May 27-31: Trump Guilty, Big Oil’s 17 Billion Dollar Deal and Hope for China’s Housing Market?


Our May Socionomist (published May 22nd) states, “Social mood regulates voters’ perception of leaders… look for a bump in Biden’s polling numbers vs. trump in coming weeks.” Check the new issue for more.

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Steven Craig, EWI’s Chief Energy Analyst, just published updated charts and commentary in our Global Market Perspective saying, “M&A (Merger and Acquisition) activity within the oil & gas industry has been heating up and the wave patterns suggest that big moves lie ahead for both oil and natural gas.”

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In This Month’s Asian Pacific Financial Forecast, Mark Galesiewski shows a chart that illustrates how there may be hope for the Chinese housing market, but it has nothing to do with government intervention. It all comes down to the Elliott waves.

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