Fifty Ways to Leave Your… Realtor?

Ever been in a bad relationship and couldn’t figure out how to extricate yourself?

A couple months back, Blackstone limited redemptions for its $69 billion real estate fund. As the December Elliott Wave Theorist described it, “Unfortunately, some investors are discovering they can’t get out.”

Readers of Last Chance to Conquer the Crash are not surprised and have sidestepped this trap. Here’s what Bob Prechter wrote in Chapter 13, Should You Own Real Estate?

The worst thing about real estate is its lack of liquidity during a bear market. At least in the stock market, when your shares are down 60% and you realize you’ve made a horrendous mistake, you can swiftly get out (unless you run a mutual fund, pension fund, insurance company or other institution with millions of shares, in which case, you’re stuck). With real estate, you can’t pick up the phone and sell. You need to find a buyer for your house in order to sell it. In a depression, buyers just go away. Mom and Pop move in with the kids, or the kids move in with Mom and Pop. People start living in their offices or moving their offices into their living quarters. Businesses close down. In time, there is a massive glut of real estate. 

What can you do? Easy! Just make a new plan, Stan – a plan that starts with reading the first two chapters of Last Chance to Conquer the Crash now, for free. It’s not too late to prepare yourself, your family, and your investments for the coming environment.

Just drop off the key, Lee – and set yourself FREE!