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School's Out!

11/7/2019 11:05:00 AM
Runtime: 15:02
Topics: Triangles,Chart Patterns,Elliott Wave (General)

If You’re Not Doing This…You Should

11/6/2019 10:14:00 AM
Market: WFC, GLW, and CAT
Runtime: 21:05
Topics: Truncation,Triangles

Why Wait?

11/5/2019 10:02:00 AM
Market: XLNX
Runtime: 14:02
Topics: Entering positions,Managing Risk,Elliott Wave Lesson

Greenlights and Triangles

10/31/2019 11:16:00 AM
Runtime: 14:16
Topics: Triangles,Finding Opportunities

Another Greenlight

10/30/2019 11:18:00 AM
Market: DIS, TGT, SBUX, and ABT
Runtime: 18:44
Topics: Zigzags,Flats,Entering positions

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Elliott Wave Principle - Key to Market Behavior

Now in its 40th year, Elliott Wave Principle is one of the most popular market analysis books ever published. Amazon reviewers say, "Still the Classic and Essential Text for Elliott Wave Trading" and "This is the bible of the theory."

The Kennedy Channeling Technique

Watch Jeffrey demonstrate his own trend tool that helps identify and confirm Elliott wave counts.

The Wave Principle Applied

A great starter video. Jeffrey takes you through the basics of the Wave Principle and identifies his favorite trade setups in the wave patterns.



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"Technical analysis does not have to be complicated."

That's the single message our Trader's Classroom editor, Jeffrey Kennedy, tries to convey to subscribers in every new video lesson he sends them 3 times a week.

In the 12-minute clip you're about to watch, Jeffrey shows you how simple it is to spot and use a classic chart pattern called Head & Shoulders.

It's "an old school reversal pattern," explains Jeffrey in the video. Which means, when you spot one, you can confidently expect prices to move in the other direction -- sometimes, very far. Watch as Jeffrey walks you through 4 recent examples of the Head & Shoulders pattern -- in Chipotle (CMG), Northrop Grumman (NOC), Twitter (TWTR) and World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE).

You'll come away understanding Head & Shoulders better than ever and get a forecast of where Jeffrey thinks WWE is headed.

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