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Global Market Perspective is one of the most established investor research reports in the world. Since 1990, each monthly issue as prepared institutional and individual investors for the hotspots and danger zones around the world.

Starting April 15th, and every two days, you’ll receive a section of the latest issue of Global Market Perspective. Over 19 days, you’ll receive the entire issue, including global stocks, interest rates, forex, cryptos, gold & sliver, crude oil, and much, much more.

We don’t share this analysis very often. And when we do, it’s the most popular event of the year. Don’t miss it!

Meet Your Gala Team…

EWI’s team of 22 analysts intensively analyze their respective markets all day, helping subscribers ride short term opportunities.

But, at the end of each month, 15 of these experts they zoom out and update their big picture forecast for their key markets. That’s what you’ll get throughout this event. Here’s who you’ll hear from…

EWI’s analysts are featured on financial channels including:

Here’s What Global Market Perspective Subscribers Tell Us

“I use GMP to identify high-risk areas to avoid and specific managed-risk opportunities.”
— BB, Kansas

“GMP gives me a world view that I find difficult to find anywhere else.”
— RL, Oklahoma

“GMP helps me identify opportunities with the greatest probability of success and helps keep me out of positions that may be dangerous.”
— AS, California

“I find GMP essential in the assistance of my fund allocations.”
— SS, United Kingdom

“I read GMP from cover to cover the weekend it arrives. The insight into what is going on around the world gives so much perspective.”
— PP, Wisconsin

Here’s Everything You’ll Get During the Gala Event

Altogether, our Global Market Perspective Gala event is worth $263. This event is free to Club EWI members. You can join them for just $2/month and get instant access to this event and other valuable resources.

Global Market Perspective

Across 19 days, you’ll get our latest Global Market Perspective forecasts, market after market.

U.S., Europe, Asia-Pacific – you’ll see exactly what the waves show next for global stocks, bonds, FX, Bitcoin + cryptos, gold, oil, investor psychology and more.

In all, you’ll get detailed Elliott wave forecasts for 50+ of the most-watched markets from our 15 global market experts.

$77 value

Discovering How to Use the Elliott Wave Principle

Dig in and learn the basics of the Elliott Wave Principle with this informative report. It will introduce you to the basic Elliott wave sequence and how to identify key trends and turns in the markets, plus much more.

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What Every Trader Really Needs to Be Successful

After winning the 1984 U.S. Trading Championship with a record 444%, Robert Prechter published this report. It became an instant classic.

This special report teaches you the most important psychological strengths you must cultivate to successfully trade the markets. Read it and change the way you trade forever.

$29 value

Learn How the Wave Principle Can Improve Your Trading

Where traditional technical studies fall short, the Wave Principle kicks in to show you high-confidence price targets and pivot points. Just as important, it can help you distinguish high-confidence setups from ones that traders should ignore.

In this 8-page e-book, you’ll learn 5 ways the Elliott Wave Principle can give your trading an edge.

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The Wave Principle Applied: How to Spot a Pattern You Recognize and Put Your Trading Plan Into Action

This 1-hour course teaches you how to spot an actionable Elliott wave pattern, formulate your trading strategy and see it through to completion.

Senior Trading Instructor Jeffrey Kennedy reveals how to boil down your trading plan into a simple step-by-step process that should help improve your success and minimize your risk.

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