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Two Personality Traits Essential to (Forex) Traders

by Editorial Staff
Updated: August 02, 2023

FX trading vs. FX gambling

Every trade has elements of luck. But there's a reason why less than 10% of forex traders win consistently: A gambler operates purely on luck. A trader looks at the evidence and controls the risk.

Our Currency Pro Service forecasts give you market evidence and risk levels daily, even intraday.

If forex is your sandbox, take us along as your playmate.

S&P 500: Heard About Those “Magnificent 7” Stocks?

Mainly just seven stocks have been holding up the U.S. stock market. As EWI recently noted: "There has never been such a high weighting in the S&P in such a few number of companies." Elliott wave analysis can help you anticipate major shifts in crowd behavior.

Should You Load Up on Stocks During Times of Peace?

Many investors believe that the stock market reacts rationally to news like corporate earnings, oil "shocks," economic data, Fed announcements and so forth. But does the evidence support the notion of such exogenous causality? There are several examples of stock market "myths" and here's just one of them.

This Crypto's Price Gains are "Off the Charts"... Well, Not ALL the Charts

The cryptocurrency stage has a clear standout: Solana. On November 16, the world's #6 crypto soared to 18-month highs, outperforming all cryptos in Oct. and Nov. SOL's surge was right in line with its bullish Elliott wave pattern -- NOT a ChatGPT prediction.