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JNK: What's Next for "Junk"

High-yield -- a.k.a. junk -- bonds are challenging even when the economy is doing well, let alone in the middle of a pandemic. Our Interest Rates Pro Service editor looks at JNK, an ETF that tracks this markets, to see what Elliott waves show next.


EURUSD: This Technique Is "Better Than Any Moving Average"

When forex markets trend, prices often move along a trendline. What's more, often another trendline forms -- and together, the two trendlines form a so-called trend channel. Watch our Currency Pro Service explain how put this trend-following technique to good use.


What's Next for Asia's Two Recent Stock Market Leaders?

Stocks in South Korea and Taiwan have been outperforming their regional counterparts. See our Asian-Pacific Short Term Update editor give you a glimpse of what's next for both, with an eye on the U.S. dollar.

Do These Explanations Make Sense for This Intraday Stock Market Turn?

Financial journalists say that stimulus uncertainty and coronavirus developments have caused stock market movements. Let’s see if this makes sense. Plus, get insights into how the market really works.

From 1991 to 2020: Dick Diamond's Student About the "80/20" Method

On November 5, we start a new session of our popular online course, "Trade Small, Win Often." On October 19, we connected via Skype with one of Dick Diamond's original student who took the course from the master himself back in 1991... Watch.

The Stock Market Won't Care Who Wins This Election

Research from the Socionomics Institute compares stock market performance between Democrat and Republican presidents.

The Soybean Teacher: This Grain is a Key to Understanding Market Behavior

External "supply shocks" do not control price trends. Investor psychology -- which unfold as Elliott wave patterns -- does. See a multi-year example in the soybean market.

How “Blind Speculation” Has Turned “White Hot” on Wall Street

A "white-hot heat of speculation" has taken hold in some quarters of Wall Street. Get insights into "blank-check offerings" and take a look at a new index that went live on July 31, 2020.

Bitcoin's $1300 Rally Defied the 1-2 Punch of Bearish Fundamentals. Here's Why

Bitcoin wasn't supposed to rally in October, or so said media reports. Yet the real cause of bitcoin's price action is NOT the news. It's the psychology of investors, which reflects clear Elliott wave patterns directly on price charts. See it for yourself.

Our Sr. Metals Analyst About Dick Diamond’s 80/20 Method

Tom Denham, long-time editor of our Metals Pro Service and veteran market analyst, decided to join our November 2020 class, “Trade Small, Win Often: The Dick Diamond Method of Trading for a Living.” (We start November 5.) Watch why Tom decided to join and what he expects from this intensive course in this 3-part interview.

Earnings Season: Here's What Stock Investors Need to Know

It seems to make sense that rising corporate earnings would equate to rising stock prices, and vice versa. Yet, the stock market is not governed by logic. With earnings season just kicking off, it's a good time to examine the widespread belief that earnings drive stock prices.


Japanese Yen: How to Handle "Messy" Market Corrections

Strongly trending markets make things easy. But forex markets mostly meander around, seemingly without direction. Watch our Currency Pro Service editor show how Elliott waves can give you clarity using price action in USDJPY since March.

Australia's Stock Market and Economy: A Post-Covid Perspective

Australia's stock market past is relevant to the present: Across six decades, major declines proved to be a good record of long-term opportunity, as lows anticipated years-long rallies. See this in Chart of the Day.

Navistar International: Why This Stock's "Star" Has Risen to a 2-Year High

Mainstream experts lined up against Navistar in March, saying Covid would keep prices in the ditch. Yet, the stock was about to reverse to the upside in a rally to multi-year highs. Our April 15 Trader's Classroom prepared investors for that scenario.

Global Banking: Some Sectors Look as “Precarious as Ever”

Some sectors of the global financial system appear to be on shaky ground. Central bank assistance has fallen short and investors need to prepare for what may be ahead.

History Currently Favors Trump Reelection Despite the Polls

If you look at the polls and the headlines, you’d think Joe Biden is a strong favorite in the 2020 race. 200+ years of stock market history beg to differ. See why the real strong favorite in the race may not be who you think.


Junk Bonds: The Numbers Are, "Frankly, Stunning"

High-yield bonds are on a tear. 2020 is shaping up to be a monster year for junk bond sales. But all this investor optimism about low-grade debt is actually a dangerous sign. Our Global Market Strategist explains.


India Investors: It's an Exciting Time

Reliance Industries, India's largest company, has fulfilled our bullish 2015 forecast. See where the stock is now -- plus, get new insights into today's important junctures in the Indian Rupee and SENSEX. Our Asian-Pacific Financial Forecast editor explains.