You Can Learn How to Turn a Price Pattern Into a Trading Plan

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The free version of our popular on-demand course, The Wave Principle Applied, is no longer available.

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Get Everything You Need to Start Turning Every Price Chart Into an Opportunity Map

As you saw in Jeffrey's video, every chart tells a story of the past....AND gives HUGE clues about what's going to happen next. What Jeffrey showed in the video is just a taste of what you need to know. In 60 days' time, you can take an accelerated track to becoming that trader who can rapidly scan a batch of charts and say "No...No...No...No...YES!"

Take the 3-Step Trader FastTrack and Learn to Spot the Best Opportunities in Any Market on Any Timeframe

We've put together this 3-Step Trader FastTrack collection to give you the essentials you need to spot opportunities FAST.


The Foundations
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First, the Bloomberg Visual Guide to Elliott Wave Trading. In their bestselling book, Jeffrey Kennedy and co-author Wayne Gorman -- two of the most trusted experts in the field of technical analysis -- use real-life scenarios to show you exactly how you can unleash the Elliott wave method's power in your trading style. This book is available in our store for $60, but it's yours when you buy the 3-Step Trader FastTrack.


Trading Strategies
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Second, Trading the Elliott Waves -- Winning Strategies for Timing Entry & Exit Moves. In this fast-paced, two-hour video, Robert Prechter -- NYT bestselling author, World-Trading Championship winner and Jeffrey's Elliott wave mentor -- reveals his favorite trading strategies. The video is available in our store for $99. It too is included in your 3-Step Trader FastTrack.


Real-Time Opportunities
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Finally, Traders Classroom. Throughout your 3-Step Trader FastTrack, Jeffrey is your trading instructor. Three times a week, Jeffrey reveals a market opportunity -- often in real-time -- as a case study. He carefully walks you through the logic of the opportunity. If you have a question, you look for it in the included archives or one of the other subscriber-only resources. If you don't see it, you send Jeffrey a message and he does his best to give you an answer. Two months of this instruction service normally costs $154 -- but again, they are yours as part of your 3-Step Trader FastTrack.

Normally, these resources would cost you $313. For a limited time, the 3-Step Trader FastTrack collection gives you all of them for $99.

Act now -- and mark your calendar.

In 60 days, you will look back at today as the day you took your first step toward turning a chart into a plan of action.