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Yen Tumbles to an 8-Month Low: Knowing Why is Half the Battle

Politics do a lousy job as financial market predictors. Case in point, "U.S.-Iran Hostilities" and the movement of the Dollar vs. the Yen. See the facts for yourself about what doesn't work -- and what DOES -- via this Chart of the Day.

Pot Advocates and Opponents: Here’s Your Strategy for 2020

Whether you want to make it legal to light up or you want to derail the dank train, you can use the stock market to signal when social mood is most conducive to your position and strategize accordingly. Discover your ganja game plan for the year ahead in this excerpt from 20 Trends You Can Anticipate in 2020.

Global “Opportunity” with TAN: “Solar Ends Its Dark Ages”

Classic chart patterns often offer opportunity. This applies to financial markets the world over. Take a look at two instructive charts.

See the Forecasts Which Predicted 12 Months of Action in Treasuries

This Chart of the Day will show you something ... different: A year's worth of the move-by-move analysis we delivered to Interest Rate Pro Services subscribers. Yes, there really is that much to show.

This Stock Market Sentiment Measure Hits a Record High

This chart of a stock market sentiment measure is revealing.

Tesla Soars to Record Highs: Here's the "Naked" Truth as to Why

Tesla's share price went from a months-long sideways crawl to a late October break out, on the way to all-time highs. See the forecast that anticipated much of the rally that Tesla's market value to nearly $90 billion, more than GM and Ford combined.

3 ETFs to "Play" Chinese Stocks in 2020

Watch this quick video where our monthly Global Market Perspective contributor, Mark Galasiewski, gives you a surprising insight into the Chinese stock market -- and the three ETFs that just had a bullish breakout.

Why Gold Was Set to Rise BEFORE the U.S. / Iran Clash

Many investors believe gold is a “safe haven” investment. So, is that why the precious metal’s price has risen since the U.S. airstrike which killed an Iranian general? Well, take a look at our gold forecast before that airstrike.


Bitcoin: Up 22%. Here's How It Got Here. (Don't Say "Iran.")

This month's strong rally in Bitcoin was attributed to the familiar (by now) "cause": The U.S. attack against an Iranian target. Here's what's wrong with this explanation -- see our Cryptocurrency Pro Service explain in this video.

Gold May Be on Fire, But a Drone Strike Did NOT Light the Keg

What explains the big gold rally? Everyone has the same "easy" answer, namely hostilities between the U.S. and Iran. But now see the forecast that anticipated the rally before any "hostilities" even happened.


Oil Prices: Here's Why NOT to Trade on the News

On Tuesday evening, Iran retaliated against the U.S. Oil prices spiked. If you bought the rally, you would have bought near the top. See how Elliott waves could have guided you out of this predicament -- in real time.

Does the U.S. / Iran Conflict Spell Trouble for Stocks?

Financial journalists linked the U.S. airstrike in Iraq which killed an Iranian general with the DJIA’s triple-digit decline on Jan. 3. But, was the airstrike the real reason for the stock market’s tumble? Learn what market sentiment and the Elliott wave model were saying before Jan. 3.

Canada Goose: "What If" You Could Have Seen Where Prices are Today -- One Year AGO!

A year ago, EWI's Jeffrey Kennedy saw a simple Elliott Wave pattern for Canada Goose (GOOS) and made a long-term forecast. See the "before and after" for yourself, via this Chart of the Day.


Oil Prices Jump Nearly 5%: Will It Last?

On Jan. 2, pundits cited the Iran news for crude’s rally. But if it were solely the news, why would our Energy Pro Service have already been bullish? Watch EWI Chief Energy Analyst Steve Craig compare today's situation with the 2019 Saudi oil facility drone attack -- and then, put it all into an Elliott wave perspective.

NASDAQ: Watch a “Trend Channel,” See What’s Next

Classic technical patterns in price charts have stood the test of time. Indeed, about 90 years ago, Ralph Nelson Elliott – the “Father of the Wave Principle” – described important details about the so-called parallel trend channel. Learn how that applies to the tech-heavy NASDAQ as we kick off 2020.

Here's What Is On Our Radar for 2020

We asked ten top socionomists to tell us about what's on their radar for 2020. Here's how they responded.

The Euro Rally and a Key Fibonacci Ratio

The Golden Ratio is highly useful in forecasting financial markets. For example, our U.S. Short Term Update editor let subscribers know what he expected for the euro in just a week's time -- based on a .618 retracement level. Here's what happened.

Investors: Are You in Danger of Emotion-Driven Decisions? You're Not Alone.

Bitcoin's 2018 crash showcases the ability of Elliott wave analysis to combat the sudden, speculative need of more, more, more!