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U.S. Dollar Index: "Keep it Simple"

In this clip from an interview (recorded Jan. 22) with the Chief Editor of FX Explained, Steve Miley, EWI's Senior Currency Strategist Jim Martens walks viewers through his big-picture Elliott wave outlook U.S. Dollar Index. You'll see its "mirrored" relationship with EURUSD and the key price levels Jim is watching to confirm or deny his forecast.

China's Stock Market: What A Contrarian Forecast Looks Like

A year ago, bearish sentiment on China's stock market was the extreme that GMP's analysis went against. In turn, the question became "What's the play"? See what our answer looked like.

Why Next Wave of Margin Calls Will Be FAR More “Disruptive” Than in 2000 or 2007

A major way that investors express conviction about a stock market trend is to borrow money to participate in that trend. Right now, market participants are employing margin to buy stocks as if a bear market has been indefinitely postponed. Learn why the current "margin debt mania" may be even more precarious than what occurred at the 2007 and 2000 tops.

"The Fed Controls Gold Prices"? Just Because They Keep Saying It Doesn't Make It True

Mainstream wisdom says the Federal Reserve controls the puppet strings of gold prices. Many investors accept this idea as fact because they hear it repeated again and again. But we can show this notion is simply not true.


Corporate Debt: A Trend to Watch in 2021

LQD is a well-known investment-grade corporate bond ETF. Watch our Interest Rates Pro Service editor show you a clear Elliott wave pattern starting to emerge in this market -- and explain what this likely means for corporate debt next.

Does the Fed "Control" Gold Prices? See the Facts and Forecasts

Mainstream economic wisdom says Federal Reserve policy drives the price trends of gold. Now see the facts, charts and forecasts and show otherwise.

This Measure of Small-Trader Optimism Is OFF THE CHART

Here are EWI, our analysts regularly review 100+ market indicators to keep subscribers ahead of big price turns. Right now, one of these indicators -- a measure of the stock market optimism, as reflected by small options traders -- is flashing a warning signal. Our monthly Financial Forecast co-editor explains.


2021: “A Changing World Order, Part 2”

In a recent video, our Head of Global Research showed you the precarious position the United States finds itself in today. Murray Gunn made this comment: "When empires fall, it is usually accompanied with a debauched currency." Now Murray is back with a Part 2 of the video, where he tells you which country might stand to benefit.

Here's What Places Global Bond Buyers at "High Risk"

Make no mistake: The bond market can be just as risky as the stock market. Yet, many global participants in the credit markets are complacent. Now is the time to learn about the "walking dead" or "zombie" firms.

The Jaw-Dropping Chart of the Dow Robert Prechter Showed Nearly Two Years Ago

In April 2019 Robert Prechter showed subscribers a potential expanding triangle: in the almost two years after, the Dow completed the triangle and thrust higher. See it for yourself.

Stock Market: Why You Should Prepare for a Jump in Volatility

EWI's 25+ analysts regularly review 100+ market indicators to keep subscribers ahead of big price turns. Right now, one of these indicators -- well-known to most experienced market players -- is flashing a warning signal. Get the details now.


See Why 2021 Could be a “Monumental Year” in Financial History

What can you learn when you look at the stock market -- the Dow Jones Industrial Average, specifically -- going all the way back to 1788? A lot! For one, clear Fibonacci proportions begin to emerge between multi-decade historical periods. What's more, the same Fibonacci proportions also begin to point to the year 2021 as a very important moment in financial history.

The Nat Gas Bears Great Vanishing Act: Abracadabra or Elliott Waves?

In June 2020, it seemed the natural gas bear would stay for a while. Yet early July saw a turn from its long-term low. A four-month rally followed and prices more than doubled: See the forecast that got it right.

2021: “Is Currency Debasement Finally Having Consequences?”

"When empires fall, it is usually accompanied with a debauched currency," says our Head of Global Research Murray Gunn in this sobering overview as to why 2021 may usher in "a changing world order."

This Is How You Could’ve Spotted the Start of Silver’s Price Slide

On Jan. 6, the price of silver hit an intraday high of $27.97 and then took a swift slide. Find out how Elliott wave analysis helped to anticipate this turn. Here's a chart and commentary.


Indian Stocks: Does “Extraordinary Rally” Have Much Oomph Left?

India's Nifty stock index has been one of the global rally leaders since the pandemic's first-wave market lows last March -- up as much as 80%. Watch our Global Market Perspective contributor (who is on record with a bullish call for Asia last April) give you an important sentiment update.

Target Corp. Was Pegged to be a Pandemic Loser: Instead, Its Share Price Doubled

Back in March Target was among the retailers supposedly in trouble because of Covid. Now see the forecast that anticipated the huge rally in Target shares.

New Zealand Dollar Rallies to 2-and-a-half Year High DESPITE a Dovish RBA: How Bout Them Kiwis?

By mainstream logic, dovish comments by Australia's central back should have crushed New Zealand’s Dollar. But the Kiwi began a powerful rally. Now see the forecast that got it right.