The Socionomic Theory of Finance

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The Socionomic Theory of Finance is a 13-year-long effort by Robert Prechter. In brilliant contrast to the dismal science of economics, Prechter's theory is fresh, exciting and intellectually fulfilling. Every chapter rebuts conventional theory and offers ground-breaking insights in a cohesive model with a real-world application.

  • Format: Book - 800 pages | Online Book - 800 pages
  • Author: Robert Prechter

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A cohesive model with real-world application

The book draws a crucial distinction between finance and economics and ties both fields to human social behavior. Top reviewers across multiple disciplines have offered acclaim. Professor Terry Burnham calls it "the best book ever written on financial markets." In time, STF will transform the thinking of every individual in the world of finance. Read it and be among the first.

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Robert Prechter

Robert Prechter

Robert Prechter is author of 17 books on finance. He is president of the Socionomics Institute, which studies social mood and its influence on financial markets, the economy, politics and cultural trends. In 1979, he founded Elliott Wave International, a financial forecasting firm whose team of analysts covers the world’s major markets around the clock.

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