Testing Exogenous Cause from Monetary and Fiscal Policy

If Inflation Ignites, Will Gold Rally? Before You Answer...

Most economists and financial-market observers believe that inflation causes gold prices to rise. Learn why this notion is false, plus discover why the tide of quantitative easing (QE) doesn't "lift all boats," either. Excerpted from Chapter 2 of The Socionomic Theory of Finance.

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Meet Your Author

Robert Prechter

Robert Prechter

Robert Prechter began his professional career in 1975 as a Technical Market Specialist with the Merrill Lynch Market Analysis Department in New York. He has been publishing The Elliott Wave Theorist since 1979 and is the president of Elliott Wave International. He is also founder of the Socionomics Institute, which studies social mood and its impact on social action, including the stock market and the economy.