Which subscription is right for you?

Elliott Wave International offers subscription services for any type of trader or investor. Whether you are investing for your family's future or trading for today's gains, EWI has a subscription for you that gives you a perspective on the markets you will not find anywhere else.


US Markets

Financial Forecast Service

EWI's flagship product, Financial Forecast Service, gives you clear and actionable forecasts for U.S. stocks, bonds, gold, silver, the U.S. dollar and more. Discover big-picture U.S. market insights from the Theorist and Financial Forecast once each month. And prepare for the near-term turning points from Short Term Update three times per week.

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Asian-Pacific Markets

Asian-Pacific Financial Forecast Service

Asian-Pacific Financial Forecast Service gives you the world's most forward-thinking perspective of Asian-Pacific markets and the greater trends that affect all markets. Get the analysis you need to prepare you for opportunities in one of the most exciting regions on the globe.

European Markets

European Financial Forecast Service

European Financial Forecast Service gives you an unconventional yet accessible look at European markets, and provides the analysis you won't get from mainstream "experts" on either side of the pond. You'll stay abreast of both near- and long-term trends, so you're prepared for opportunities on all time frames.

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Global Markets

Global Forecast Service

Get the power of 3 monthly regional Market Letters and near-term analysis in one comprehensive service and put your finger on the pulse of global markets. Global Forecast Service is designed to paint a valuable global perspective you're guaranteed not to find elsewhere.

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Intensive Coverage

Pro Services

Catch trades in any region, market or timeframe. Pro Services let you choose the markets you follow and zero in on the hottest opportunities, some 24 hours a day.

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Commodity Markets

Commodity Junctures

Get new video forecasts of high-confidence commodity opportunities -- and learn valuable trading lessons and insights with EWI's Commodity Junctures.

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Real-Time Education

Traders Classroom

Trader's Classroom teaches you how to look at charts and spot trading opportunities for yourself. You'll get 15-20 video-based lessons each month that help you master the many critical aspects of finding -- and acting on -- high-confidence trading opportunities in your markets.

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