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Around the World's Risks & Opportunities
with Elliott Waves (in 28 Minutes)

A detailed market review for serious global investors

A "smart" investor is more than just someone who knows how to pick a stock. Truly smart investors look at stocks…and bonds…and cryptos…and commodities -- to understand the BIG picture. Only then does a certain wisdom emerge that helps you make truly informed, truly smart decisions.

Right now, the global economy is changing fast, and the geopolitical pressures are looming larger than at any other time this century. So, come and view the global market landscape from 30,000 feet to see big opportunities ahead with our Head of Global Research, Murray Gunn.

U.S., China, Russia, Bitcoin, bonds, commodities, U.S. dollar… Over 28 minutes, you get more than just a look at Elliott wave patterns -- you'll see how it all fits together for this moment in history.

And at the end, Murray gives you three biggest takeaways:

  • Are bonds in a bull or bear market?
  • Will U.S. stocks outperform or underperform Europe and China?
  • What’s next for commodities, short- and long-term?

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