Your Bond Fund: It's Riskier Than You Think

Investing in bonds comes with pitfalls that are too risky to overlook. Learn about them in this free report -- plus see what's been happening in government and corporate bond markets in the Quantitative Easing years, and what to expect as QE unwinds.

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Are Bonds Really a Safety Play?

"When you lend your money to someone, you want to know three things:

1) How much will you get paid back
2) When will you get paid back
3) Will you actually get paid back.

Investors in bond funds focus mostly on the first item..."

That's the opening paragraph of this eye-opening free report, where the author -- a 26-year investment markets veteran -- shares analysis and 3 charts that tell a story you need to know if you own bonds. Bonds are typically promoted as a "safe play" to maintain principle, but this new report will make you question your next bond investment.

You'll also learn why investing in corporate debt today vs. just a decade ago is different... and more precarious.

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Your Bond Fund: It's Riskier Than You Think

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Your Bond Fund: It's Riskier Than You Think

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Meet Your Author

Murray Gunn

Murray Gunn Head of Global Research

Murray Gunn, MSTA, CFTe, CEWA, is Head of Global Research at Elliott Wave International. He worked as a fund manager in global bonds, currencies and stocks, including long posts at Standard Life Investments and the Abu Dhabi Investment Authority. Prior to joining EWI, he was Head of Technical Analysis at HSBC Bank. Murray is the author of the 2009 book Trading Regime Analysis and a contributor to Socionomic Studies of Society and Culture (Socionomics Institute Press, 2017). Murray is at the helm of The European Short Term Update, while also providing commentary for EWI's Global Market Perspective, Interest Rates Pro Service and Currency Pro Service, and on