May 20-24: More Bad Press for Boeing, Ethereum Gets an ETF, and JP Morgan Still Bearish


The June 2024 issue of The Socionomist takes a deep look at why Boeing’s reliability and reputation are suddenly losing altitude.

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“Watching to see if ETH can trade aggressively above 3146.98 as evidence for the onset of wave 3.”
EWI founder and CEO Robert Prechter says wave threes are “wonders to behold.”

You can see why in this chart. We’ll see if Ethereum has further to go, or if a short-term top is in, but the answer is in the waves.

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In February, Dimon dumped $150 million in JPM – his first-ever sale. Our March Financial Forecast noted, “insiders sell shares for a number of reasons, but one of them is not because they expect their stock to keep rising.”

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