European Markets

DAX, FTSE 100 & 200, CAC-40,
CECE Overall Traded Index, euro,
Cultural Trends and more…

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Investing in the international markets begins with a keeping a finger on the pulse of European markets.

Our regional experts, Brian Whitmer and Murray Gunn, give you the latest Elliott wave analysis and price charts for key European bourses along with forward-thinking insights on the economy.

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  • DAX
  • FTSE 100 and 200
  • CAC-40
  • AEX
  • SMI
  • IBEX 35
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  • Dow Jones EURO STOXX 50
  • RTS
  • CECE Overall Traded Index
  • Euro
  • and more...

One Chart, High-Confidence Message: "Lower"

Sometimes, you glance at a market chart and your heart skips a bit -- because the message is SO clear. Watch our Global Market Perspective contributor Murray Gunn highlight a chart from the new, November issue.

Essential Resources for the European Region

Monthly Analysis

EFFEuropean Financial Forecast

With insightful charts and text, this 30-60 day look ahead at the market lays out expected trends and turns in this region.

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Analysis Updated 3x per Week

ESTUEuropean Short Term Update

Gives you updated forecasts in this region, alerting you to what’s changed and what’s upcoming in the next several days.

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Monthly + Weekly Analysis

EFFSEuropean Financial Forecast Service

This complete European package was made to give you the full picture of the region both in long and short term.

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Monthly, Weekly and Global Analysis

GFSGlobal Forecast Service
(With European Focus)

This package was made to keep you informed with regional coverage, and with what is happening throughout the world.

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