Tapping Into the Power of Impulse Waves

In this course, Chief Market Analyst Steven Hochberg shows you how to use Elliott to spot and act on big market moves in real time, all while minimizing risk and maximizing potential reward.

  • Format: On-Demand Course | 1 hour
  • Instructor: Steven Hochberg
  • Level: Beginner

Identify and capitalize on waves at their inflection point

Experienced traders have a knack for catching those rare opportunities when risk is small, but potential rewards are big. It's key to long-term success in the markets. But in order to hop on these waves at the optimum time – at the inflection point, for example, when a pattern is complete and a new trend is about to take off – you have to see them coming.

This course helps you to do just that. For one hour, you get an "over-the-shoulder" view of Hochberg's screen as he walks you through actual price charts and teaches you how a simple application of the Wave Principle can help you to anticipate the market's big moves in real time. Steve then shows you how and when to jump aboard for the ride.

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This 90-minute online video covers all the basics of the Elliott Wave Principle -- from its rules and guidelines, to wave personalities, to wave structures, to Fibonacci relationships. By the time you're done, you'll know how to spot the basic formations in price data and what to expect next.

Meet Your Instructor

Steve Hochberg

Steven Hochberg Chief Market Analyst

Steven Hochberg is the Chief Market Analyst for Elliott Wave International. He is the co-editor of The Elliott Wave Financial Forecast and editor of The Short Term Update. Hochberg began his career with Merrill Lynch & Co. and joined Elliott Wave International in 1994.


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