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Financial Forecast Service is our most popular product. It gives you insights into the U.S. stock indexes, bonds, gold, silver, the U.S. dollar, as well as market psychology and cultural trends.

All month long, you get clear and actionable forecasts delivered straight to your screen. Our analysts show you how the stock market, the economy and social factors fit together in a clear, big picture view.

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With Financial Forecast Service you'll get:

Three times a week, you get a detailed look at where we think stocks, bonds, gold, silver, and the U.S. dollar are likely headed.

At the start of every month, you get the longer-term view of the markets on multiple time frames. You'll see how social mood is moving both financial prices and cultural trends.

Mid-month, you get Robert Prechter's perceptive comments on the markets, inflation/deflation, credit and debt, the economy and financial theory.

Note: The Financial Forecast Service includes The Elliott Wave TheoristThe Financial Forecast and Short Term Update.

Plus, we'll send you two bestsellers, at no cost:

You will get immediate access to a free digital copy of a Wall Street classic, Elliott Wave Principle: Key to Market Behavior, Robert Prechter and A.J. Frost's comprehensive guide to understanding and applying the Elliott Wave Principle ($29 value).

After 30 days, you will get access to a free digital copy of Prechter's New York Times bestseller, Conquer the Crash (4-Star rating, $29.95 value) -- full of practical dos and don'ts for today's investor. Updated for its third edition, Conquer the Crash now includes loads of new charts, analysis and forecasts as well as our valuable Crash Watch bundle of resources.

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Our analysts are in your corner. They'll keep you ahead of the next big moves

Steve Hochberg, Pete Kendall and Bob Prechter are the market analysts behind Financial Forecast Service. Together they offer nearly 100 years' experience analyzing and forecasting the markets. They are considered the top Elliott wave practitioners in the field. Hochberg, Kendall and Prechter have been publishing Financial Forecast Service together since 2001.

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Would you like to read tomorrow's news today?

You can get investment ideas from hundreds of places. But few of them alert you to big changes in trends like our Financial Forecast Service (FFS). When real estate was reaching its peak in 2005, FFS was virtually alone in saying the housing market would lead every other U.S. investment market into recession. When stocks reached all-time highs in late 2007, FFS recognized a major plunge was dead ahead. When crude oil prices went sky-high in 2008, in June of that year FFS said that $148 a barrel would not last long. When stocks looked their worst in March 2009, FFS stuck out its neck again. We turned bullish, calling for a "sharp and scary" rally for anyone who was short stocks. And, on March 9, 2009, FFS identified the rally's lift-off to the day, saying "Stocks are deeply oversold, and some measures of pessimism have risen to an extreme." In 2011 when central banks around the world were increasing their gold supplies -- at $1900 an ounce -- FFS warned that central banks have a long history of being late to the party. When bond yields hit multi-decade lows in June 2012, FFS identified a completed Elliott wave pattern that called for a rally in yields/drop in bond prices -- an event that caught even the biggest names in the business by surprise. But not us.

Any one such observation is worth the price of the subscription. Together, they make trying the Financial Forecast Service for yourself, risk-free, a must have.

Here's What Is in FFS Right NOW

Short Term Update

Published: M|W|F (updates 3x/wk.)

Recent Issue Topics

  • March 14: A major market should accelerate lower from near current levels.

The Financial Forecast

Last: 3/2/2018 (updates 1x/mo.)

Current Issue Topics

  • The relentless, collective cries include "Don't Panic" and "Buy the Dip."

The Elliott Wave Theorist

Last: 3/13/2018 - Interim (updates 1x/mo.)

Current Issue Topics

  • Recent changes in multiple markets aligns with market action from decades ago.

Free Subscriber Extras

When you subscribe, you automatically get access to classic reports, multimedia files, educational tools, and more. It's all included with the price of your subscription.

The 5 Fatal Flaws of Trading HTML | 4 pages

Close to ninety percent of all investors and traders lose money. The remaining ten percent somehow manage to either break even or even turn a profit -- and more importantly, do it consistently. How do they do that? In this resource, Jeffrey Kennedy shares five fundamental flaws that stop most from being consistently successful.

Discover the Elliott Wave Principle PDF | 11 pages

This downloadable booklet is the perfect introduction to the Elliott Wave Principle. It spells out the basic Elliott wave patterns and how to identify key trends and turns in the markets.

Counting Waves Correctly Streaming video | 42 mins

Watch the world's foremost Elliott wave expert -- Robert Prechter -- show you how to apply the Wave Principle to every market, from stocks to cocoa, and how the 3 rules of Elliott will separate you from 90% of the self-appointed "professionals" using Elliott today.

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