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In the markets, around the globe,
what should you be watching?

That's a hard question. There's a lot to look at!

Zoom out. In the past few weeks:

  • Bitcoin surged, hit $21K for the first time in months.
  • Oil's been stuck in the $70-80 range.
  • Gold just popped above $1900.
  • The U.S. dollar has come off its recent highs.
  • Bonds seem to have stopped their slide.
  • Commodity prices tested their 2022 lows.
  • Chinese stocks rose sharply into the end of the year.
  • U.S. stocks finished their weakest year since 2008, the year of the financial crisis.

Of all of these, and other markets and spots around the world...

...which deserve your full attention?


Our free State of the Global Markets event
will get you ready

Dozens of markets around the globe are ending Elliott wave patterns right now.

You know what that means. When they turn, they will make headlines.

And can change fortunes.

You can be ahead of that news – ready, waiting and well-positioned.

Let us help you spot opportunities and dangers in Q1-Q2

Starting on January 16, and every two days, we'll deliver to you a section of the latest issue of Global Market Perspective.

Over this 19-day FreePass event, you'll receive eight sections in total.

At the end, you'll have our entire January 2023 Global Market Perspective. This will arm you with the wave patterns around the world that are about to reverse.

There’s no publication like Global Market Perspective, anywhere.

And there’s no event like our State of the Global Markets event. Each year, it’s one of EWI’s most popular events, attracting tens of thousands of participants.

Don’t miss it. And don’t miss the edge it will give you.

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Here’s what you get with your GMP FreePass experience

Free, across 19 days, I’ll deliver to you our latest Global Market Perspective forecasts, market after market.

U.S., Europe, Asia-Pacific – you’ll see exactly what the waves show next for global stocks, bonds, FX, Bitcoin + cryptos, gold, oil, investor psychology and more.

In all, I’ll give you detailed Elliott wave forecasts for 50+ of the most-watched markets from our 15 global market experts.

Instantly upon sign-up, I'll also give you free access to 4 valuable investor resources normally priced at $186. These resources will help you make the most of GMP FreePass. They are:


“What a Trader Needs to Be Successful”
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You get it FREE for 19 full days, January 16 – February 3

Yes! I want to see what’s next for global stocks, Bitcoin, gold and more, FREE
I’ll email you access instructions as soon as you’ve signed up

“Free” means free, no credit card required

Meet your Global Market Perspective analyst team

With a couple of hundred years of collective market experience between them, your FreePass team of 15 analysts has been helping subscribers ride the waves since 1992.

  • Tony Carion

    Tony Carrion
    Senior Crypto Analyst

  • Steve Craig

    Steve Craig
    Chief Energy Analyst

  • Mark Galasiewski

    Mark Galasiewski
    Editor, Asian-Pacific Financial Forecast

  • Murray Gunn

    Murray Gunn
    Editor, European Short Term Update

  • Steve Hochberg

    Steven Hochberg
    Chief Market Analyst

  • Robert Kelley

    Robert Kelley
    Senior Market Analyst

  • Peter Kendall

    Peter Kendall
    Chief Analyst for U.S. Markets and Cultural Trends

  • Matt Lampert

    Matt Lampert
    President, Socionomics Institute

  • Nady Laymoud

    Nady Laymoud
    Interest Rates Analyst

  • Michael Madden

    Michael Madden
    Senior Currency Analyst

  • Favio Poci

    Favio Poci
    Currency & Crypto Analyst

  • Robert R. Prechter
    Founder and President, Elliott Wave International

  • Jason Soni

    Jason Soni
    Currency & Crypto Analyst

  • Brian Whitmer

    Brian Whitmer
    Editor, European Financial Forecast

  • Ivelin Zhelev

    Ivelin "Ivo" Zhelev
    Interest Rates, Global


Here is what Global Market Perspective subscribers say:

I read GMP from cover to cover and eagerly anticipate its arrival every month. I wish I'd known of its existence years ago!

I use it as a general guide over the month to help me in my decision making.

I use it to invest worldwide and I need to know what is to be expected in which market.

I use it together with fundamental analysis and with my own charting work.

GMP and Elliott serve as the foundation for my investment approach which is heavily internationalized.

I review it every month. It is used to guide me in establishing and updating my long term investment strategy.

Confirmation for my counts as well as spot new opportunities.

Read it thoroughly when it comes out looking for ideas for broad ETF trades. Primarily looking for new ideas for change in trends.

I like to focus on long-term moves so I'm most interested in counts derived from weekly or monthly charts.

I use it for the mid-term forecast/perspective of global financial condition to prepare myself for my investment/trading.

I use it as a macro reference for international and national investment decisions.


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