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The monthly 10-page Financial Forecast (PDF) is part of the Financial Forecast Service. At the start of every month, Financial Forecast gives you the longer-term view of U.S. stock indexes, bonds, gold, silver and the U.S. dollar as well as investor sentiment, the economy and our ever-popular Cultural Trends section. You can purchase Financial Forecast alone, at a premium, if you do not wish to receive our full Financial Forecast Service.


Get a clear monthly view of the U.S. markets

Throughout 10 pages of easy-to-understand charts and text, each issue of the Financial Forecast turns conventional wisdom on its head and gives you the investment perspective you need to act independently from the herd and anticipate the radical moves mainstream economists simply don't see coming.

With clarity and depth, the Financial Forecast shows you precisely where we think the U.S. markets are heading in the next weeks, months and even years; while also explaining how the market's prices fit in with social and cultural trends.

Financial Forecast covers the DJIA, S&P, NASDAQ, gold, silver, U.S. Dollar, bonds, economy and cultural trends.

Most people subscribe to Financial Forecast as part of Financial Forecast Service.

Steven Hochberg Chief Market Analyst

Steven Hochberg’s analysis keeps subscribers ahead of the trends in U.S. stock indexes, as well as global indexes, bonds, precious metals, the U.S. dollar and the economy. He co-edits our flagship monthly Elliott Wave Financial Forecast and edits our Monday-Wednesday-Friday Short Term Update. One of the world's foremost experts in Elliott wave forecasting, Steven is a sought-after speaker interviewed numerous times for his market views by Barron's, Bloomberg, CNBC, MSNBC, Los Angeles Times, Washington Post and other media outlets. Steven began his career at Merrill Lynch and joined EWI in 1994.


Peter Kendall Chief Analyst for U.S. Markets and Cultural Trends

Peter Kendall has been a market analyst and editor at Elliott Wave International since 1992. In 1996, he edited Prechter’s Perspective, a series of interviews drawn from Robert Prechter’s media commentary. In addition to charting the course of the financial markets, he places the markets within the larger context of big-picture Elliott wave trends in social mood. From the heights of skyscrapers and hemlines to the depths of disco and punk rock, Peter’s insights show EWI’s subscribers why these trends are part and parcel of patterned and predictable Elliott waves. Together with Steven Hochberg, Peter co-edits our monthly Elliott Wave Financial Forecast and on occasion contributes to our U.S. Short Term Update. In 2009, together with Robert Prechter, he co-authored The Mania Chronicles.



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