Japanese Candlesticks Made Simple (and Effective!)

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NEW Here’s How to Forecast an Election Without Polling a Single Person

First Brexit, then Trump. Pollsters have had a hard time getting it right. Learn how you can do better…just by looking at one chart.

Another all-time high in the stock market?

The past 18 months have been bullish for the Dow. Last month, it crossed 22,000 for the first time. There is a very important backstory to this. Watch this 3-minute video.

September Theorist

When is the stock market most likely to top? One month ahead of schedule, new Theorist brings you Part 4 of Prechter's multi-part investigative series. Read it now — and prepare.

Why are markets behaving this way? Read this book and find out.

Financial Forecast Service

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Trader's Classroom

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Asian-Pacific Financial Forecast

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What This Time-Tested Indicator Says About the Bull Market

You've probably seen the picture of the self-satisfied, rich man burning dollar bills to light a cigar. But, gold eating? The signs of excess are sending one clear message. Pay attention to this time-tested stock market indicator.