Why This Market Looks Awfully Scary

This index reached its highest possible reading on September 1

The bond market has already turned into an absolute horror show (Oct. 5, Markets Insider):

The collapse in Treasury bonds now ranks among the worst market crashes in history

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But, first, I’d like to give you at least a glimpse of why the stock market looks quite scary for the bulls right now.

Here’s a chart and commentary from our October Elliott Wave Financial Forecast:

Even after [Elliott wave] highs in the major stock indexes, the Risk Appetite Index [from SentimentTrader.com] continued to rise. On September 1, the index hit 1.0, the highest possible reading… As the chart shows, the September 1 level is higher than the prior extreme of 0.95, which last occurred in April 2021 as the fever for speculative financial instruments reached its zenith.

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