It’s not too early to start asking THIS question.

"What will 2017 bring?"

Will the economy grow? Will stocks rally? Will bonds? Gold? The U.S. dollar?

Our just-published December Elliott Wave Financial Forecast helps you get a head-start right now.

We prepared subscribers for the 2008 crisis; stocks' turmoil in August '15 and January '16; and recent rallies in gold, the dollar and DJIA.

Today, we're doing it again. Join in, risk-free.

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Bearish hedge fund managers were woefully caught off guard in December 2015 when gold launched a 31% rally into July of this year. By contrast, we told subscribers that a sharp rally was imminent right at the low. Now, gold's price appears to face another key juncture.

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EWI's Asian-Markets expert, Chris Carolan, has been regularly covering the Chinese yuan since 2014. See how his stunning two-year forecast proves this "manipulated" currency isn't unpredictable through the Elliott Wave method.