Flash Services

Flash sends you alerts the moment a potential high-confidence market opportunity arises.

The service continuously scans the futures markets, ETFs and U.S.-listed individual stocks. When a solid market set-up occurs, you get a Flash email alert: a simple "buy/sell" recommendation with a corresponding, Elliott wave-labeled chart so the power is in your hands. You also get follow-up "adjust stop" recommendations as we monitor the move.

Find the Flash Service that's right for you

Some days, you may get zero Flash alerts. Other days, you may get several.

Futures Flash

Traders -- Alerts you to short-term opportunities in 20+ major futures markets.

Investors -- Alerts you to long-term opportunities in 20+ major futures markets. 

Markets include: S&P, Nasdaq, Russell, crude oil, unleaded gasoline, gold, silver, platinum, Australian dollar and Swiss franc.

ETF Flash

Traders -- Alerts you to shorter-term opportunities in 20+ major ETFs. 

Investors -- Alerts you to longer-term opportunities in 20+ major ETFs. 

Markets include: S&P, Nasdaq, Russell, crude oil, unleaded gasoline, gold, silver, platinum, Australian dollar and Swiss franc.

Stocks Flash

Alerts you to intermediate-term opportunities in individual stocks within the S&P 500.

Flash is selective. Rest assured: Each time we email you, it'll be for a good reason.

Powered by EWAVES beta – a first-of-its-kind software

EWAVES insulates you from the risks associated with quantitative approaches

EWAVES (Elliott Wave Analysis and Validation Expert System, beta) is the key trading engine for our Flash services. It is a software program that properly interprets markets under the Elliott wave model. 

EWAVES identifies Elliott wave patterns from the price action, instead of attempting to use "shortcuts" like momentum indicators. As a result, EWAVES provides the world's first truly qualitative, not quantitative, analytical approach, which makes it free of data-fitting and other serious problems associated with other software approaches. 

EWAVES' trading engine takes the guesswork out of placing orders

Along with the analytical module, EWAVES has a strategy module, which converts analysis into "buy"/"sell" alerts. The latest version, EWAVES 2.0, is the primary driver of our Flash services, making live trading recommendations for traders and investors.

Today, we invite you to experience the power of Flash first-hand:
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EWAVES version 2.0 is here

We first introduced EWAVES 1.1 in 2014. Behind the scenes, we continued improving its artificial-intelligence and trading-strategy modules. And now, after several years in the making, version 2.0 is here.

For EWAVES 2.0, we rebooted the entire project from the ground up. The technology underlying the 2.0 release is a leap ahead of version 1.1.

As strong as the improvements in 2.0 are, we are currently developing EWAVES 2.1, with the ultimate goal of exiting beta. The final version of EWAVES is a work in progress, yet we are cautiously excited about the results so far. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Flash Services (powered by EWAVES, beta) does not provide direct recommendations for options contracts. However, it does provide recommendations for futures, stocks, and etfs.
Each day, our strategy module examines EWAVES' analysis and looks for certain qualitative setups. When it identifies a high-probability setup, it issues a Flash recommendation to subscribers, complete with entry information, stop criteria and a chart analysis. It watches the recommendation each day, issuing stop adjustment notifications as necessary. It concludes the recommendation with either a stop-met or exit notification. Flash gives the best of both worlds since it (1) provides black-box style, complete support for the subscriber while also (2) delivering glass-box style transparency and customization by providing chart analysis with each recommendation.

EWAVES 2.0 is beta software. As such, it is fully operable yet still in active development.
Traders services each average 2-3 recommendations a month, with a short-term timeframe (days to weeks). Investors services each average 1-2 recommendations a month, with a long-term timeframe (weeks to months). The more services you subscribe to, the more recommendations per month you will receive.
Yes. The Flash Services website now provides detailed Elliott wave charts to subscribers along with each active Flash recommendation. These charts are entirely machine generated by EWAVES 2.0 beta.
Sometimes the market pulls back within a larger uptrend or rallies within a larger downtrend. At such times, your trading horizon will determine your market position. During the 2007-2009 bear market, for instance, a savvy investor might have maintained a short position the entire time, while a savvy trader might have alternated long and short positions. Neither approach is necessarily better; they are just different.

When the near term trend is opposite the intermediate term trend, Traders Flash and Investors Flash might temporarily recommend opposing market stances. If you choose to subscribe to both Traders Flash and Investors Flash, you might encounter times when one service recommends being long and the other short. If your policy is to weight Traders and Investors Flash positions equally, conflicting recommendations should prompt you to hold no position at all until the conflict ends. If your policy is to weight trades in these services differently, you would adjust your net position accordingly. If you trade two different types of vehicles, you might have yet another strategy to handle such times. There is no single correct way; the choice is up to you.
Right now they trade mostly the same markets. Select the service that matches your preferred vehicle.
Flash recommendations are based on the EWAVES software's wave counts, and will not necessarily align with any other particular analyst's opinion. It is up to the subscriber if they wish to review these recommendations in isolation or if they wish to only review recommendations where there is consensus with other sources.

Flash Services are among EWI's Pro Services. The more you get, the more you save. If you already subscribe to a Flash or Pro Service, you already qualify for a discount. Pricing is as follows:

  • 1st service = $199/month
  • 2nd service = $99/month
  • Each added service = $49/month

You can choose among our Flash and Pro Services to create your own personalized analysis package.

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