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Socionomics: The Science of History and Social Prediction

The new science of socionomics takes hundreds of popular notions about mass psychology, culture and the stock market and stands them on their heads.

Bob Prechter's Revolutionary new 2-book set includes:

The Wave Principle of Human Social Behavior and the New Science of SocioniomicsThe Wave Principle of Human Social Behavior and the New Science of Socioniomics
"This is unquestionably a ground breaking work whose audacious arguments can only be described as stunning and revolutionary in intent and scope."

Pioneering Studies in SocionomicsPioneering Studies in Socionomics
"Revolutionary! This book completely turns around the conventional direction of causality between financial markets and social moods and behaviors. This is a pathbreaking work that will be seen as the vanguard for an entirely different view of social and behavioral phenomena."

Socionomics: The Science of History and Social Prediction

Why do trends in society often change so rapidly and dramatically?

The pace of change over the past five years demands an answer to this question.

In 1999, for example, the stock market reached unprecedented heights; we celebrated innovative CEOs as heroes; and many people believed that peace in the Middle East was at hand. There was even talk of a Pax Americana.

Compare with 2004: The economy is weak, and corporate executives are being thrown in jail. Israel is building a wall in the West Bank, while kidnappers in Iraq execute civilian contractors for their ties to the United States. And the 9/11 Commission Report has cast doubt on supposed improvements to U.S. national security.

What changed and why? Could all these events flow from the same cause?

Best-selling author Robert Prechter offers a revolutionary answer in his new two-book set, Socionomics: The Science of History and Social Prediction.

Mood impels action. An increasingly positive social mood causes people to buy stocks and expand businesses. . . [while] an increasingly negative social mood causes people to sell stocks and contract businesses. . . Actions do not affect mood - it's the other way around.

These two books examine the historical correlation between shifts in social mood and their most sensitive register, the stock market. They also present engaging studies that relate social mood trends to music, sports, corporate culture, peace, war and the global economy.

Together, the set can transform your understanding of how our society works. It will change the way you read the newspaper. It will even show you how to predict news trends months in advance.

Learn for yourself the science of social prediction. Order your set today for just $59.


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