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For a moment, think back to about a year ago...

The pandemic’s first waves have just hit. New York, London, Tokyo – major cities are shut down. Millions are out of work. Markets are crashing. Was it unforeseeable? Before you answer…

…please examine these 6 charts from our December 2019-March 2020 Global Market Perspective:


U.S. Stocks Before:

On February 7, 2020 we showed this Chart in our GMP and said: “A coming bear market of considerable proportions.”

U.S. Stocks After:

What happened after that issue?


European Stocks Before:

On January 10, 2020 we showed these two charts and said: “…all [variants] point to a nearby peak.”

European Stocks After:

What happened after that issue?


Crude Before:

On December 6, 2019 we showed Chart # 1 and said: “…anticipating a bearish solution.”

And on March 10, 2020 we showed Chart #2 and said: “…accelerating lower.”

Chart #1

Chart #2

Crude After:

What happened after those issues?


Here at EWI, we track Elliott waves of market psychology.

That’s how, leading up to last year’s crash, our team of 15+ of Global Market Perspective was able to warn subscribers of the major bearish opportunities ahead.


What about today? What do Elliott waves suggest next?

Here’s your chance to find out.

Now until March 6, for 5 days only, we invite you to test-drive our latest Global Market Perspective.

You’ll see our latest in-depth view on 50+ of the world’s top markets. That’s stocks, bonds, FX, cryptos, gold, oil, investor psychology and more inside our February 2021 Global Market Perspective.

You’ll see a lot packed into this comprehensive publication.

In return, we only ask for a small fee: just $5.99 to read our entire February 2021 Global Market Perspective. Each issue usually costs $59/mo.


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Here’s what ELSE you get with your test-drive -- FREE

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Altogether, this Global Market Perspective test-drive experience is worth $216.

You get it for just $5.99 (a savings of 97%)


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Meet your Global Market Perspective team

  • Tony Carion

    Tony Carrion
    Intraday Currency Analyst

  • Steve Craig

    Steve Craig
    Chief Energy Analyst

  • Mark Galasiewski

    Mark Galasiewski
    Editor, Asian-Pacific Financial Forecast

  • Murray Gunn

    Murray Gunn
    Editor, European Short Term Update

  • Steve Hochberg

    Steven Hochberg
    Chief Market Analyst

  • Robert Kelley

    Robert Kelley
    Senior Market Analyst

  • Peter Kendall

    Peter Kendall
    Chief Analyst for U.S. Markets and Cultural Trends

  • Michael Madden

    Michael Madden
    Senior Currency Cross Rates Analyst

  • Jim Martens

    Jim Martens
    Senior Currency Strategist

  • Robert R. Prechter
    Founder and President, Elliott Wave International

  • Brian Whitmer

    Brian Whitmer
    Editor, European Financial Forecast

  • Ivelin Zhelev

    Ivelin "Ivo" Zhelev
    Interest Rates, Global



How do our Subscribers use Global Market Perspective to guide their financial decisions?

I read GMP from cover to cover and eagerly anticipate its arrival every month. I wish I'd known of its existence years ago!

I use it as a general guide over the month to help me in my decision making.

I use it to invest worldwide and I need to know what is to be expected in which market.

I use it together with fundamental analysis and with my own charting work.

GMP and Elliott serve as the foundation for my investment approach which is heavily internationalized.

I review it every month. It is used to guide me in establishing and updating my long term investment strategy.

Confirmation for my counts as well as spot new opportunities.

Read it thoroughly when it comes out looking for ideas for broad ETF trades. Primarily looking for new ideas for change in trends.

I like to focus on long-term moves so I'm most interested in counts derived from weekly or monthly charts.

I use it for the mid-term forecast/perspective of global financial condition to prepare myself for my investment/trading.

I use it as a macro reference for international and national investment decisions.



Yes! I want to test-drive Global Market Perspective now

Now – March 6, right here at

We’ll email you access instructions as soon as you’ve purchased.



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