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Precious Metals Through the Lens of the Elliott Wave Principle

Our metals expert discusses recent price action of copper, gold, silver and more.

U.S. Household Debt: A New, Alarming Milestone

U.S. debt is on the rise and could reach a milestone level sometime in 2017. Student debt has risen for 18 consecutive years, and subprime loans are a growing worry in another sector. See these charts to understand the threat.

Natural Gas Bulls: Don't Blame Old Man Winter for Crashing Prices

Since soaring to a two-year high in late December, natural gas prices have sweated 35% in value. According to the experts, a record warm winter is to blame for the meltdown. See our charts and decide for yourself.

What Could Follow the End of the 70-Year Rate Cycle?

Here's a chart you won't see elsewhere: Bob Prechter's analysis and observations, depicted visually in the 70-year interest rate cycle. If the symmetry holds, it suggests that the time to come could include years of crisis, Deflation, Depression and possible World War.

Want to "Get Ahead of the Game"? Try This.

Wayne Gorman, the head of our Educational Resources department, explains how Elliott waves help you get "ahead of the game."

The "Trump Bump" Was in the Cards LONG Before Trump

Market bears have suffered a severe shallacking as stocks embarked on a record-breaking run. But a classic Elliott wave price pattern gave investors a heads-up a year ago. See for yourself.