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Bitcoin: Here’s the “$64,000 Question”

Will the cryptocurrency ever trade at its all-time high again?

by Bob Stokes
Updated: May 25, 2021

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2 Ways the Dow Industrials’ “Worst Week Since October” Was Foretold

Many observers are blaming the recent stock-market selloff on the Fed's "hawkish" statements. Yet, learn why the price decline was "in the cards" before Fed officials spoke last week. These two charts are revealing.

EWI’s Very Own Paul Bunyan

In May, lumber prices did a 180 and went from biggest recorded rally to biggest recorded crash. In an unexpected blink, the burst of the lumber bubble forced "hoarders" into "sellers" and bulls into bears.

Silver Gets Mauled: Before You Blame the Fed You Might Want to See This!

Our Metals Pro Service anticipated the recent decline in silver, days before the Fed's June 16th announcement. See the chart and forecast for yourself in Chart of the Day.