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Natural Gas Does This 72% of the Time

Every market has its tendencies. Seasonal tendencies are what you hear about most commonly. Natural gas -- a.k.a., the "most volatile commodity" -- is no exception. Watch our Energy Pro Service editor put natural gas' tendencies in an Elliott wave perspective.

Sony Corp. Soars to an 18-Year High: A Day in the Life of Elliott Wave Analysis

After a 30 percent decline into March 2019, the conventional wisdom was "thumbs down" on electronics giant Sony (SNE). Now see the forecast that called a huge turn, with a rally that carried Sony to its highest price in years.


European Markets: "Exactly what we would expect…"

The year is wrapping up, so let's take a fly-over view of Europe. Watch as our monthly Global Market Perspective contributor shows you some eye-opening statistics -- and puts it in the all-important Elliott wave perspective.


How to Build an "Open-and-Shut" Case for a Trade

Glance at a chart. Are you bullish or bearish? Wait! Yes, sometimes it's clear at first glance. But most of the time, you must slow down and "build a case" for your trade. Watch as our Trader's Classroom editor shows you how to do it using GDX (Gold Miners ETF) as his example.

A “Buy Signal” for This Global Stock Market?

Some global markets get more coverage than others. Let us call your attention to one market that may not get a lot of headlines, but which may present investors with a current opportunity. Our global analyst explains why...

What Does Government "Stimulus" Tell You? The Past and Present in Japan Has the Answer

Governments use "fiscal stimulus" to kick start a weak economy … right? That's what textbooks say, but, real-world experience is otherwise. In truth, government "stimulus" is a lagging response to a bear market that has already turned around. See EWI's Mark Galasiewski explain the past and present in Japan as a case-in-point, with the opportunity it suggests.

Why the Future Looks Precarious for This Global Technology Index

When the crowd hops aboard a financial trend, it’s usually time to hop off. Now, the “ultimate” crowd plans to buy into a major global sector – and do so in an aggressive way. Is this a sign of an imminent reversal?

Want to Identify Market Trends? Watch Elliott Wave Analysis at Work

To understand Elliott wave analysis at work in actual world markets, let's review the recent history in an often-volatile commodity markets: sugar.


"Can I use Elliott waves in a market like…"?

We often get asked if you can apply Elliott waves to markets other than the DJIA, or the FTSE. The answer is a decided "Yes!" Watch our Global Market Perspective contributor walk you through wave patterns (and supporting indicators) in South Korea's KOSPI stock index.

Natural Gas Rise & Fall, As Forecast in THREE Levels of Pattern Recognition

The recent rise and fall of natural gas saw 3 patterns at work: A triangle, a five-wave move, and an ‘Island Reversal.’ See them all for yourself, right now.

The "Calm Before the Craziness"

If you want to get "comfy and cozy," pick another place besides the stock market. After a stretch of calmness, "very bullish" investors have been jolted. Here's how an Elliott wave perspective could have helped you prepare for the recent spike in volatility.


Sterling: What's Next for It, vs. USD and JPY?

Right now, many analysts are focused on what's next for the British pound, and most discussions you hear revolve around Brexit and British politics. For a different perspective, watch our Currency Pro Service co-editor show you the Elliott wave picture for GBP/USD and GBP/JPY.

Target Stock: High-Confidence Trading is Always in Season

Do recent sales data drive a retail company's share price? See a case-in-point that answers this question -- and lots more -- for the big retailer, Target (TGT).


How Wave Personalities Help You Forecast the Depth of Corrections

When you watch Elliott waves unfold in your price charts, you are watching human psychology in action. It's not surprising, then, that each Elliott wave has its own "personality." And it pays to know them -- here's how.

U.S. Stocks: An “Optimism” Indicator Hits a 13-Month Extreme

Waves of optimism and pessimism drive the stock market. When extremes in either sentiment are reached, watch for a swing in the other direction. Here are the sentiment readings from a recent survey...

Trump: Will the President Survive Impeachment and Win the 2020 Election?

On Thursday, Dec. 5, Socionomic Institute Director Matt Lampert appraises the president's prospects to remain in office and win a second term, as only an Elliott waver and socionomist can.

4 Conservative Ways to Trade with Elliott Waves

The Elliott wave theory is one thing… Elliott wave practice is quite another. Watch this clip from our "Wave Principle Applied” e-course to learn 4 "conservative" ways to establish trading entries using time-tested Elliott wave signals.

2019: Why It May Mark a Stock Market Milestone

Financial history suggests that 2019 may be pivotal for the U.S. stock market. The just-published December Elliott Wave Theorist explains why through 12 illuminating charts. Take a look at these two sample charts ...