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See What Predicted Commodities’ Recent Drop

Commodity prices have taken a tumble during the past several days. A financial website says the decline is due to the "China crackdown" and "rising dollar." Yet, Elliott wave analysis foretold of the price drop when commodities were still rallying. Take a look at this chart.

Traders: Don't Look to a Company's Profile; Look to its Price Chart

See the Trader’s Classroom forecast and Elliott wave pattern that anticipated a rally which saw US Steel nearly double in price.

“Everybody’s Getting Rich (and Having Fun) Except Me”

Ever heard of the acronym FOBI? It was coined here at Elliott Wave International and stands for the "fear of being in." Yes, just the opposite of the better-known acronym FOMO (fear of missing out). Here's an explanation.


Here’s a Simple Way to Know If the Fed Will Raise Rates

There is a simple truth that continues to elude the mainstream economists. Here it is: The Fed follows the bond market. So, there is no need to hang on Jerome Powell's every word. All you need to do is... well, here's our Head of Global Research, Murray Gunn, with the full explanation -- and a handy chart.

Why Are We Paying These Guys?

Dave Allman, our very own wave counting savant and resident skeptic, dissects today’s Fed update. Most pundits think the Fed sets policy, but maybe we should challenge that assumption.

China During Chairman Mao: Negative Mood Catastrophe

The scale of destruction under Mao Zedong boggles the mind: Even so, you may find that this conversation offers unique insights into the "why" that propelled a uniquely awful period in post-WWII China.

Cryptos: What the “Bizarre” World of Non-Fungible Tokens May Be Signaling

Has investor psychology reached a manic peak? Well, some people are willing to fork over millions for pictures that they can see but not touch. Here's more on the bizarre world of non-fungible tokens.


Mmmmwahhhh. Luxury's Long Kiss Goodbye.

If the world's 500 richest people were a country, at $8.4 trillion their combined "GDP" would be the third largest economy in the world, behind the U.S. and China. This boom in global wealth has been fueling the consumer discretionary sector, which has outperformed the global stock market since 2009. But now something "really grabs our attention" on the chart of Consumer Discretionary Select Sector SPDR Fund ETF (XLY). Our head of Global Research explains.


FOMO Got You Jumping Into Trades Too Early? Watch This.

Usually, traders jump into a trade too soon for the fear of missing out. FOMO is a powerful motivator indeed, but watch our Trader's Classroom instructor show you how Elliott wave analysis helps you time your entries with patience and precision. (Stock in focus: CREE.)


EWAVES Walk-Thru: Wave Count Highlights in Marathon Petroleum (MPC)

EWAVES (EWI's computer-generated wave counting juggernaut) doesn't read the news, doesn't use fundamentals and it never sleeps. What it does is count and rank waves. Listen to an old hand (our own Dave Allman, jaded wave counting savant) walk-thru this recent example in Marathon Petroleum (MPC) with an eye toward the nuts and bolts of the Wave Principle.

This Metal Giant Soars 200% in 2021 -- BUT a Bullish Earnings Report isn't the Reason

Media reports say "positive earnings" in April drove Alcoa's rally. We can say the time to pay attention to Alcoa was in February: that’s when our Traders Classroom identified a bullish set-up. See the chart and forecast now.


Forex: How to Know If Support or Resistance Will Hold

Every forex trader knows to watch closely when a currency pair slows down and starts to go sideways: Chances are, it hit a support or resistance price level. But how do you know if it’s likely to hold or not? Watch our Currency Pro Service editor apply simple Elliott wave analysis to AUDUSD in order to get the answer.


1929… 1968… 1999… 2021?

Throughout history, Americans have fallen in love with the stock market at moments that, in retrospect, were clearly the wrong time to do so. Watch our Global Markets Strategist highlight those moments on a DJIA chart and explain why this is relevant today.

Bitcoin: How Sentiment Suggested a Change of Trend

About two months ago, our U.S. Short Term Update told subscribers to expect lower prices for bitcoin. Prices began a sharp slide shortly thereafter. See what could be next for the cryptocurrency.

Bitcoin's Four-Day, 16% Decline: See the Chart and Forecast That Got It Right

Bitcoin recently saw a fast, double-digit decline -- see how subscribers to our Crypto Pro Services were well positioned for the opportunity.


The Bitcoin Crime Wave Hits

The widespread conviction that Bitcoin is a "sure thing" has never been stronger. So, should you buy? Should you buy now, while it's still "cheap," before it goes to $500,000, as some are predicting? First, read this excerpt from our June Financial Forecast. (On us.)



If you are old enough to remember the booming real estate market back in 2006, you also remember that it was the last year of the U.S. housing bubble. The following year, social mood took a hard dive, the stock market topped and a set of dominoes around the world quickly ushered in a global financial crisis, the biggest one wince the Great Depression. But what if "it's different this time?" Our Head of Global Research shares his thoughts in the new essay.

Demand Crashed, But This Commodity Soared Anyway. Any Questions?

On May 28, coffee prices shot to their highest level in 4.5 years, prompting one source to confirm a "firm upward trend" in the market. But for investors looking to "buy low and sell high," the more opportune time to recognize coffee's uptrend was when prices bottomed -- a year ago.