The Socionomic Theory of Finance
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“Bold, ambitious, counter-intuitive, disquieting and original.”

Want to learn to read the news in a new, more useful way?

How about predicting the news?

You’ve seen this a thousand times: The news is good (or bad), but the markets do the opposite of what they “should” be doing, defying all logic.

You’re about to learn why that is.

In a phrase, social mood. Waves of social mood affect every aspect of your life. Besides the stock market, they also regulate the tone of politics, popular entertainment, the economy and more.

Once you understand these trends, you can use them to your advantage. Society at large can’t do it, but an individual can.

Prechter’s Socionomic Theory of Finance will open a whole new world to you. It is exciting, intellectually fulfilling, fun and practical. Many readers say it changed their lives.

Yes, you will learn to read the news in a new, far more useful way. You may even start predicting the news.

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