Uranium Miner CCJ: What Helped Us Spot a Major Bottom

Hey investors, Mark Galasiewski here.

Our publications have been ahead of the commodity boom of the past few years, almost since the beginning, which has allowed for some stunning forecasts over the period.

A good example is Uranium Miner Chemical Corporation. On October 2, 2020, we identified the end of a 13-year A-B-C decline and the start of a new uptrend, saying that the Uranium Miner would power higher in a new impulsive advance.

Fast-forward, and CCJ has advanced more than five-fold in an impulsive fashion back to its 2007 highs.

The current issue of our publications identifies many more markets that hold just as much potential as CCJ did a little more than three years ago.

To understand those opportunities now, see the January 2024 issue of Asian-Pacific Financial Forecast or Global Market Perspective.

It’s easy to look back and say, “Well, that was an obvious market bottom.”

Try doing that in real time! Few investors have the tools to confidently stick their necks out like that.

Our subscribers have those tools. We use Elliott wave patterns of market psychology, sentiment measures and other supporting technical tools.

And every month, we confidently look ahead in 50+ of the world’s biggest markets.