Europe: Risk or Opportunity

Right now, perhaps more than any other region, Europe finds itself at a crossroads.

On 24 June – 1 July, we’ll give you well-researched answers as to what’s likely next for the UK and the EU.

For an entire week, you’ll get full access to our European Financial Forecast and European Short Term Update.

You’ll see what the Elliott waves say is next for the DAX, FTSE, CAC, AEX, SMI, MIB, IBEX, Euro Stoxx 50, RTS, the euro, the UK’s and Europe’s big economies, and more. 

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About Your FreeWeek: Europe, 24 June – 1 July

Welcome! Over your FreeWeek, we’ll give you a deep look at our European Financial Forecast and European Short-Term Update publications.

You’ll see exactly what the Elliott waves say is coming next for the DAX, FTSE 100 and 200, CAC-40, AEX, SMI, IBEX 35, S&P/MIB, Dow Jones Euro Stoxx 50, RTS, CECE Overall Traded Index, the euro, other featured markets across Europe – and her economies.

What You Get

Here’s exactly what you’ll get access to:

European Financial Forecast is published once a month. It gives you an-depth view of the stock markets, other important markets, investor psychology, economies and cultural trends across the continent. EFF helps you understand what the Elliott waves are in these areas, what they imply is coming next, and how everything in the region fits together. You’ll finish reading EFF with a very thorough grasp of what’s happening across all the markets – both where the major opportunities are and where the big risks lie.

European Short-Term Update is published every Monday, Wednesday and Friday by 8 PM London time.  Each Update gives you a 1- to 3-day outlook for the key equities, FX, metals and bonds markets across the region. The Update is designed to give clear, objective and actionable forecasts, complete with Elliott-wave-labeled charts, so you are prepped for the shorter term just ahead.  

I hope you'll enjoy this unique look into Europe's markets.

Greg Eident
Your FreeWeek Host

The Lineup:

June 2020 EFF — Wednesday, June 24th
ESTU — Wednesday, June 24th
ESTU — Friday, June 26th
ESTU — Monday, June 29th
ESTU — Wednesday, July 1st

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