June 17-21: Superman Flies Again, Nvidia Takes the Lead, Fisker Goes Bankrupt

The upcoming Superman Legacy movie began filming in Cleveland, Ohio this week. According to Screen Rant, director James Gunn took inspiration from the 2005-208 comic book run of All-Star Superman, where Superman is near death due to overexposure to the sun’s rays. It’s also rumored that Superman will be teaming up with “The Authority’, a team of cynical superheroes known for their moral ambiguity.

The just published issue of The Socionomist dives into the link between Superman’s rise to popularity with social mood, and what this darker take on the Man of Steel may mean for the markets.

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Nvidia has been dominating financial news headlines recently as it just passed Apple and Microsoft to become the most valuable publicly traded company

Trader’s Classroom contributor Tony Carrion just recorded a new lesson on why Nvidia’s fundamentals don’t matter. To see what’s really happening with Nvidia, you need to focus on its Elliott wave count.

Tony says to “make sure that you are really observing key levels and so forth so that you keep yourself out of trouble” before you pull the trigger on that next Nvidia trade.

Check out what else Tony had to say about Nvidia and other Elliott Wave trading lessons.

Electric vehicle startup Fisker filed for bankruptcy this week. The company is looking to sell its assets after the poor performance of its new SUV. Fisker becomes the latest in a long line of auto companies to collapse under the weight of the ever-growing EV market.

The March issue of our Elliott Wave Financial Forecast showed a stunning chart of the S&P Kensho Electric Vehicles Index said: “The state of the electric car industry is a cautionary tale that artificial intelligence backers might want to heed.”

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