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Learn how to spot new trading setups INDEPENDENTLY

Lots of people are happy to give you trading advice: "You should buy this!" -- "You should sell that!"

But successful traders know: Your wins and defeats must be your own.

Only then do your victories taste truly sweet.

Only then do you learn – and gain true, lasting independence.

Boost your independence with Trader Education Week

Our Trader Education Week is your free chance to pack a ton of learning into just 7 days.

Your lessons come from Trader's Classroom, our daily video mentoring service for traders seeking to improve, and its long-time editor Jeffrey Kennedy.

Jeffrey has analyzed and traded the markets for 25+ years.

One of the world's top technical analysts, he knows what works and what doesn't.

Now it’s your turn to learn. Join Trader Education Week now.

In just 7 days, expect results

Our Trader's Classroom subscribers often praise Jeffrey Kennedy for his commitment to helping them achieve trading success.

For 7 days during Trader Education Week, you too will learn how to apply multiple technical tools to spot opportunities in everyday charts.

On September 3-9, Jeffrey will also share many practical insights to improve the way you trade.

In fact… start learning today, immediately.

Jump-start your learning right now, as soon as you register for Trader Education Week.

We carefully selected these two video lessons to give you a solid foundation for the September 3-9 event.

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"5 Core Elliott Wave Patterns" ($79 value, free) – in just 16 minutes, Jeffrey Kennedy shows you the 5 main chart patterns that ALL price action fits into. Imagine that!



Register for the Week now and instantly watch "How Fibonacci analysis helps you to identify price targets and turning points" ($99 value, free) – In this 20-minute lesson, Jeffrey shows you how to calculate Fibonacci retracements, extensions and dividers to set price targets and market turning points.


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Meet your Trader Education Week instructor

Jeffrey KennedyJeffrey Kennedy (MSTA, CFTe, CMT, CEWA-M) has 25-plus years of experience as an analyst, trader and teacher.

Jeffrey is a long-time editor of our Trader's Classroom, a daily video mentoring service for traders seeking to improve.

Students often praise Jeffrey for empowering them to achieve trading success:

  • "Mr. Kennedy's work is the most informative on trading I've seen. These videos are absolutely breathtaking in the scope of information he conveys." - Ron D.
  • "Seeing the techniques applied with Jeff's excellent commentary is pure gold for the budding wave trader." - Leigh N.
  • "This has helped me immeasurably in understanding not only Elliott Waves, but also price action, RSI, MACD and several other indicators. Please keep up the great work!" - Marilyn M.

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On September 3-9, learn how to spot and execute opportunities for yourself.

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