Robert Prechter on Elliott Waves and Socionomics

Recently, Avi Gilburt of conducted a thoughtful interview with Bob Prechter. We thought you’d enjoy reading it.

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Robert Prechter

Robert Prechter Talks About Elliott Waves and His New Book

Avi Gilburt of conducted a thoughtful interview with Bob Prechter recently. We thought you'd like to see it.

Copper, Gold and More: A Fresh Look at Industrial and Precious Metals

Tom Denham outlines the Elliott wave patterns he's looking at in copper, aluminum and gold and discusses what these patterns imply for the future of these markets.

Fasten Your Seatbelts: As Goes Daimler, So Goes Europe

Many of you have heard the expression "As goes GM, so goes America." Well, what about the European counterpart -- "As goes Daimler AG, so goes Europe?" The correlation dates back to 1999; and it paints a very interesting picture of the financial road ahead.

Marijuana ETF Confirms a Long Standing Socionomic Forecast

Years ago, EWI predicted that marijuana would eventually be legalized. Today, that prediction is a reality in some U.S. states. Find out about a new marijuana-themed ETF.

Are Silver Traders "Way Too Bullish"?

The real news for silver prices is all about sentiment: Are Silver Traders "Way Too Bullish"? See and hear the evidence...