You can use Elliott wave analysis to help you trade the markets objectively. It helps you identify trends and turning points, find realistic price targets and manage risk with precise stop-loss levels -- putting you miles ahead of other traders.

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Jeff K on Trading

Bias is Every Trader's Enemy. This is How You Remove It.

Watch this exclusive, free video clip from our January 24 Trader's Classroom episode to discover a way to remove bullish or bearish bias from your trading.

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Here's How You Can Make Financial Decisions with Confidence

Financial decisions are tough, even for seasoned pros. EWI's Mark Galasiewski reveals how the Wave Principle equips you to confidently anticipate trends, in this audio clip from the Josh Tolley Show.

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Watch Introduction to the Wave Principle Applied

In this free 15-minute video, EWI Senior Analyst Jeffrey Kennedy explains how to take the Wave Principle and turn it into a trading methodology. You'll learn the best waves to trade, where to set your protective stop, how to determine target levels, and more.