Stocks, Bonds, Oil: Be Ready for the NEXT Surprise

Volatility is picking up steam. When it hits in earnest, the recent complacency will get shattered.

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Bond Traders & Sentiment Reversal: Here's What It Looks Like

Two trader groups habitually on opposite sides of the market are at it again: See what past extremes say to the present trend.

Here's the Real Reason the Fed is Raising Rates

Financial commentators parse every word the Fed utters, hoping to catch a clue about the central bank's next policy decision. But who really determines the direction of rates?

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Live Cattle: A Cure for Mad Price Disease

See how expert commodity analyst, Jeffrey Kennedy, used Elliott waves to call for the 2016 history-making crash in the live cattle market.

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Crude Oil: How to Catch a Falling Knife -- Safely

Crude Oil is one of the most volatile markets on the planet. Find out what Jeffrey Kennedy, EWI's expert commodity analyst, called for at the beginning of 2016 and see how that forecast turned out.

Crude Oil: Ready to Slide Revisit

The market sentiment we described in January anticipated the recent 10 percent move in crude oil -- as did the Elliott Wave pattern.