The 2011 Socionomics Summit video

The 2011 Socionomics Summit

New Horizons in the Study of Social Mood

This on-demand video gives you all the compelling developments in socionomic theory and application presented at the 2011 conference. Enjoy at your convenience, and at your own pace.

  • Format: Streaming | 5 hours
  • Presenters: Robert Prechter, John L. Casti, Johan Bollen, Huina Mao, Eric Gilbert, Matt Lampert, Scott Reamer, Peter Kendall, Kevin Depew, Ken Olson, Mark Galasiewski, Euan Wilson
  • Level: Intermediate

Experience the groundbreaking event

The Socionomics Institute held its first-ever Summit, New Horizons in the Study of Social Mood, in April 2011, and what an event it was.

As Jim B. of Texas described it:

The Socionomics Summit was a great way to introduce people to the true way to look at social mood and its impact on markets, government, music. … I would recommend it for people serious about learning the true power of mass human psychology.

You can experience every engaging moment the packed-house audience saw and heard during the April 2011 Socionomics Summit: each one of the 12 speakers; all of their charts, slides and handouts; plus the Q&A sessions between the speakers and audience. This first-ever socionomics conference was professionally recorded and is available in a high-quality streaming video format.

The on-demand video includes all five action-packed hours of the Summit as attendees experienced it. Yet in a real sense, the video promises an educational encounter that is better than the one attendees received in person. You can watch and listen at your convenience, and you’ll appreciate the ability to re-watch the fast-paced sessions as often as you choose.

Here are just some of the speakers and their topics:

  • EWI’s Robert Prechter delivers the Summit’s opening and closing remarks. His morning remarks offer a powerful contrast of the socionomic perspective vs. conventional notions. In the afternoon, Bob spells out stunning real-world examples of the fractal nature of herding in financial markets.
  • Georgia Institute of Technology professor Eric Gilbert: “Widespread Worry and the Stock Market.” Gilbert’s landmark 2010 study showed how blog posts on predict market changes.
  • Indiana University professor Johan Bollen and Huina Mao: “Measurements of public mood states predict the DJIA.” Bollen and Mao’s analysis of social mood exhibited in Twitter feeds predicted changes in the closing values of the DJIA at an accuracy of 86.7%.
  • Successful hedge fund manager Scott Reamer: “Socionomics as an Investment Philosophy: the ‘Unified Field Theory’ of Economics, Physics, and Sociology.” Reamer gives his thoughts on why the socionomic hypothesis is critical to dealing with inherent uncertainties – in markets, in academia, and in life.
  • Scholar and best-selling author of Mood MattersJohn Casti: “Anticipation of Extreme Events in Human Society.” Casti explains how the social mood of a population is a leading indicator of collective social events of all types, ranging from trends in popular culture to the rise and collapse of world powers.
  • Emmy award-winning Minyanville sage Kevin Depew: “Zombinomics: How Social Mood Has Us Hungry for Flesh and Brains.” Depew offers a humorous and insightful analysis of how a negative social mood takes pop culture into dark places.
  • EWI’s Asia analyst Mark Galasiewski: “Emerging Markets and Violence.” Mark explains how he combined his knowledge of political trends in the Middle East with his Elliott wave analysis of markets in the region to make stunningly accurate forecasts in both arenas.

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