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See How We Answered Our Own Question About "Opportunity" in Cannabis

On April 17th we made a bullish recommendation for a large cannabis stock. See what happened the very next day, and beyond.

U.S. Stocks: "Melt-Up" or Melt-Down?

Many investors believe the stock market stage is set for an explosion -- to the upside. At the same time, this indicator has been "collapsing" while another key indicator has been "tepid at best." Here are the details...

The 3 "Horsemen" of Trading Doom... AND 1 Sweet Dog Named Berry

In 2011, the heated emotions surrounding the commodity bull market made it difficult to see the 50%, multi-year long crash that began that September -- and persists to this day. Thanks to the "discipline" of Elliott wave analysis, though, anticipating the reversal was possible. Read the full story, along with an exciting announcement about an upcoming educational webinar, here.

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Crude Oil: Setup You Want to See Before a Big Move

Third waves are the longest and strongest moves within the basic Elliott wave pattern. That's why wave traders love them. See what helped our Energy Pro Service spot a 3rd wave for subscribers ahead of this 3%+ intraday rally in crude oil.

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Volatility: "Remember me?"

In this April Financial Forecast excerpt video, EWI's Robert Folsom shows you a compelling picture of today's complacency among bond market investors. Watch it, and draw your own conclusions.

Gold Forecast: Double Digit Trend UP, then the Day of the Turn DOWN

See two gold forecasts come to pass: A double-digit, 6-month rally from last August -- then, on February 20, a major turn down.

The Greater the Wealth Gap, the Harder the Stock Market Falls?

The more the wealth gap grows, the closer the stock market gets to a major peak. See the evidence for yourself during the previous two times the "gap" grew, and the market hit major long-term highs.

A Decisive Moment for Europe: Part 2

This is Part 2 of an 8-part series of short articles by EWI's Head of Global Research, Murray Gunn. Murray is based in London, where he documents European hot-button issues in great detail. Murray also views the world and forms his conclusions from a social-mood perspective. It's an eye-witness series you don't want to miss.

Beware the Slippery Ways of Crude Oil

It's been costing more to fill up at the gas pump, and many oil market observers are calling for even higher prices. However, we've been here before. Get our analyst's insights as you take a look at these two crude oil charts...

Global Manufacturing: About to Enter "A World of Hurt"?

See the broader economic context that day-to-day headlines don't deliver: Chart of the Day shows you the big-picture trend in the all-important trend in global manufacturing.

Jeffrey Kennedy’s Opportunity, Todd Gordon’s Real Time Trade

See an analyst and a trader talk to each other about the charts and opportunity, as they carry out a trade in real-time.

Who Sees "Opportunity" In Cannabis?

See for yourself what happens when a previously forbidden vice becomes acceptable – not to mention profitable.

A Decisive Moment for Europe: Part 1

"The European project is under increasing pressure." From this side of the Atlantic, it seems that Brexit is the only complication to worry about. In reality, the issues jeopardizing Europe run much deeper and wider. In this 8-part series of short articles, EWI's Head of Global Research, Murray Gunn, who is based in London, documents everything he sees on the ground. Murray also puts his conclusions in a social mood, or socionomic, perspective. It's an eye-witness series you don't want to miss.

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MCD & NFLX: Peek Inside Flash Videos

For ~20 years, one of our most consistently popular services has been Flash Services. We call them "flashes" because they alert subscribers -- instantly, in a flash -- to new opportunities in stocks, futures, currencies and more.

Who Expected What When Bitcoin’s “Death” Was Pronounced?

Dana Weeks talks to EWI's Currency Analyst Jim Martens, about what it REALLY means when headlines about financial markets turn extreme. Case in point: Bitcoin

Why This Stocks Indicator Should Grab Your Attention

It's wise to put stock market data into context. EWI's Chief Market Analyst Steve Hochberg does just that with a sentiment measure that is flashing a "must-know" message. This chart and commentary reveals what you need to know now.

Are We In The “Golden Age of Cannabis”?

EWI anticipated legal cannabis in the U.S. more than a decade ago. Now listen to Mark Galasiewski's interview with Dana Weeks, about opportunities in cannabis stocks.

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Pot Stocks: Ready to Grow Up?

Companies capitalizing on the cannabis boom are beginning to generate profits and expand rapidly through M&As. They are also starting to get accepted by state and national governments, global corporations, celebrities -- and institutional and mainstream investors. Time to invest in pot stocks? Get answers -- free -- in this excerpt from our April 2019 Global Market Perspective Special Report.