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Gold vs. Silver: What's the Message?

Silver is getting close to its December lows, while gold -- not so much. To get his take, ElliottWaveTV asked Metals Pro Service editor, Tom Denham, about each precious metal's current potential (platinum, too).

Are British Stocks Leading U.S. Stock Market?

There is an interesting dynamic between the timing of market turns between Britain and the U.S. Brian Whitmer, editor of our monthly European Financial Forecast, explains more in a new interview with ElliottWaveTV.

Commodities: First Few Trading Days of the Month are Key

You learn a lot when you observe (and forecast) market behavior for a couple of decades. Jeffrey Kennedy, our Commodity Junctures editor, tells you why the first few days of the month are so important for commodities in this new EllottWaveTV interview.

Cryptos vs. "Classic" FX Markets: Are Elliott Waves Equally Clear?

Volatility in cryptos has been getting so much spotlight that it's easy to forget about the "classic" currency markets: the euro, the yen, the pound. Michael Madden, one of our Cryptocurrency Pro Service editors, tells ElliottWaveTV what he sees next for both currency classes.

When the Anti-Authoritarians Overcame

Negative mood can prompt action and reaction – Jordan Kotick's interview with Robert Folsom explores the epic confrontation that unfolded once U.S. government power went too far for too long.

Metals: Where Are Today's Best Opportunities?

ElliottWaveTV sat down with our Metals Pro Service editor, Tom Denham, to get his latest thoughts on gold, silver (and U.S dollar).