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Trader's Classroom gives you ongoing education to help you continuously improve as a trader. Master instructor Jeffrey Kennedy delivers 3-5 engaging videos per week that feature real-market scenarios so you can learn to spot opportunities in your own charts. The service helps you to better understand Elliott waves and other technical tools and teaches you how to effectively apply them to your own trading -- today, right now.

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Think of each Trader's Classroom lesson as a small new discovery about what really makes markets tick

Trader's Classroom gives you a new video lesson from Editor Jeffrey Kennedy 3-5 times per week. Each video is 5-10 minutes long, easy to understand, and packed with trading techniques and tips that you can incorporate into your own trading.

Jeffrey picks 1-5 new markets from individual stocks, stock indexes and commodities and then carefully walks you through the charts. You'll learn what Elliott waves and other indicators are saying – and what kind of a trading lesson (and sometimes, what kind of opportunity) they are offering.

Each new video brings you closer to understanding how to time your trades, what a true opportunity looks like – and why some opportunities are more likely fake, while others are more likely real.

Plus, we'll send you two bestsellers, at no cost:

Elliott Wave Principle

You will get immediate access to a free digital copy of a Wall Street classic, Elliott Wave Principle: Key to Market Behavior, Robert Prechter and A.J. Frost's comprehensive guide to understanding and applying the Elliott Wave Principle ($29 value).

Visual Guide to Elliott Wave Trading

The Visual Guide to Elliott Wave Trading is the most practical book about Elliott wave trading ever published. This Finance bestseller by Jeffrey Kennedy and Wayne Gorman includes more than 220 charts in 20-plus markets, demonstrating exactly what the Wave Principle can do for you when you adapt it to your own trading style. Readers get in-depth instruction in "everything Elliott" -- from its roots in investor psychology, to the fine points of actionable opportunities, to how to integrate other helpful professional trading techniques. The book is user-friendly and graphically clear. ($60 value)

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Let Jeffrey Kennedy be your trading mentor

Jeffrey Kennedy

Jeffrey Kennedy Chief Commodity Analyst

Jeffrey Kennedy is Chief Commodity Analyst at Elliott Wave International (EWI), with 20-plus years of experience as an analyst, trader and teacher. He writes Commodity Junctures, EWI's premier commodity forecasting package that focuses on Elliott wave analysis of the commodity markets. He also produces Trader's Classroom, an educational service that shows how to spot trading opportunities with wave analysis and supporting technical methods. In 2014, he achieved the title of a Chartered Market Technician, certifying his proficiency in multiple technical analysis tools. Subscribers and students always tell us how committed he is to empowering them to achieve trading success.


Bonus: New LIVE Trader's Classroom Lessons Every Month

As a Trader's Classroom subscriber, at least once each month, you are invited to join Jeffrey Kennedy LIVE online for an interactive Trader's Classroom lesson. During these interactive lessons, you can personally ask Jeffrey your questions about the day's lesson, get his responses in real time, and benefit from other subscribers' comments and questions, as well. And don't worry if you're unable to make the live events: We'll post recordings in your subscribers portal with your other Trader's Classroom lessons later that day.

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The Wave Principle Applied Streaming video | 1 hour

In this 1-hour video, Jeffrey presents some of the highlights from his intensive two-day trading course and takes you through more than 60 commodity charts packed with useful trading information that will strengthen and clarify your Elliott wave analysis. ($99 value)

Elliott Wave Trading: Principles and Trading Strategies Streaming video | 70 minutes

In this 70-minute presentation titled Elliott Wave Trading: Principles and Trading Strategies, accomplished Elliott wave analyst Jeffrey Kennedy demonstrates how to turn simple Elliott wave analysis into trading strategies you can apply to almost any market -- from stocks to forex to commodities. ($60 value)

The Kennedy Channeling Technique Streaming video | 38 mins

Jeffrey Kennedy developed his very own trendline method to confirm wave counts for his subscribers and in his personal trading. Subscribers got such value from the method that Jeffrey created this instructional video to explain how you can use it to confirm your Elliott wave counts. ($98 value)

How to Trade The Highest Probability Opportunities: Moving Averages eBook | 34 pages

Jeffrey shows you the key principles and practical application of moving averages, one of the most popular technical analysis tools. ($79 value)

Limited-Time Offer: "Learning Powerhouse"

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How to Trade the Highest Probability Opportunities: Moving Averages
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