elliott Wave analysis has to say about what's next for Shiba Inu.


Luxury vs. Economy: Airline Seats as a Stock Market Indicator?

Airlines go from launching new luxury seats to expand economy class. What could we learn about the stock market's trend by looking at airlines' timing? Our European Financial Forecast editor explains.

Junk Bonds Are Sending a Signal to Stock Investors

Financial history teaches many lessons. Let's look at a notable "divergence" which occurred before the historic 2007 stock market top. Learn why this divergence served as an early-warning sign for stocks so you can apply the lesson currently and in the future.

Coca Cola Bottling Corp. Taps Record Highs! We Reveal the "Secret" Why

Drink this in! After trending sideways for five months, COKE stock broke out to the upside in November, leaping $170 per share to record highs. A solid Q3 earnings report is the spark that lit prices? We say, look again!

Costco Rally: The Forecast That Anticipated The 17 Percent Move

"Elliotticity" is how EWAVES calculates -- and rates in percentage terms -- how closely a given market reflects R.N. Elliott's model. Costco is a recent example: See the rating, chart, forecast and outcome for yourself.

See the Forecasts That Put Subscribers Ahead of the 25% Decline and 19% Percent Rally in Silver

In the past six months silver has seen strong price moves in BOTH directions: see for yourself how our Short Term Update anticipated the decline and rally in price.

How to Get a Handle on Mass Psychology in Global Financial Markets

Investor psychology is the same everywhere around the globe. Get insights into the basic path which global investors follow in moving from extreme pessimism to extreme optimism and back again.


Australia's 10-Year Bond: How to Spot the Trend

We often get asked if Elliott waves work in markets other than the U.S. stock indexes. The answer is a resounding yes. Watch our Interest Rates Pro Service editor walk you through the wave pattern in 10-year Aussie bonds.

Solving the "Enigma" of the Euro/US Dollar's 2021 Nosedive

As 2021 began the financial media was bearish the dollar. But the "downward spiral" currency was the euro, even as the dollar grew stronger. See our January forecast, in COTD.