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How Small Traders Too Often Lead the Way into Stock Market Danger

When the trend turns in major stock indexes, a curious thing often follows: certain traders think the old trend is still unfolding. In this video, EWI's Brian Whitmer shows you exactly how this happens and why it's so dangerous.

Why You Should Expect “Price Deflation” Just Ahead

Our July Global Market Perspective notes that there has been a "distinct relationship" between two economic / monetary indicators over the past 20 years. The annual change in one of them has "collapsed." Learn what our global analysts expect for the other indicator "over the next 18 months or so."

Moving Average + Trend Channel = Clarity

Yes, you've learned the "theory" of Elliott waves. Now comes the hard part: real-market application. Watch our Trader's Classroom editor Jeffrey Kennedy share with you two practical tips. (Stocks in focus: NAV, MRVL and TSLA.)


China's Stock Market Rally: Predictable as Early as April 3, 2020

The Shanghai Composite and the Shenzhen component have been rising strongly. As usual, you're hearing lots of after-the-fact "reasons" as to why. But few, if any, mainstream experts were bullish in early April, in the thick of the pandemic. Here’s what helped us identify a bottom in China on April 3, 2020.

Election 2020: On a Knife's Edge

Forget the polls, betting markets and even the economy. One indicator with a 228-year track record is signaling that this year's election is a lot closer than you think.

Wirecard Goes from $24 Billion to Bust: A "Wake-Up Call" Two Years in the Making

Our analysis saw the writing on the Wirecard wall nearly TWO years before the June 2020 scandal. See the amazingly far-sighted forecast for yourself in Chart of the Day.


The Return of the Obnoxious Wall Street Hero

Investors’ attitude towards investment stars like Warren Buffet varies overtime – and it tells you a lot about the trend. Discover more in this free excerpt from our July 2020 Financial Forecast.

Why the Spirit of '68 is Alive in 2020

Many cultural observers have noted the parallels between 1968 and 2020: protests, a pandemic, a contentious presidential election, a fierce stock market rally and a historic space launch. But the question remains: why are these two years so similar? The lead article in the July issue of The Socionomist has the answer and assesses the probable ramifications for the future of social trends. Read it free.

Why Bond Buyers Now Face Extraordinary Risk

Investors have been pouring into bonds like there’s no tomorrow. The degree to which risk is being ignored is remarkable. Indeed, this noteworthy bond-market measure is now at a “record high.”

Coffee Sinks, OJ Soars: Our Subscribers Were Ready for BOTH Trade Setups

Despite what financial stories said, the trends in coffee and orange juice changed when "virus spread" was already in news reports. See for yourself what our March 2020 Commodity Junctures Service publications called for.

Markets "Make No Sense"? Try Elliott Waves (Parts I & II)

Mark Galasiewski, chief equity analyst for Asia and emerging markets with Elliott Wave International, explains how the Elliott Wave model can help investors make sense of apparently chaotic patterns in financial markets.

So, What ARE the 4 Elements of High -Confidence Trading?

On July 13th, we are starting our online course for traders looking to add more clarity to their everyday decisions. Watch you course instructor show you what the 4 elements of high-confidence trading mean for him.

Stock Market: “Relevant Waves Vs. Irrelevant News”

Most financial writers link the stock market’s action with the news. However, the evidence suggests that news does not determine the stock market’s trend. Take a look at this chart.


Wirecard AG: Why the Collapse Was... in the Cards

Successful investing is about more than just jumping on opportunities. Maybe even more so, it's about avoiding disasters. Watch our European Short Term Update editor show you how the analysis subscribers saw in the June 17 issue warned about the recent disaster for investors in Germany's Wirecard AG -- before it hit.

A Tech Stock's "Rocket Ride" to New Highs -- Forecast 7 Months Ago

Seven months ago -- before the pandemic lockdown drove demand for at-home digital entertainment -- NVDA shares were just above $200. Trader's Classroom forecast that the next move would be a major rise in price. See what followed for yourself.


Monero, "Drug Dealers' Crypto of Choice"

Some cryptocurrencies (like Bitcoin) are becoming a "store of value," yet others still have a strong reputation as "privacy coins." Monero (XMR) is one such virtual coin. Watch as our Crypto Pro Service editor takes a look at Monero's 169% rally since March.

A Reason to be “Extra-Attentive” to Stock Market Sentiment Measures

A number of market factors need to be considered when determining a forecast for a financial market. So, it’s best to consult more than a single indicator. Learn how EWI’s Chief Market Analyst puts a sentiment measure into context.

See 7 Signs That Showed the Age of Turbulence Was Nigh

A year ago, we reminded readers that attacks on successful corporations are hallmarks of falling transitions. But that wasn’t the only signal on our radar that suggested volatile times were ahead. Discover the cultural clues that echoed prior tops and foreshadowed turbulence in the markets and social life.