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Heating Oil on Fire! The Rally Was in the Cards... Just Not the Usual Deck

In March-April 2020, experts from Wall Street to OPEC saw one scenario for the future: a collapse in demand that ensured the energy sector “will never be the same.” Now see the forecast that got it right.


AAPL and FANGs: "5 Waves" Speaks Volumes

Our 3x-weekly U.S. Short Term Update occasionally covers individual stocks -- especially when editor Steve Hochberg sees implications for the broad market. See what he sees now in AAPL and other FANGs. (Free.)

How the Price Action of Stocks Defies “Conventional Wisdom”

Conventional wisdom says that shockingly bad news will derail a rising stock market, and that extraordinarily good news will stop a downtrend. However, financial history tells another story. Let's look at instructive examples -- both from the past and presently.

Take a Look at a Historical “Dip Buyer’s Nightmare”

Many investors want to buy bargains after a downturn in the stock market. Yet, financial history teaches harsh lessons. This chart shows a "nightmare" that market participants want to avoid.


S&P 500, Euro Stoxx 600: “Surrendering to the Rally”

"History doesn't repeat, but it rhymes," goes a saying often contributed to Mark Twain. In our 40+ years in the business, we've seen a lot of these "rhymes" -- watch our monthly Global Market Perspective contributor show you what the recent price action in S&P 500 and Euro Stoxx 600 reminds him of.


Natural Gas at a 7-Year High: More Than a Flash in the Pan?

Natgas prices busted above the $5 mark recently, and lots of people are paying attention -- from traders and investors to all of us who cook and heat our homes with gas. Watch our Energy Pro Service editor show you what Elliott waves suggest about the potential from here.

Cocoa Futures: It's What's for Dinner!

On September 10, cocoa prices touched multi-year highs, prompting mainstream experts to confirm "signs of bullish life." In fact, thanks to Elliott wave analysis, the signs of cocoa's bullish life were clear as far back as June!

Why a Financial “Panic” May Be Just Around the Corner

The next financial panic may be just ahead, according to an indicator which may be overlooked by many investors. Let's review the history of this indicator -- plus, see what it's showing now.


CAC-40: How Wave Guidelines Fine-Tune Your Forecast

Elliott wave analysis has three strict rules and a handful of guidelines -- and it's the guidelines that can often help you add more precision to your forecast. Watch our Head of Global Strategy show you how by looking at the French CAC-40 stock index.

Lululemon Stock: From Down-Dog to Up, Up, and Away!

On September 9, Lululemon stock soared to record highs. Mainstream experts lasered in on one main cause: a "monster" Q2 earnings report, published a day earlier. With that kinda stretch, you might just pull something!

Stocks: Is This the "Kiss of Death" for the Bull Market?

You can get clues about the stock market's next price move by studying financial history. When you combine these clues with the message of the Elliott wave model, conviction and clarity emerge. Look at this revealing chart.


France’s CAC 40: (Fibonacci) 21 Years to Nowhere

French stocks hit an all-time high of 6,945 back in 2000 -- and have gone sideways since. How does this "excruciating" period fit into the Elliott wave picture? Our European Financial Forecast editor explains.

Gold Soars on Jobs Miss/Gold Sinks on Jobs Miss: Confused as a Beaver in a Brickyard

News reports said the Sept. 3 labor data was bullish AND then bearish for gold? Did they think we wouldn't notice? See a real forecast for a change, in Chart of the Day.

Let’s Look at 2 Measures of the “Boom of Booms”

Elevated stock market prices is a major measure of the current financial mania. There are other gauges that investors should watch. Take a look at these two charts.

China, India: Richer or Poorer?

Watch our Asian-Pacific Financial Forecast editor, Mark Galasiewski, explain whether China and India are headed for "wealth creation" or "wealth destruction" in the years ahead.

Wheat's Bullish Trend Follows a Script 5 Years in the Making

In June 2016, EWI's Jeffrey Kennedy showed subscribers a clear, long-term bullish set-up for wheat -- an Elliott wave diagonal triangle underway. See what happened when the trend did exactly what it was supposed to.

This Commodity Is "Liquid Gold" -- The Kind of Gold That Grows on Trees

July saw OJ's biggest monthly gain in 5 years, with prices soaring to fresh 3-year highs. Mainstream experts cite a record-cold winter in top-growing region Brazil as the main cause for the rally. Meanwhile, Elliott wave analysis saw orange juice soaring long before the temperatures started dropping.

A "Novel" Shift Caused the Euro's Near-term Rally -- But Not the One You May Think

On September 3, the Euro/US Dollar pair rallied to a one-month high. Mainstream experts cited one reason for the surge: Hawkish comments from the ECB. Yet -- our Elliott wave analysis forecast the rally a week earlier... when it actually began.