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Visual Guide to Elliott Wave Trading

Using more than 200 charts and 20 market examples, coauthors Jeffrey Kennedy and Wayne Gorman equip you with what you need to use the Wave Principle to spot market turning points and high-confidence trade setups in your own trading.

Elliott Wave Principle - Key to Market Behavior

Now in its 40th year, Elliott Wave Principle is one of the most popular market analysis books ever published. Amazon reviewers say, "Still the Classic and Essential Text for Elliott Wave Trading" and "This is the bible of the theory."

The Kennedy Channeling Technique

Watch Jeffrey demonstrate his own trend tool that helps identify and confirm Elliott wave counts.

The Wave Principle Applied

A great starter video. Jeffrey takes you through the basics of the Wave Principle and identifies his favorite trade setups in the wave patterns.



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 Learning FundamentalsJapanese Candlesticks

A Candlestick chart is a style of price chart, available on most charting platforms. First used by 18th century Japanese rice traders, candlesticks were popularized in the West by Steve Nison. Each bar consists of a body and an upper and lower shadow, or wick. The body of the candlestick is generally colored white/green if the price closed higher than the open, or black/red if price closed lower than the open. Candlestick traders look for catchily-named patterns – doji, hammer, evening star, etc. -- to alert them to turns and trends.

In Trader’s Classroom, Jeffrey Kennedy teaches traders how to use Candlesticks in conjunction with Elliott wave analysis. Doing so can add extra confidence and precision to trading plans.For an introduction to these concepts, check out Jeffrey’s video series here.

Video Topic: Japanese Candlesticks

Take the Assist!

7/13/2022 11:05:00 AM
Market: TWTR, LMT, and CABO 
Runtime: 11:52
Topics: Wave Counting,Chart Reading,RSI/Stochastic,Japanese Candlesticks

Man’s Best Friend

6/15/2022 11:08:00 AM
Market: MRVL and SHOP 
Runtime: 17:48
Topics: Zigzags,Chart Patterns,RSI/Stochastic,Japanese Candlesticks

Simple, but Effective

6/14/2022 11:46:00 AM
Market: AMD and AAL 
Runtime: 15:45
Topics: Zigzags,Bar Patterns,Japanese Candlesticks

Let’s Put it to Work

5/24/2022 10:58:00 AM
Market: NUE, BROS, and SWN 
Runtime: 16:53
Topics: Zigzags,Flats,Triangles,RSI/Stochastic,Japanese Candlesticks

Here’s my Case

5/12/2022 11:15:00 AM
Market: ITIC 
Runtime: 15:30
Topics: Wave Counting,RSI/Stochastic,MACD,Japanese Candlesticks,Impulse

What NOT to Do!

5/11/2022 11:16:00 AM

Weighing Evidence

5/10/2022 10:53:00 AM


5/5/2022 11:07:00 AM
Market: DJIA, S&P 500, NASDAQ, Russell 2000, GFI, and AMZN 
Runtime: 14:59
Topics: Japanese Candlesticks

Wouldn’t it be Nice

5/4/2022 12:01:00 PM
Market: PYPL, TRV, and URI 
Runtime: 20:37
Topics: Japanese Candlesticks,Wave Counting