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Invest by Watching News? Accept These Pitfalls

Many investors "operate under the assumption that events dictate market movements." They don't.

by Bob Stokes
Updated: February 06, 2018

Ever Wonder Why So Many Investors LOSE Money in the Stock Market?

EWI founder Robert Prechter says one of the main reasons is that …

… Too many people make investment decisions based on the news of the day. In other words: They buy on good news and sell on bad news.

This happens especially at major market turns -- the worst time to make the mistake!

You can find out why in the just-published February Elliott Wave Financial Forecast.

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Here's How Your Financial Forecast Service Team Works to Prepare YOU For New Opportunities

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Your Financial Forecast Service team includes three of the best-known market analysts in the world – Robert Prechter, Steven Hochberg and Pete Kendall. If you are familiar with Elliott wave analysis, you know exactly who they are.

No other analysts in the world, anywhere, undertake the depth of research that goes into the Financial Forecast Service. Throughout the month, Bob, Steve and Pete sift through mountains of data, often studying 100 years of data or more. Why? Because a chart of the big, long term waves is the only way to know precisely where in the pattern we are today – and therefore, precisely where we are most likely to go next.

Here's what you get with the Financial Forecast Service, 100% Risk-Free for 30 days

Every Month

At the end of each month, your team of analysts gets together and lets the sparks fly. The result? The Elliott Wave Financial Forecast. It's just one of three essential parts of your Financial Forecast Service. When you get a new issue, you can be sure it contains the most critical information you must know about the markets this month.

Three Days Per Week

In addition, at the end of the U.S. trading session every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, your team updates its monthly analysis with the Short Term Update. In STU, they prepare you for the most likely price moves in the next 3-5 trading days.

Latest Research

Finally, once every month, Robert Prechter sends you his very latest research about Elliott waves in the markets and society. For 30+ years, The Elliott Wave Theorist has delivered more groundbreaking market research than any other publication on the planet. One month Bob might prepare you for a multi-year move in a market; the next he will deliver a jaw-dropping study that challenges everything you thought you knew about investing. Whatever he writes, it will help you hone your grasp of the psychology behind the markets – and give you an enormous advantage over other investors.

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